We Need To Teach People How To Make Healthy Fast Food

Food, Inc. is a full-length documentary, talking about the consumption of unhealthy hood and the health of Americans. The YouTube video talks about the documentary and shows a clip from the film that portrays a family who has to buy fast food. The father and mother are hard-working people with extra-long day hours (from 6 in the morning to 9 or 10 at night, allowing only 8 hours or less of sleep). They have no time to cook, so they need to eat something convenient and fast to feed themselves. With so much stress in their lives, obviously, the adults find it difficult to think straight. I believe that there must be some sort of national effort to educate busy adults how to make quick, healthy meals on the go. That way, people don't have to resort to eating unhealthy fast food.

Tip #1: Go to Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree do not always have the healthiest or cheapest of selections, but the general year-round trend is affordable, and one can definitely find some healthy varieties at Dollar Tree. Sometimes, one can find cheaper deals and bargains in other places by browsing the weekly ads in several grocery stores.

Given that I define "healthy" as "using simple ingredients and keeping the ingredients list short", it is possible to find some healthy food in Dollar Tree: long-grain white rice, canned vegetables (check the ingredients label), canned fruits (again, check the ingredients label), dried fruits, dried beans, canned beans, frozen fruits, frozen vegetables, milk, eggs, and even raw frozen chicken drumsticks. I do not recommend always shopping at Dollar Tree to find cheap deals on these food products, because occasionally, you can find even cheaper deals at other grocery stores. It just depends on the time of year and the whim of the grocery store to promote a product.

Tip #2: Buy a Can Opener

A can opener is a life saver. If you buy a lot of canned fruits and vegetables, then you need a can opener. With a free spoon from a restaurant, you can eat the food straight from the can.

Tip #3: Use the Driving Time as Food Preparation Time

The first YouTube video shows a clip from Food, Inc. In that clip, the family is fortunate enough to own a car. Many poor families in the United States are stranded in food deserts without a car. Having a personal vehicle means one can travel anywhere, anytime. What the family should do is use the driving time as food preparation time. The family may pick up some tortillas and canned beans at Dollar Tree. In the car while the husband is driving, the wife may prepare bean burritos on a cutting board and send them to her family members. She may do this until everyone has something to eat. If time is really tight, then everyone grabs tortilla and spoons some beans into the tortilla.

Tip #4: Save Money on Electricity

The family probably doesn't cook, because the husband and wife wake up so early and come home so late. In that case, they can save money on their electric bill by unplugging the kitchen appliances. Now, the saved money can be allocated to the father's own medical bills and healthy food products that can be eaten quickly.

Tip #5: Get the Kids to Look Up Weekly Ads at School

The older daughter appears as if she goes to high school. In high school, students may have a study hall period to do homework and stuff. She may get a pass from the teacher to go to the library and log online, so she can look up the weekly ads at several grocery stores. She jots the notes down on paper and communicates her findings to her parents. Her parents, who have the money and driving experience, will buy the healthy food that is currently being promoted at a good price in the stores.

Tip #6: Reward Kids for Finding Healthy Food at Low Prices

To encourage kids to make smart and healthy food choices, the parents can reward kids for finding the healthy food at acceptable and affordable prices. The experience will bind the family together as a solid unit and will help the kids mature into smart, money-saving adults.

Tip #7: Park Somewhere and Use the Car Engine to Cook Food

Normally, people use their own cars to cook food, if they are homeless or if they are an extreme cheapskate. For poor people who own cars, they may use their cars to cook food. That's a way of going out to eat.

Tip #8: Use Glass Bottles to Store Water from Water Fountains

Sometimes, pickled vegetables would come in glass jars. In that case, people may consume the pickles, discard the acidic solution, and refill with water from the water fountain. That saves money on buying water in bottled form or getting a cup of soda from a Drive-Thru.

Tip #9: Sleep Together, with Kids in the Middle

To save money on the electricity bill, the family members may sleep together in one room, with the kids in the middle. This form of sleeping will keep the kids in the middle warm and cozy.

Tip #10: Shower Together, and Limit the Time in the Shower

While nudity may seem a bit awkward, there is no room for modesty when you're saving money on the water bill. I believe more families should become like these extreme cheapskates and shower together. The shower time must be limited to 2-3 minutes.

