How To Eat Less Meat


In American mainstream culture, meat and dairy products take up a lot of space in the diet and are sold at a relatively cheap and affordable price because of intensive animal farming. If we didn't intensively farm these animals for food and drink, then these animals would be in much less supply, and the great demand would cause these animal products to be luxury products.

Meat, meat, tons of meat!
Meat, meat, tons of meat!

In my opinion, meat and dairy are supposed to be luxury products, as they have been in pre-industrial times. If the meat and dairy animals farmed today are all animals derived from organic, grass-fed/grass-finished, pasture-raised farmland where the animals can roam free and spread manure everywhere, then they would be in much less supply, but the great demand would make them luxury products. Only the wealthy would be able to afford them regularly; the middle-class would reserve them for special occasions; and the lower-class would never get the chance to eat them.

A common source of animal protein instead would be derived from bugs. Bugs are cheaper to grow, more sustainable for the environment, and are packed with more protein per unit weight than muscle meats. Most people would just eat bugs as an animal protein source, but for those who can afford to buy muscle meats, they would buy muscle meats from animals that have been fed and finished on grassy pastures and are allowed to roam freely, spreading manure everywhere they go. The manure would be collected and used as natural fertilizer. Birds may be used on farms as pest predators, and the manure will be used as natural fertilizer. The birds are allowed to breed and reproduce offspring, and the surplus birds (most of them are aging and some youngsters) will be sold as meat, while the younger flock of birds will be used on the farm as labor animals (pest predators). All wild fisheries are banned for 500 years, allowing the world's oceans to replenish. In the meantime, humans - if they want to eat fish - would eat only sustainably-raised farmed fish.

But alas, we don't live in such a perfect world. So, the next best option is to just reduce your meat intake altogether, adopt a plant-centric lifestyle, and learn to embrace bugs as a protein source.

Don't Buy Conventionally-Raised Meats, Dairy, Eggs!

The conventional meat, dairy and egg industries are incredibly polluting for the environment and ridden with disease. All those animals get jam-packed in the factory like sardines in a can. A lot of arable farmland is required to feed the animals. The ruminant animals generate a ton of feces, polluting the water, and the animals themselves create a lot of greenhouse gases (methane and carbon dioxide). Because the animals all get jam-packed into tiny spaces (pens or cages), disease can easily spread, and so the animals are treated with antibiotics regularly, leading to antibiotic overuse and abuse. The overuse of antibiotics in the animal agriculture industry can potentially cause the next global pandemic. We have already seen big consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Another great pandemic can potentially put the USA into economic depression with millions more dead or economically crippled.

Don't Buy Wild-Caught Fish!

By 2050, the oceans will become devoid of fish, and that there will be more plastic in the world's oceans than living fish, if current trends were to continue. Your consumption of wild-caught fish because you think it is healthier than farmed fish will just encourage fisheries to go out into the sea and catch more fish. Most of the catch will be discarded, while a few gems will be sold on the market. This is an incredibly wasteful, unsustainable practice.

If you really want to eat fish, then you should opt for sustainably-farmed fish, but even that has downsides (wastewater pollution, lack of space for the fish, fish disease). You may be better off with catching your own fish, big or small, with a fishing rod, or alternatively, stop eating fish.

Large-scale commercial fishing
Large-scale commercial fishing

Reserve Meat For Special Occasions Only!

Americans eat way too much meat - more than the global average. Walk into any American restaurant, and you will find meat in gigantic portions on the menu. While doing grocery shopping, most Americans would include meat on the list. School lunches would also include meat on the menu every single day. Plus, mainstream white America would primarily favor muscle meat, not the gut meat or the tail or the feet or even the head. You can usually find those stuff sold at Asian supermarkets or pet stores or the pet-related section in full-service supermarkets.

We don't need to consume meat every meal every day of the year. If we all make an effort to reduce meat consumption to just 12 pounds of meat per person per year (about 1 pound of meat per person per month) and swap meat for a more vegetable-centric (plants, fungi, algae) diet, then we would be much healthier. A cheaper source of animal protein should be in the form of bugs, not muscle meats.

