Keeping A Food Diary OUTSIDE The Intention Of Losing Weight

#SeeMyWorkKeeping A Food Diary OUTSIDE The Intention Of Losing Weight

I love food. I also love surfing on the app store to find cool and fun free apps to download onto my iPad. I have downloaded some apps that were related to eating and exercise, but I usually deleted them afterwards. The food diary apps and exercise apps were obviously designed for people who wanted to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. I would rather make healthy eating choices on the macroscopic level than count calories on the microscopic level. I would rather park the car at one location and go window-shopping at all the stores of the shopping center than run on the treadmill or exercise bike for a set number of hours. However, I really like the concept of jotting down what one eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So, I create my own type of "Food Diary". It does not record/estimate the amount of calories consumed. It does not record the emotion experienced at the time of consumption. The purpose of the Food Diary is not to lose weight or to maintain weight, but to relive the moment of eating. This is what it looks like.

Keeping A Food Diary OUTSIDE The Intention Of Losing WeightBy keeping a Food Diary like this, I feel more motivated to keep a Food Diary. I can record whatever I want or whatever matters to me. I can see a record of my everyday diet and say, "Oh, yeah. I ate that on that day. How much dough did I spend?" Then, I would take out my Spendings Excel workbook and examine the amount that I spent.

And that's how I keep a Food Diary outside of the intention of losing weight.


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