Tip #11: Churches Must Take Action

Individuals and families can't live healthier alone. They need a full community. The United States is a bit peculiar, because it is a developed nation with a relatively high religiosity. Many Americans value faith, and that faith is usually a form of Christianity. Christian churches provide a level of community to families and individuals. Historically, there was always a struggle between the powers of the secular state and the church.

But honestly, I believe that if the secular state is not helping the people and controlled by lobbyists who want profit over public health, then the church should step in and take care of the flock. On the other hand, the danger of having a church that has too much political power is that some unscrupulous people would take advantage of the powerful church and corrupt it, making the church appear ugly and immoral. Well, at least churches are doing their best with providing soup kitchens and charities, but long-term dependence on the charities is a sign that the government is not doing its job in helping the people become more self-sufficient.

Tip #12: Make Smart Choices in the Cafeteria

Kids need to learn to make smart choices in the cafeteria and the importance of identifying and choosing healthy food. Then, they take the knowledge home and make their families healthier by demanding healthy food from their parents and rejecting junk food.


Most Helpful Guy

  • AKA how to live in outrageously poverty.

    That makes me feel as someone, who is on the poverty line for himself on a better position than people, who would follow these tips.

    • I believe that obesity belongs to the affluent. The affluent should be able to afford meats and sweets, because meats and sweets were historically considered luxury products. The affluent should also afford the healthcare costs associated with obesity. That said, because the affluent becomes obese, obesity would be considered a sign of wealth, and an obese person would be considered very attractive or fortunate. Poor people normally should be slim and healthy, but unattractive, because they are poor.

Most Helpful Girl

  • So you're teaching how to live cheap and healthy? I already live a healthy lifestyle and I have plenty of money to go out and have fun in the process.. and I work for a fast food restaurant and live alone. Anyone can do what I do with a simple high school diploma and still live perfectly fine. If people choose to eat fatty foods it's their right to do so.


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  • Yes we can do these things. Or we can ask ourselves why there are millions of Americans who have to live like slaves and poverty ridden peasants in their neo-feudalistic capitalist dictatorship. But oh wait, let's not do that, cuz that would be "socialist". We don't want any socialism. We'd rather let people stuff some healthy food down their throats while they're driving to work like you stuff some medication down a dog's throat.

    • The people in socialist countries struggle much more than we do in America. They're often waiting for hours in lines at the grocery stores, only to be able to get whatever the store has left. If they need a new car, they don't go to a dealership or private owner and pick out which one they want, they sign up on a waiting list and get whatever car the government gives them, and that may take up to 4 years. The overall quality of things over there is very low as well, and everyone in those countries other than the leaders are in extreme poverty. If you compare any socialist country to America, you will see that the quality of life here is drastically better than that in socialist countries.

    • @aWes0MeNeSs First of all, there are many strands and different interpretations of socialism. If I take my own country or any Scandinavian country as an example for socialist nations, then the US certainly does much poorer. A centrally planned economy is not a cornerstone of socialism. Also, if you're alluding to Venezuela (which I think you are ;-)), there are in fact other, non-related reasons why they're doing so horribly bad there. Venezuela has tons of oil and has been living off that natural wealth for decades now. Unfortunately, the government has always taken this easy input of money for granted and therefore never cared to develop the rest of its economy. Most of every-day life products were imported. As long as the country was able to cover these costs by selling its oil, everything was fine and things were flourishing. However, the oil prices are now in the basement and production costs have skyrocketed. Hence, Venezuela sits on a mountain of unsellable oil and is too (cont.

    • poor to buy every-day life products for its people. It's a truly tragic situation. But it also shows that the economic crisis in Venezuela has in fact very little to do with socialism as a system. It has to do with bad governance - something that can occur in every country. Argentina is not a socialist country by any means, yet it has suffered greatly from bad governance for the past 30 years.

      However, none of this is what I tried to say in my original point. My original point is not to discuss socialism as such but rather to criticize Americans' inability to accept political criticism. Due to the cold war trauma, you can't say jack against the current system in America without some people on the right screaming "Socialism! Socialism!", REGARDLESS of whether that criticism is socialist or not. As soon as you criticize things like the insane poverty or economic inequality created by the current system in the US, lots of Americans assume you're probably some "dirty communist".