On most days, a person should just stick to a vegetable-centric diet, reducing meat consumption to about 1 pound per month. Reserve the meat for special occasions or holidays.

Support Vegan Restaurants

If you do go to a fast food restaurant or some kind of non-vegan restaurant, then try to stick to the veggie burger or ask for the vegan menu. If there are no vegan options, then don't go to the restaurant. All restaurants, in my opinion, should have a vegan menu. If not, then they should go out of business or add a vegan menu.

Beyond Burger, plant-based patties
Beyond Burger, plant-based patties

Grow Your Own Food!

If you own your own private land, then you may use your land to grow food. Then, you have to preserve the food long-term - canning, pickling, drying, freeze-drying, freezing, salting.

Start your own urban garden!
Start your own urban garden!

If you just live in an apartment, then you may still have the option to grow food on the balcony or in the living space. You may also ask the lease office whether or not you can grow some fruits, vegetables or herbs in the community area. Then, you may have a very local source of food (fruits, vegetables, herbs, maybe some mushrooms, maybe some edible bugs, maybe some honey, maybe some chickens and ducks and eggs).

Yes, you can grow from your balcony!
Yes, you can grow from your balcony!

If you do have your own garden, then you may be able to have some chickens as pest predators and cats as rodent predators. The chickens are allowed to breed and reproduce, so in the future, you will have a new generation of chickens, and the old generation of chickens may be slaughtered for population control. The fresh chicken meat can then be consumed. Because the birds are primarily used for labor, not meat, you have to stick to a near-vegan diet and only go non-vegan to control the animal population. Alternatively, you may feed the surplus chickens to your cats and dogs.

How To Eat Less Meat
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  • nerdybutlazy
    My partners began vegan for about 2 years now and slowly I started eating less meat too cause I love cooking dinner together ( not because he would shame me, not all vegans meat shame), but the reality is you're extremely right plus there are a lot of alternatives, you can get a most of the protein you need from vegetables and vegan food tastes great with a little practice but that's the same with all food, the sad part of this is the society we live in makes it seem like we need to eat meat all the time when we really don't, it actually helps cause cancer
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Ad_Quid_Orator
    Also food would be cheaper on average because we wouldn't be wasting so much of it on animal feed. Also, another option is ostroveganism (basically bivalves are OK but all other animals aren't). They're kinda expensive but so packed with vatims and minerals (4 cherrystone clams gives you 1600% DV of B12 and 6 oysters gives you 1400% DV of Zn) that you'd only need to eat around 1 serving a week.
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    • Anonymous

      Finally, a person who gets it.

      Most people here want to keep their usual consumption of meat, even believing that it is healthy to eat meat everyday for every meal.

      I have never said or promoted to ban all meat, just reduce meat consumption. We don't need to consume meat everyday for every meal. Americans, in particular, already consume twice the amount of meat than the world's average consumption; and meat in the USA is relatively cheap/affordable for even lower-income folks.

      If we reduce meat consumption altogether or eat meat from surplus labor animals relatively infrequently, then that would benefit the environment and our health.

      Meat should be a luxury food, not an everyday food for the average Joe on the street. The average Joe should be happy with nutritious bugs, fruits and vegetables.

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  • Darcia
    Vegan food is so good. Just Saturday I had a vegan jackfruit quesadilla with cashew cheese, yucca, pico de gallo, cilantro, lime, Spanish rice & beans. Then went to a vegan bakery and got a cinnamon roll. It was damn good. Vegan food ain’t just rabbit food it’s actually really good. Almost better than the real thing.
    • Anonymous

      The Fung Bros on YouTube say that vegan Asian food tastes so much better than non-vegan Asian food, because the food itself is packed with more flavor, and a lot of thought goes into it. They say all that while feasting on vegan baos.

    • Darcia

      I haven’t found a vegan Asian spot where I live yet. Only vegan Mexican & American. Well then again vegan food isn’t hard to prepare. Vegan desserts are beast.

