12 Chipotle Tips to Get More Free Food!

12 Chipotle Tips to Get More Free Food!

"I love chipotle! Chipotle is my life!" Who doesn't love chipotle right? And what is not to love? The food is always so good and healthier than other fast food restaurants, but are u really getting the most food for your dollar? Are you growing tired of the basic bowl or burrito? If so then you will find these tips very helpful and you won't be able to wait until your next Chipotle visit to try out these tips!

1. Get a tortilla on the side with your bowl, u can get as many tortillas as you would like, corn or flower free of charge.

2. Order a quesarito to spicy up your boring burrito, careful tho it's an extra $3 charge!

3. Get a double wrapped burrito! You will get double scoops of everything in it for free and it will still be the same price as a regular burrito.

4. Get a quadruple burrito! 4 scoops of everything! Still the same price of a regular burrito!

5. Get the salad vinaigrette and sour cream on the side, pour a little sour cream in the vinaigrette container, mix it up and boom! You now have tasty salad dressing for your bowl.

6. Get a double wrapped quesarrito!

7. Get a quadruple wrapped quesarrito!

8. Order hard taco shells on the side with your bowl, you know longer have to pay for chips.

9. Put meat, rice, beans, and Pico in your quesadilla.

10. Go in 5 mins before closing chances are good they will give you as much food as possible so that they won't waste so much.

11. If you are a regular at your chipotle ask the employees to comp you, if they like you they will!

12. Leaving tips every time you go is the best way to guarantee you will get hooked up some way or another!


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  • Mmmmm... I want a burrito bowl right now. Never knew you could get double or quadruple of those things at no extra charge. And getting something on the side is a great idea even if you don't like it in your burrito. Use it elsewhere or give it to someone who likes it.


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  • I love this post, but I'm not sure why!

  • Does anyone eat at Chipotle anymore?


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