  • 1) Buy some packets of seeds in the spring
    2) Put them in the ground
    3) Water them
    4) Pull weeds for ten seconds while you're out there watering
    5) When you get hungry go out and pick your dinner.
    6) Nom nom food that's waaaay better than anything from the store

    Easy, cheap, yummy, healthy, green

    • You still need food for the other seasons, and a diet based on greens is not balanced.

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    • 1. How am I contradicting myself?
      2. How am I arguing for the sake of arguing?
      3. What excuses?
      4. I am well aware that gardening is an excellent hobby, provided that you have enough land and the time to grow crops. Farming is a full-time profession. If you are feeding one family, that's one thing. But if you are feeding a society, you have to take into account of the risks of farming.

    • On top of that, if you own a small garden, then you should have some kind of energy-dense plant in there. Otherwise, you won't be consuming enough calories to survive. So, you have to supplement your nutrition with a henhouse or maybe a cattle ranch, and soon you'll wind up with a mini family farm.

  • 12 tips that will make you say "wait these aren't the tips on how to make healthy fast food but the tips on how to save some money!".

  • Society and employers have to give employees respect and time to eat properly. Watch the Michael Moore movie where to invade next
    It will change your whole idea of society, and how it should be run

  • The title has nothing with all above.

  • Or you could just hunt and grow your own food lol.

    • Hunting is a skill. In a country where such a skill isn't practiced culturally, that is an impossible expectation. Growing food is as much of a skill as it is luck. Many plants are poisonous and cannot be eaten. The average Joe probably can't distinguish a poisonous plant from a non-poisonous plant, and a false move can result in death. Moreover, the weather, climate, and soil are big factors in growing good crops. America's current agricultural habits aren't perfect, but at least we don't have a famine. . . unless you count in the food deserts scattered across the States.

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    • Actually, most people live in the big cities on the coastal regions. That's where the densest populations are. New York City. San Francisco.

    • Still stand by everything I've said.

      You can argue it to death all you'd like if you want doesn't change anything.

  • Nah fuck that. People need 2 have the will to do it. Most people are weak minded and quite frankly ASSHOLES. There body is a reflection of the narcissism, and selfishness that has plagued society.


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  • People already know how to make healthy food, they just don't want to. You can't force someone to eat healthy. Whether they go to McDonalds, Red Lobster, or eat at home, they're going to eat what they want.

    • If you watch the second YouTube video, then you will see that the whole "free will" argument in obesity is BS, especially in low-income districts with no healthy grocery stores and too many uneducated people working stressful and menial jobs.

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    • I speak from actual experience too, not articles and videos. And I believe your claims are BS.

    • I know people who live in low-income neighborhoods.

  • How about fast food restaraunts have healthier options? A salad at McDonald's is just as expensive as a burger meal with fries and drink, but it's also healthier. Burger King, Red lobster, and subway all serve quick salads on the go for people like them. I think every restaraunt should have healthy options for kids too. McDonald's happy meals you can't get a chicken salad for the kid, but you can get nuggets and apples I guess but it's not as healthy as it should be... I know people who have plenty of time and money but they just want to eat unhealthy too, just take that into consideration that a lot of people are fat because they WANT to be or they are ignorant of the healthier choices that they CAN make.

    • A salad at a fast food restaurant is not really healthy, and in fact, the salad may contain more calories and more food additives than the regular burger and drink. One main reason for the unhealthiness of the salad at the fast food restaurant is the dressing. If dressing is omitted, then that can greatly improve the quality of the food. But then, if you can afford to eat salad at McDonalds, then you can definitely afford to buy one of those salad kits at a regular grocery store for a few bucks.

      Chicken nuggets are processed meat. You don't know what stuff has gone into there.

      Apples are okay, but if you can afford to buy a cup of apples at McDonalds, then you can afford 2 apples in other places. Also, when in season, apples are fresher and more nutritious. Hence, that's why people suggest buying frozen fruits and veggies over fresh ones.

    • Salad at McShit is definitely not healthier, in fact they did a study on how long that salad will last if you set it out on the table for a few days. That shit never expired, its FAKE!!! Whoever goes in McShit is uneducated and does not KNOW the facts in what they use for their high calorie, preserved, high cholesterol, trans fatty and diabetic... oh and DEATH ON A PLATE or rather death in a bag. Your choice.

  • I live int he dollar store

  • That's already exist since a lot of years...

  • vGood post


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