    • Best part about Mexican food is it's easy to get a vegan option.

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  • Hydrogen
    Thousand years ago when people only ate meat mostly they were healthy and didn't need medications, now that we're obsessed with perfect body and try out different diet every two weeks, eat refined plastic, we die like flies. Meat is a must of a balanced diet, there is no vegetable that can substitute meat and vice versa. Both are needed for balanced diet.
    • There are also supplements and fortified foods.

    • Hydrogen

      Supplements are the reason people developer diseases. How can you compare fresh meat from age when air was clean and forests existed with today's vitamin pills made in factory with extra plastic left-overs?

    • You do know that said meat is subjected to trophic magnification of pesticides right?

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  • StylesbyDR
    This will never happen unless you got excess income. Vegan or organic stuff in general is expensive, more so than cheap meats. Organic stuff is still sprayed with pesticides or insecticides or most crops would not be edible due to bugs, worms, and other animals messing with them. More humane grown and butchered animals may taste a little better, but not much different, yet you spend way more for it.

    We do not need to be humane at this time against the farming, raising, and butchering of animals.

    The belief that meat was a luxury is trash. It was not a luxury due to it being hard to obtain. In fact it was not uncommon for those before medieval times to get plenty of meat. We were hunter gatherers and a single animal can feed a family for weeks. Animals became more luxury in medieval times where kings would horde the meat for themselves and leave other foods to the commoners. In these times not only did you hunt, but you raised cattle as well. The only difference is we do it better now.

    We are meat eaters. That will never change. The difference in the future will be whether or not it is 3d printed instead. Yes thats a thing, we 3d print organs already.
    • Vegan foods aren't all organic and beans and rice are some of the cheapest foods there are.

  • Agape93
    This just reeks of economic privilege and wishful thinking.

    The soil here isn’t great for growing much, and there’s too many trees to allow for much to grow my own crops.
    Seafood is plentiful and cheap here, and it’s good for you.
    Wild game like deer is a dietary staple for me.
    • She mentioned "mainstream culture" (i. e. this wouldn't apply to everyone).

    • Agape93

      It doesn’t apply to the majority of people. Hence privilege.

    • Actually it does. If you swap out meat for beans and rice for most meals, what she's suggesting is achievable for most Americans.

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  • tallandsweet
    I like this post, however I would like to add that the beyond meat pea protein based burger I tried tasted HORRIBLE.

    I'd much rather have smoked tofu than to ever eat an awful meat substitute like that again.
    I incorporated a lot of alternatives to meat in my diet and slowly eased out of eating meat, but I think labels put too much pressure on people - I'm not vegetarian, but I don't eat meat right now.
    As simple as that.
  • PBandJ_Nerd
    I'm a pescetarian so I will eat seafood but not meat (some pescetarians exclude all seafood except fish, but others don't). So I eat veggies, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, dairy, eggs, etc. like a vegetarian would, but I have seafood as an additional protein source. Usually they say you only need to eat 2 fish a week, but shrimp is softer if you want to consume a little more.
  • MCheetah
    I didn't read all of this, but basically the only people who can afford to eat healthy are the wealthy (or more so, I mean the financially stable, so upper middle class people with stable jobs that pay a lot). Sorry, but I'm too broke to go vegan.
    • I'm pescetarian (including crustaceans and bivalves), sometimes pesco-pollo, but I'm on SNAP,. and vegan foods are often very expensive, as is fresh produce. Fresh peas in pod, which I love, are $8 a pound.

    • MCheetah

      Yeah. I was on EBT benefits for a while too, and I was basically a sandwich, toasted chips, and water kind of guy. Rarely ever ate fast food (before I came to Korea that is; Korean food sucks in my opinion), but wasn't exactly an upper middle class vegan type, either.

