7 Myths About Food/Drinks You Should Stop Believing

1) Alcohol makes you feel hungrier

7 Myths About Food/Drinks You Should Stop Believing

That’s false. It’s actually like soda, but it just has less calories and it’s not sugary. Unless you add sugar of course.

2) Caffeine stunts your growth

7 Myths About Food/Drinks You Should Stop Believing

Many tall kids in my school used to drink coffee when they were only 14. And still they grew up during the next years. I didn’t know their full diet of course, but since they were drinking coffee, and still they grew, then it’s a proof that this about caffeine, is nothing but a myth.

3) Drink as much water as possible

7 Myths About Food/Drinks You Should Stop Believing

Unless you want to have overhydration, and go to the toilet every ten minutes. You should drink only when you are actually thirsty, and not shove into your mouth ten glasses per day because that’s what supposed to be good for you.

4) Junk Food makes you fat

7 Myths About Food/Drinks You Should Stop Believing

They will make you fat, if you sit on your chair all day. And not only junk food, but any food if you eat it in large quantities, and you don’t move. Also I have met people who eat at McDonald’s a few times per week on average, and they are skinny. Also I eat there myself frequently, and I’m still skinny. Why? Because I move a lot. I am like 5 hours per day on the road by average, plus I don’t eat massive quantities. And another one thing most people ignore, is the fact I don’t eat quickly. Eating slowly actually helps. You don’t realize immediately that you are full, but several minutes should have been passed.

5) Milk makes you taller

7 Myths About Food/Drinks You Should Stop Believing

If it was true then all lactose intolerant people would be tiny. So the phrase Drink your milk if you want to grow tall, mothers use to say to their kids, it’s no more than an old grandma’s tale.

6) Sugar kills testosterone

7 Myths About Food/Drinks You Should Stop Believing

If that was true, then after drinking a can of Coca-Cola, which contains big amounts of sugar, then you wouldn’t be able to get it up, for a week at least.

7) You can eat as much fruit & vegetables you want

7 Myths About Food/Drinks You Should Stop Believing

See what I said in #4. If you eat salads in large quantities every day, even without mayonnaise and also without oil, then you will get fat. Especially if you don’t move at all, and sit on your chair all day.


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. The effort our body makes to process alcohol reduces its ability to keep your body's sugar levels balanced. This drop in blood pressure may result in a sudden and strong carb craving – which explains why we not only get hungry when we drink, but why we crave carb-heavy food--i. e. people tend to feel hungrier after drinking all night.
    a pattern.

    3. So many people don't drink water or don't drink enough to even hit the bare minimum for their body at all during their day DESPITE their body craving hydration which is why Nutritionists recommend 8 glasses of water (which won't kill you) to most persons so there is a baseline. This is extremely important that you hydrate especially during the summer months where dehydration can happen rapidly. Going to the bathroom is a good thing, because you're kidneys are filtering out waste meaning your pee should not be a darkened yellow or brown color if you're drinking enough.

    4. "Looking thin," is not the same as "being healthy." You have no idea what these persons you know look like on the inside, i. e blood sugar, cholesterol, bp numbers, etc.

    6. Sugar does in fact kill testosterone. Insulin resistance, caused by a diet high in refined carbohydrates, including white flour, sugar, and alcohol, drives down testosterone in both men and women.

    7. Actually no. Eating salads everyday, especially as you say without oils, and mayo, and sauces, and add ons, can't actually make you fat. These ingredients found in salads, unlike junk food, are natural and whole for one, and contain zero fat or very little fat in them to begin with. If we gave someone with a completely sedentary lifestyle salads for 3 months with no dressings vs. junk food for three months, they will get fat eating the junk mainly because the junk contains large quantities of fat and oils to begin with.


Most Helpful Guys

  • I don't agree with many of these, particularly 7. You cannot get fat on eating salad, unless you're talking about something like egg salad. If you create 10,000 calories worth of vegetable salad with no mayonnaise or oil, you simply would not be able to consume it all. The volume is too massive and the calories it took for your body to digest all of those raw vegetables would be huge in itself.

    • There's people that put on fat, when using a Rawtil4 Vegan diet. Plust there are fat or overweight Vegans that eat relatively clean by nature.

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