Foods That Are Smaller Than They Appear

Some food products appear voluminous, but the actual amount of food content is small due to the addition of hidden water or air. Here are foods that are smaller than they appear.

Foods That Are Smaller Than They Appear

1. Spinach

In America, spinach is sold in bunches. If you release the little plastic thing around the bunch and wash each leaf of spinach, then you may start to wonder how the little bunch that fits snugly in your hand gets to be so huge! But don't worry. Just cook the spinach for a while in the skillet, and all the spinach will decrease in volume, drenched in its own broth. Well, at least you have a nice batch of spinach soup!

2. Chinese Steamed Eggs

In China, Chinese steamed eggs should be made with 3 whole eggs. Eggs are kind of expensive, so using four or more would be very costly. The eggs are beaten, and clean water is added. The water adds volume and a soft, smooth texture in the finished product. It is certainly cheaper to use one or two eggs, but the reduction of eggs also means a reduction of water. Otherwise, the water-to-egg ratio will get screwed, and the consistency will become too watery. Now, if you have a small container, then go ahead and use less water and one or two eggs. Finding the right ratio takes some trial and error. Anyway, if you eat Chinese steamed eggs made with 3 eggs, then half the bowl will just mean 1.5 eggs, but it appears way bigger than 2 sunny side up eggs on the skillet.

3. Dough-Based Things

Dough is made by blending flour (wheat, rice, corn, quinoa), water, and yeast. The yeast must be activated to allow the dough to rise and double in size. So, it is possible to make a big cupcake the size of your palm with a little bit of flour and a whole lot of icing.

4. Beans

Beans may look small and unfilling, but in reality, they can be soaked in water. Prolong soaking will cause the beans to absorb the water and expand themselves. Then, the beans may be used in cooking.

5. Rice

For each cup of uncooked rice, there are 3 cups of cooked rice due to the 1:2 ratio that is often used in the cooking process. Rice expands. So, the itty-bitty 2-pound bag can be made for multiple meals or eaten in one meal (if you are really, really hungry).


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