  • Natehunter199
    I have a 60 acres. I raise my own beef, pork and some times lamb. Have chickens as well for the meeat and the eggs as well. Then i have a 20 acer you pick garden for are community. I would say about 70 percent of the food i consume come from my own land. Or that it is something that i have harvested during hunting season. I perfer naturest grocery store then going in to town and paying for somethe that is pumped full of chemicals to mature faster.
  • hahahmm
    You say ban fisheries for 500 years. Why not ban all pets that eat fish based products? Why not ban people from living anywhere animals used to have feee roam? i could go on & on.

    Wake me up when you have real solutions
  • DizzyDesii
    That veggie burger look yummy af. My high school cafeteria used to serve those to us and we never knew lmao
  • hornyafbi69
    You're opinions don't make my decision on what I eat so if you want to treat meat as a luxury by all means unless you that for everyone in American then you're opinion is noted and filled in no attention needed 🤣
  • Wewladdy
    You enjoy your bugs and soybeans. I'm gonna keep eating meat and building muscle, thanks.
  • Rangers
    Fuck all of your commie bullshit and no, I'm not sharing my buck with youHow To Eat Less Meat
    • Well... while animal hunting of certain prey for the purpose of eating healthy meat (so long as all of the animal is used) is perfectly fine depending on the prey, none of ^ what she just wrote up there is factually incorrect. All of it is factually correct. It's not an issue of "commie"-ism, or not, one way or another. Strange comment.

    • Rangers

      @Posterboy56 What really gets on my nerves about these vegans is that they fail to consider that just because it works for them (which I'd argue it doesn't given how skinny and weak they tend to be) doesn't mean it'll work for anyone else. Every nutritionist I've seen and all of my doctors are unanimous in that to be healthy, I have to eat meat. Real meat, not fake meat. Or I'll be in the hospital again like last year for 6 months because I kept coughing up blood and my immune system crashed. Anyone who believes in such authoritarianism as to make people unable to shape their diets for themselves based on an extremely anecdotal instance of them merely surviving without meat but being unable to lift a 20 pound box of paper without someone helping them is ridiculous. Especially since she's clearly not American and she's crying about us exercising our freedom regardless of whether or not it hurts their feelings. She's showing many traits of a globalist

    • Well... everyone is a globalist, dude, whatever that means. The phone or laptop you're reading these words on was likely built in China or another part of southeast Asia. If you've ever eaten a banana, you're a globalist. If you have some type of genetic condition that means you need to eat real meat, that is what it is, but most people don't have that-- we eat too much meat out of habit and because we haven't learned enough about the ill effects to our health and the environment. It's no more ignorant than claiming that literally all hunting is bad, which depending on doing it ethically and depending on what you're hunting and not being wasteful, is equally untrue. As you just said though, what works for one doesn't always work for all, like hunting, but proven beneficial ways forward do work for most. You wouldn't turn down heart surgery if you needed it, on the basis that it sometimes doesn't work for everyone, would you?

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  • Old_Golden
    It's a little more expensive, but beans, vitamins, and tons of veggies... it's doable, it just takes thinking... I'm down to meat maybe once a week but sometimes there's just a craving for a burger, piece of bacon or mostly a chicken biscuit!
  • elisa_0
    Red meat is especially unhealthy if eaten too often.
  • J2ohhhhh
    This is not a how ro eat less meat post, but why to eat less meat.
  • Guanfei
    How To Eat Less Meat
  • fishlipsfriend
    The more people tell me to eat less meat the more I want to eat more meat
  • Posterboy56
    This is all true; meat should be a luxury item but we have gotten so used to it that we have it too often. Unfortunately, we have created a life of convenience that we essentially have all bought into. I can't have my own farm or raise my own chickens but I do try to limit my meat consumption to vegetarian meals at least a few meals a week. Current meat production isn't sustainable. We do indeed need to keep thinking of alternate proteins, including bugs possibly, or fake meat patties like Beyond Burger (which tastes really good by the way).
  • john0372
    Have fun with having multiple deficiencies. We're omnivores for a reason. That's all I'm gunna say.
    • Actually, we become omnivores by evolution, plus all large strong land animals are herbivores but you can eat meat, she's just talking about eating less meat, it's in the title... if you bothered to read it

    • john0372

      @nerdybutlazy Actually, since we first became a species we had to eat meat to survive, either that or fruits and other things. We didn't suddenly become omnivores, we've always been omnivores. I did read the title but it doesn't make sense because not everyone eats a lot of meat. Most of us eat meat in moderation just like we always have been.

