8 Kinds of Fruit You Didn't Know Existed

1. Roselle Fruit

Ok its not a fruit or a flower but it's in the name so it's going on the list. Roselle is high in calcium, iron, riboflavin, vitamin C niacin and for those who got a little to tipsy last night, will get rid of that hangover. It will also lower blood presser, help with weight loss, helps get rid of that cough and colds, and can be drank hot, cold, or iced. It can also replace that sports drink.

2. Sugar-apple

Like a banana they are high in potassium but also high in magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin A. They protect your heart from cardiac disease, controls blood pressure, and keeps your skin and hair healthy.

3. Snake fruit

It contains thiamine, iron, calcium, as well as vitamin C. It is a anti-diarrheal.

4.The Hala fruit

Only grows on the female tree and the green part cleans teeth.

5.Buddha Hand fruit

Is used for pain relief, coumarin, limonin, diosmin.

6. Akebia Quinata fruit

7. Jaboticaba Tree

They can be eaten raw or be used to make jellies and drinks or wine. It's like a grape that grows on the bark of a tree.

8. Sapodilla Tree fruit

Dietary fiber fat, protein, carbohydrate, calcium, water, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorous, pantothenic acid, and Vitamin C.


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  • I knew about 2,3 and 8 but that's about it. Thank you for sharing this.


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  • I've seen number 2, but none of the others.

  • keep this up, you should be an editor

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    • That's weird why do they do that

  • Fruit No 2 (Custard Apple) and fruit No 8 (Chikoo). I eat these fruits every week.

  • I must now eat these.

  • I only knew about the Buddha hand fruit

  • East is east, West is West


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