8 Simple Ways to Eat Healthier


8 Simple Ways to Eat Healthier

I know how difficult it is. When you see a piece of fried chicken and a salad, it's hard to turn down the crispy deep fried deliciousness of that insane amount of saturated calories. But there are little ways to slowly improve your health with food, without changing your diet altogether. Ways to ease in to being a healthy eater, and here are a few of those small, easy changes!

1) Lemon Water

8 Simple Ways to Eat Healthier

Drinking lemon water throughout the day has so many health benefits, including but not limited to, fushing out toxins, giving you extra nutrients, and improving skin.

A great way to improve your health with lemon water is to ask for it instead of a coke with sit-down meals. This way you won't feel as bad enjoying a large meal as well.

2) Not Putting Sugar in Your Coffee or Tea

8 Simple Ways to Eat Healthier

I have to admit, I was always a "Double Double" drinker up until two years ago when I stopped adding sugar to my coffee every morning. At first, it was terrible. I hated it. But after not long I became grossed out by having sugar in my coffee, because your body isn't meant to take unnatural sugar, you've just become accustomed to it. Once you start going without it, your body returns to it's normal state of "don't put that sh!t in your body".

3) Eat Fish Once or Twice in a Week

8 Simple Ways to Eat Healthier

Fish in large quantities is definitely not good for you, but for optimal health, fish once or twice a week is a great source of protien and nutrients, so try swapping one of your typical less than healthy meals with sushi, salmon, or tuna.

4) Stop Eating Bacon

8 Simple Ways to Eat Healthier

Pork in particular isn't very good for you, but the absolute worst form of pork is bacon. There are no health benefits from bacon, so when you have your classic breakfast in the morning, try switching out the bacon for turkey bacon or turkey sausages, which will give you actual nutrients without the saturated fat.

It is not a coincidence that bacon is often assosiated with America... along with obesity.

5) Would You Like Fries With That?

8 Simple Ways to Eat Healthier

On the chance that you absolutely must eat and there is nothing else open other than a McDonalds or other fast food chain, at the very least, don't get the fries. The fries are the worst.

6) Pack Your Lunch The Night Before

8 Simple Ways to Eat Healthier

When you're in a rush in the morning it's easy to just throw something unhealthy in your purse or pick up fast food on the way to work, but if you have even ten minutes a night to pack some fruit, yogurt, and protien, you can save yourself many non nutritional calories to your daily amount.

7) Cut Back on Bread

8 Simple Ways to Eat Healthier

You don't need to cut back on bread entirely, but avoiding the extra pieces or the bread roll that came with your pasta can definitely aid in weight loss and health.

8) Don't Have The Extra Drink

8 Simple Ways to Eat Healthier

It's totally healthy to have a glass of wine or two with your dinner, but you're not doing yourself any favours by having a third, fourth, or fifth glass.

Hope this helped anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle! :)

8 Simple Ways to Eat Healthier
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Most Helpful Girl

  • mooky06
    Excellent points! With lemon drinking, it's beneficial to drink it early in the morning (before breakfast) to kick start your metabolism.. And it's also important to not drink it so often (frequently) as it can do harm to your teeth..
    I use to put two heaped teaspoons of sugar in my coffee, and I'll slowly reduced it to one (even) teaspoon, and now I pop in half a sugar (it just happened recently) I'm just slowly reducing the amount of sugar so I can get use to it lol and apparently having just black coffee is good for you.. But I like milk froth in mine ^^* hehe
    Love eating fish!
    And everything else seems spot in to me! Awesome mytake!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • GingerGuy
    I've done most of these things with the exception of sugar in coffee. I need my coffee and can't stand it without sugar. I've tried cutting back on it though. Both the amount of sugar and how many coffees a day. I've tried to stop bacon as well. I love it but they are really saying it's linked very strongly now to cancer, that's what made me think twice now about eating it. I still have to have some every now and again because i love it but I limit how much and how often :)
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    • MissMc3

      Way to go, that's awesome :)

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    excellent tips

    i've been avoiding pork since i heard from a neighbor that it was bad around 10 years ago. many argue that it's not. i prefer beef and chicken anyway.
  • WhatTheHellAmy
    wow, I have a healthy life then

    no sugar in my coffee, lemon tea or lemonade without sugar, no pork, no fast food (well, pizza occasionally, not too much of it, I swear), I eat tuna every week, has lot of protein, I should buy wine tho :/ some cheese too. A glass before going to sleep would be very good for my insomnia.
    • MissMc3

      I use wine for my insomnia too! Lol it does help, and a glass of wine isn't bad for you, so why not? My favourite is The Chocolate Shop wine, you should give it a try :)

    • the pink one is my favorite! I love it.