    • Shamalien

      @john0372 go ahead and try and eat some meat without cooking or seasoning it, tell me how that goes over in the ol stomach. Human's are not omnivores, we are fruit eaters. A fruit is the only thing we can eat without modifying it in any way. Eat what u want but I'll tell ya my stomach feels way better after stopping meat. I feel better in general. My mind is where I noticed the greatest improvement... the clarity of thought is beautiful

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  • WorkFFS
    I'm not reading all that bullshit you just wrote. Just go vegan but keep fish in your diet. Meat is unhealthy for you anyway as is dairy.
  • najekim
    If it wasn't for cooked meat, we'd still be chimpanzees.
    • So do we owe some kind of debt to the god of the grill?

  • mrgspoter
    You know what I do, I think meat no and don't eat it.
  • roody
    mmmm steak
  • Barbaric
    How to become a soyboy.
  • DrippingHoney
    You have too much time on your hands.
  • lovedejj_xo
    Went to my first vegan restaurant... soooo good
  • stuntbrain
    Become comfortable with plant murder
    • Remind me what do they feed the cows?

    • Mostly corn. What are you trying to say?

    • I'm saying you won't have to be comfortable with plant murder if it's needed to sustain your diet either way.

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  • SexyAshh
    Hreat article! I completely agree❤️
  • peedy
    Ok we'll just file this one under funny farm
  • Yep12345678
    Why would I want to eat less meat?
  • Anonymous
    I love my dairy, but that's my Scandinavian genes talking. I love fish too, but I try to limit my meat consumption. I mostly stick with lentils, dairy, and Eggs. Americans don't eat enough fiber and that is the real reason they have issues. You should have 65% fiber 35% meat, but Americans have 65+% meat 35-% fiber. If you don't get enough fiber meat will toxify in your colon and you'll get polyps. I try to have beef only once a week, or chicken twice a week. I could have fish everyday, but have it less often lately. I eat a lot of eggs and cheese. The lentils are my main food stuff. Lentils are loaded with iron and fiber and re a good source of potassium and protein. I enjoy the taste of meat, but I monitor my consumption. I am glad it is readily available, I just don't want to have it too often. However, I would never eat a beyond meat product, that defeats the point of meat to me. When I have the blood lust, only meat satisfies it.
    • Anonymous

      You have basically agreed with me. You have said:
      Americans currently eat 65+% meat/35% fiber. They should eat 65% fiber/35% meat.
      Percentage-wise, 35% is much less than 65%, so essentially you do agree with the premise of this myTake, which is to eat less meat.
      I have never mentioned at all to eat no meat, but apparently people like you keep on thinking otherwise. Geez... read the goddamn myTake, people!

    • Anonymous

      I Didn't say you said that, I was just saying how I felt about meat. I get weary of anyone who uses the term Vegan. I'm an omnivore, but tend to be more vegetarian through the week. The way math works you could eat the same amount of meat and just eat more fiber, but for most that is too much food, so you are right that would translate to less. Oddly fish falls under it's own category and requires less prep. I wasn't saying your entirely wrong, but it's much more about the ratio than just simply eating less meat.

    • Anonymous

      If you alter the ratio, then you ultimately eat less meat than you normally would. A person can only hold so much food at once, unless that person is trained for competitive eating games.

