Kitchen equipment everyone should have

Equipment you need in your kitchen

Everyone should be able to cook for themselves, but it's easier to do, if you have the right equipment. When I say the right equipment, I mean high quality equipment that'll last a lifetime. You might need to spend a little money, it'll be worth it in the long run.

You don't need much to get started. You can make most basic dishes with just a few important things.

Here's what I recommend.

A good quality chef's knife

This is your lifeblood in the kitchen, your best friend. A dull knife cheap is a dangerous knife, because they are just unpredictable for cutting anything. A sharp knife just cuts. As long as you start slow and keep your fingers aside, you'll be fine. You'll want the knife to be high quality steel so it retains its edge. You want it to have a little weight and be well balanced. It needs to feel good in your hand.

Kitchen equipment everyone should have

With the knife you'll also want to have a honing steel to keep the edge as long as possible. You can also buy a sharpening stone for sharpening, but you can also do that by taking the knife to a professional about once a year.

Later on you might want to consider buying a bread knife, a smaller vegetable knife and maybe a filet knife, if you like fish.

Large cutting board

You want your board to be large, because it's hard and frankly dangerous to use a small one. You space to move, cut multiple things and handle larger vegetables and meats. I usually prefer wooden cutting boards, but they do need to be taken care of. Plastic ones are easier.

Kitchen equipment everyone should have

Stainless steel skillet and a non-stick pan

For basic frying and cooking it's good to have a stainless steel skillet for when you need your food to stick and caramelize and non-stick for other dishes. The skillet should have a thick bottom and some weight to it so it retains heat and cooks things evenly. The non-stick shouldn't be cheap. They just don't last long. Once the teflon starts pealing, the pan should be replaced.

Kitchen equipment everyone should have

Kitchen equipment everyone should have

After the skillet and non-stick you might want to consider getting a carbon steel and/or cast iron pan/grittle pan.

2-3 different size pots

This is for your pastas, rices, stews, sauces, soups and anything that needs boiling. You want different sizes for different things and, if you want to cook multiple things at the same time.

Kitchen equipment everyone should have

Different size mixing and measuring bowls

These are on constant use since most recipes require some mixing and measuring. They should be plastic so they can used in a microwave and they should have a pouring spout.

Kitchen equipment everyone should haveKitchen equipment everyone should have

Different kinds of utensils

You'll at the very least need a spatula, tongs and a ladle or two, but these are the kind of things you'll buy throughout the years as you need them.

Kitchen equipment everyone should have

Now start cooking!

You have all you need so start cooking some dishes. You'll first need to look at recipes, but you'll eventually improvise some good eats.

Kitchen equipment everyone should have

Bon appétit and have a good day!

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  • People don't realize the value in a good chef's knife. People buy those dull cheap discounted knives that aren't sharp and don't actually cut anything other than themselves. This is the one piece of kitchen equipment that I would advise people do spend the money on because it is worth it. Once one slices through a tomato like butter vs. the thing splattering and rolling all over the place, or nixing a digit, they'll know!


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  • Just need to get a bigger kitchen first.

  • This is a great take on how to get started!

  • I agree and always prefer a wooden chopping board.

  • Things to buy before moving lol Thanks for sharing.

    • Moving on your own from parents?

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    • Oh okay :D it's good to start collecting things you need already. There's a lot of surprising things you don't even think about before you need em.

    • It is a good idea :)

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