Today is the best day today. Today is...

Today is the best day today. Today is........

History of the French Fry
French Fries are one of many foods whose name is most misleading, as the origins of this fat fried food seem to be in Belgium. The story of their creation can be found in a family manuscript dated 1781, which reveals that potatoes were originally cut into the shape of fish and served in lieu of the fish normally caught in a series of small villages in Belgium.It seems the river had frozen over and the fish they normally caught and fried were unable to be caught.

Why they’re called French is often attributed to troops coming over during World War I who got their hands on Belgian Fries.The official language of the Belgian army at that time was French, and as a result the men thought they were in France rather than Belgium.Interestingly, in that region of the world, they are still called “Flemish Fries” to further complicate matters.Now these treats are loved the world round, even becoming the ‘national snack’ of the Netherlands.

Odd this is the day before Bastille Day.. Guess they should of made good burgers to go with the Fries..

But we also got FREEDOM FRIES AS WELL!!

Today is the best day today. Today is...

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