  • Anonymous
    I love buying a lot of meat when its on sale and then cooking it on the grill. It smells great. I invite the neighbors over and we drink beer and eat meat.
  • Anonymous
    Mmmm, my favorite meat is chicken and cow
  • Anonymous
    Who cares? I love meat and I'll eat it. Vegans not eating meat is great because its kind of reducing the demand for meat and hence lower meat price per kilo in the future is inevitable. Bugs? Why eat bugs? Veganism is only present in the west. The rest of the world actually enjoys proper food.
  • Anonymous
    So basically you want poor people to eat bugs and not be able to afford real food. How nice of you.

    This is nothing but extremist brainwashed vegan propaganda. Good thing is the vast majority of people thinks you’re nuts, and for good reason.

    by the way I wonder how many bugs you eat yourself... I also wonder how well you understand how fertilizing, growing, watering and flying your fruits and veggies across the world so you can have the unnatural luxury to eat them year around affects the environment. Judging from your post - not at all.
    • nodnol32

      Great point. This vegan BS is only present in the West. The rest of the world didn't buy into this propaganda and eat real food.

    • Anonymous

      @nodnol32 There are already 50 million vegans in China, along with vegan restaurants in both China (People's Republic of China) and Taiwan (Republic of China). Both Koreas have long been influenced by Buddhism, thus vegetarian banchan (side dishes) in both Koreas. The Japanese tend to eat more fish than red meat, but in smaller portion sizes than their Western counterparts. India has had a long tradition of lacto-ovo vegetarianism.

      In many parts of the world (such as Vietnam), people do eat bugs as an animal protein source and real food. The West, though, has an aversion toward bugs as food, viewing entomophagy as disgusting.

      Most importantly, I have never argued or promoted veganism. You read that wrong. The whole myTake is about eating LESS meat, not eating NO meat. The current Western consumption of meat is excessive, in my opinion. You only need a modest amount of meat, that's it. Nowhere else in the world do people eat meat as much as Westerners do.

    • nodnol32

      Im Asian. I wasn't aware of what you mentioned about the far east apart from the japanese eating more seafood. You have a lot of vegetarians in india but meat eaters aren't uncommon there either. In Asia, the middle eastern countries, Iran, Pakistan etc are quite big on meat. I know this mytake has a different agenda. Meat is love though. For me Asian countries are meat heaven lol.

  • Anonymous
    To think that cannibalism could solve the overpopulation issue, the meat supply issue and who knows how many other issues
    • Erobos412

      Lol no, I do not want to suffer prion disease not to mention most humans have eaten crap and shit that has worsened the quality of their bodily tissues. And even a lion would avoid eating humans also shark we take like trash. Because if all sugars fructose and carbs we eat.

      If you are a human on good quality carnivore/LCHF/keto diet and fasting like animals this human taste like elk meat. While people who eat fish frequently as a main staple taste like fish

    • Kuru

  • Anonymous
    Is it another Vegan fashion/trend post?
  • Anonymous
    Lol, nah. Never. You go and eat your bugs and grass, I’m going to grab the steak I have in my fridge right now.
    • If you've ever eaten oats, rice, corn or wheat, you eat grass.

  • Anonymous
    The problem is too many humans. Especially poor people because we pay people to have kids if therefore making it so we have to do factory farming to produce a food supply cheap enough low quality to feed the poor useless people who should not be having kids and only were able to because they literally were paid to have kids.

    Cut all social programs cut all tax breaks for having kids there should be tax penalties not tax breaks.
    • Anonymous

      Also if you actually work out your protein requirement is so high there's no way you can get it just from vegetables I need over 200 g of protein A-day there's no way I could get it from vegetables. Without the calories being insanely high.

    • Hydrogen

      Yeah lower the amount of people on Earth by discouraging giving birth to children, great plan. With current death rates in 10 years Earth would be empty. You must miss the old Germany buddy.

    • Anonymous

      Actually no it will not be because the people who could afford gets still have them the population will go down what's needed. Thanks to know more taxes to pay for social programs people have more money therefore the middle class is more likely to have kids not just the lower class. Like I said the problem is that who is having kids is poor people because a little I get paid to have kids with tax money stolen at gunpoint from People now who because of this high taxes can't afford to have kids.

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