15 Drugs That Can Be Mixed Up/Replaced In/With Various Foods/Drinks

This MyTake is humorous obviously. Don’t try this at home.

(Drugs in alphabetical order)

1) Alcohol (In non-alcoholic drinks)

15 Drugs That Can Be Mixed Up/Replaced In/With Various Foods/Drinks

This has to do with the Alcoholic drink's color. The colors should be matched with the non-alcoholic drink. For example you can stuff Vodka into a glass of water, because both are clear. But you cannot stuff Whiskey because it will be visible. Actually this is a common joke in parties. If someone asks for water, they pass him/her a glass of vodka instead.

2) Bath Salts (Rice)

Synthetic cathinones (aka Bath Salts) resemble uncooked rice pretty much. So they could easily get mixed up into a plate with rice.

3) Cannabis (Foods with oregano)

When cannabis and oregano are trimmed, they look very similar. So you could use cannabis instead of oregano in some food they use to put oregano. For example roasted chicken.

4) Cocaine (Desserts with powdered sugar)

Cocaine resembles powdered sugar a lot. And actually there was a case in my country, where drug dealers possessed cocaine by putting it into a dessert where powdered sugar is use.

5) Codeine syrup (Cranberry Juice)

Its pinkish color could easily get mixed up into a cranberry juice. It’s also popular when it’s mixed with Sprite, but that’s another story.

6) Datura Seeds (Cereals)

They look like raisins, and some cereals include raisins as well. Mixed With milk could hardly make a difference.

7) Devil’s Breath (Flour)

So keep in mind this when you try to make something that needs flour. Replace it with Devil’s Breath!

8. Ecstasy Pills (M&M's or Samrties)

In Ecstasy’s case, they might get noticed if the consumer uses to eat M&M’s/Smarties one by one. But actually this happens mostly with the Smarties, because of its package. Not much with M&M’s.

9) LSD paper tabs (In foods that can be stuffed)

They are very small so they cannot be seen with the naked eye easily. Still they might be visible on your plate. Although if it’s some kind of food that gets stuffed (like a sandwich), then they can be consumed unnoticed. Nobody opens up a sandwich before they eat it I guess.

10) Mescaline (Cucumbers)

Mescaline is a cactus. When cacti are cut in half, they resemble cut cucumbers a lot. So in a salad including cucumbers they can easily get mixed up unnoticed.

11) Methamphetamine (Mashed potatoes powder)

Since meth is kind of more yellow than cocaine, it can easily be blend with mashed potatoes powder. I don’t know what will happen to your pot once you put both in and try to cook them though!

12) Psilocybin (Edible mushrooms)

It’s pretty obvious. Since psilocybin comes from certain varieties of mushrooms, then you can mix those mushrooms (when cooked) with cooked edible mushrooms.

13) Rohypnol Tablets (Green beans/Green salad)

If the tablets happen to be green, then they can get easily mixed up in a pot of green beans seeds. Also they cannot be seen in a plate of green salad with the naked eye.

14) Tobacco (Ground meat)

Its brownish color could be easily get mixed with Ground Meat. Maybe when the latter is uncooked, tobacco might be visible. But once Ground Meat gets cooked (usually in the form of burgers), then tobacco won’t be visible.

15) Yaba (Cranberries)

Thanks to its color, it can easily get lost in a crowd of cranberries. But still it might be visible if you start consuming the cranberries one by one. Unless you are the type of person who eats three-four at once.


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  • Haha tobacco reminds me of beef jerky once it's pulled and put up in a pile 😂 Number 5 reminds me of Ribena.

    Very interesting yet entertaining MyTake 👍🏽


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