3 Reasons Why I Hate The Concept of Fast Food

Fast food is a joke in America, hungry? Wanna grab a bite to eat? How about a greasy and disgusting hamburger? No? Well then have a sloppily made burrito! It's things like these that really kills any motive to even consider fast food anymore.. Is there even a quality control anymore? Sure, you might not think a 1 dollar hamburger should be nice and wonderful, but does it deserve to be anything less just because it's cheap? Here's some of my thoughts on fast food.

1. Oh boy! Thanks McDonalds!

3 Reasons Why I Hate The Concept of Fast Food

Thanks to restaurants like these, it's hard to eat healthy on the go these days. I see people scarf down their faces with their big macs and large 1 dollar cokes.. I agree people have a right to live as they want to and whatnot with their body but... come on now, don't be a pig for the rest of us. It's almost as if they don't care what their food is doing to people. Remember at one point in time McDonald's even had a 'Supersize menu' .... Could it get any more repulsive than that?

2. Promoting their unhealthy food

3 Reasons Why I Hate The Concept of Fast Food

Everyday I turn on the TV... "Oh look, another unrealistic and perfect TV burger.." Companies even use children to advertise their 'food' which to me is more sickening than their compulsive mindset to make Americans into the overweight bumbling buffoons we see today. What's the point into trying to live a healthy lifestyle when you are constantly bombarded by stuff like this on TV?

3. Put a stop to eating unhealthy!

3 Reasons Why I Hate The Concept of Fast Food

It's about time America puts it's foot down and stops eating all of this so called 'food' it's frightening to see what happens to our bodies when we continue to eat this junk day in and day out. If we could just find a healthy alternative to burgers and fries then we can lead a better live, not only for ourselves but for our country as a whole. So put down the burger and have some fruits and vegetables every once in a while, eating like pigs will only make us want more.. if we continue to feed companies like these then America's overweight problem will never be fixed.

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