      I'm gonna try that :)

    • Artist10

      Wine for insomnia, hmmm thats not a bad idea.

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  • Spirit_Is_Free
    Very good tips - I stick to most of them most of the time but it is hard - I suppose my extra piece of advice is don't beat yourself up if you go off road for a bit - Tomorrow is another day once you are healthy for the majority of the time, that is the most important thing.
  • LittleSally
    I love the picture in the beginning. =)
    Really shows off the caloric intake well. =)

    This mytake is pretty useful for those who didn't know this before, but want to change some things to make their life healthier.
  • GingerBear
    All pretty good advice, except for point 4... where did you get the idea that pork is bad for you? It's got a lower fat content than most beef cuts, and is a good source of iron and protein. And no processed meat is good for you, that's not just confined to bacon.
  • meatballs21
    "Pack your lunch the night before"

    Depends on your lunch! If it’s a healthy salad with lettuce, the lettuce will have started to go floppy and withered and BROWN! Is it the sandwich in the picture? The bread and ingredients will have started to mingle, the tomato will have made the bottom slice all soggy, the top slice will be dry as hell on top…
    • MissMc3

      You know you can prepare the items before hand (I. E. Cut the vegetables and leave out the container you'll use) and put it together in two minutes in the morning...

    • A lot of vegetables are best served if freshly cut... overnight and they're are nearly as nice.

      It takes me two minutes to pull the lettuce out of the fridge, tear it to shreds (by hand) and throw it in a tupperware container.

    • MissMc3

      If you're a busy person then there's nothing wrong with cutting a few slices of tomatoes and onions for the next day. Do you not see the point here?

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  • ConsultantIsBack
    Great info!!!
    Ya I think it's important to send-educate and read food labels. For example, most people have no idea what "enriched" carbs are and it's making people fat!
  • Liveyyy
    For the fish... Even though sushi is good, wouldn't it be a better idea to stick to just plain fish? All that extra fancy stuff in there can lead to more calories and fat 😂
    • MissMc3

      Asians are some of the healthiest people in the world. Rice in particular fills you up so you're less hungry later, and seaweed is good for you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • I agree with @MissMc3 . I think its Japan who has the average longest living people in the world. They eat sushi all the time and you dont see many fat Asians either.

    • It'd have to be brown rice, white rice are all empty carbs, for a diabetic person, a bowl of rice is a bowl of sugar. sushi isn't a good alternative, if you're talking about california rolls, it'd have to be just plain raw fish. sushi that comes in the form of rolls are actually really high in calories, you can check the nutrition facts for the most popular rolls on the market. and Asian people tend to have a longer life expectancy because the food they eat is fresh and most of the time unrefined. plus each Asian country has their own tradition that helps keep them healthier in the long run, like Japanese people add vinegar to their jasmine rice, chinese people are always drinking natural herbal teas such as green tea, korean people eat fresh af food and clean ingredients, the things i listed apply to all of them together though lol.

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  • frozenhorizon
    Also, invest in a high end blender and make a lot of smoothies with greens in them.
  • dipta
    Why is fish is large quantities bad for you?
    And what do you consider large quantities?
    • MissMc3

      Mercury. Most fish is filled with mercury, which we shouldn't be eating. I'd say anything more than twice a week is bad

  • mikemx55
  • Careless_Whisper
    The picture of those fries has made me hungry. I think tonight I'll order some chicken and chips. Yum yum
  • Walls_and_Doors
    Where is "stop buying junk food with your own money."?
  • Avenuewriter
    You lost me at no bacon.
  • sweettckae
    I like your take, very informative. 😘
  • Zorax
    Very good Take, I like the ideas
  • Prof_Don
    All good points, cheers! :-D
  • Artist10
    Awesome article, good stuff.
  • SunnyCaliGirl
    That's awesome