The Ten Greatest Food Debates You'll Ever Have


Food is a very personal thing as obviously ultimately only you can eat something for yourself and either decide if you enjoy it or not, or which method of consumption you find most pleasing to you...BUT...that doesn't prevent you and others from arguing the "right" way to eat something or the correct name of something, or how to eat something, so here we go with a list of the ten greatest food debates you'll ever have in your life!

1. What is the correct way to slice a sandwich?

The Ten Greatest Food Debates Youll Ever Have

2. Ketchup on fries, or dip the fries into ketchup?

The Ten Greatest Food Debates Youll Ever Have

3. Fold the pizza or no?

The Ten Greatest Food Debates Youll Ever Have

4. What is the correct way to eat an Oreo?

The Ten Greatest Food Debates Youll Ever Have

5. Milk before or after the cereal?

The Ten Greatest Food Debates Youll Ever Have

6. Should you wash your chicken before cooking it?

The Ten Greatest Food Debates Youll Ever Have

7. Does pineapple belong on pizza?

The Ten Greatest Food Debates Youll Ever Have

8. Which is truly better: pancakes or waffles?

The Ten Greatest Food Debates Youll Ever Have

9. Is it called Soda or Pop?

The Ten Greatest Food Debates Youll Ever Have

10. Which fast food place makes the best burger:

Shake Shack
White Castle
In and Out
Five Guys

The Ten Greatest Food Debates Youll Ever Have

Feel Free to debate any or all of these in the comments. I'd love to hear why your way is the right way...

The Ten Greatest Food Debates You'll Ever Have
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  • MCheetah
    1. Lawful Good sandwich cut. Triangles beat rectangles, any day.

    2. Ketchup on the fries. When you dip them, too much of the ketchup will fall off them and make things messy. When you put the ketchup on the firs and wait a couple minutes, the ketchup will have a better chance of staying on there, instead of sliding off. I also suggest using a fork for ketchup on fries.

    3. This is up to personal choice, but I believe you shouldn't fold. When you fold, you end up tasting more crust than cheese. Who eats a pizza just to mostly taste the crust?

    4. There is no "right way" for an Oreo, but I like to twist it off, scrap the cream using the bottom of my teeth and eat that, and then dunk the "dry" cookie part in milk. So, 1, 4, and 5, combined.

    5. Whoever does the milk first are psychos. That just means the milk will splash all over the table once you pour the cereal in. They're as bad as those "underhang the toilet paper roll" people. (The correct way is ALWAYS the roll at the top, unless you like the paper ripping at the bottom under its own weight.)

    6. Yes. Always wash your chicken.

    7. Only in Hawaii. If you're not Hawaii or in Hawaiian, then no pineapple on pizza.

    8. Pancakes are better with eggs, bacon, sausage, or hash browns. Waffles are better standalone (though they work with chicken, as well). If there's no eggs, bacon, etc to compliment the pancakes, then waffles are always the better option, especially since they're designed to hold syrup.

    9. Educated non-simpletons will always call it soda. Soda pop is a fair compromise. It's only "pop" if you're uneducated redneck trash from the Midwest (sorry, but it's true). In any case, soda isn't recommended. Lemonade, fruit punch, tea, or even water, are always the better choice over carbonated sodas.

    10. Five Guys, by far. Then White Castle (which is damn good, but so rare, you'll likely only get them from the freezer aisle and not the actual fast food restaurant). Then Whataburger. Shake Shack is overrated trash. In and Out Burger is garbage.

    11. A hot dog *IS* a sandwich, but with an asterisk at the end.

    Nice talk!
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    • Anonymous

      1. No matter how you cut the sandwich, thanks to one of the debates I had with friends, it really honestly depends on how you made the sandwich in the first place and if the slices of bread are evenly cut to begin with. Say you have a sandwich that has a tomato here, or there, and like uneven bits of bacon and avocado dispersed. You can slice a triangle, but that triangle may literally have nothing in it but like a small bit of the innards. So fundamentally if you make a crappy sandwich with oddly shaped ingredients, your cuts will be trash, no matter how you do them, but ultimately, it will all go in your stomach anyway, so it's technically a moot point, but will I still argue it with friends....yes!

      2. I agree as long as the ketchup is room temp b/c otherwise you end up with cold fries.

      5. I need to know who does this and why *searches comments*

  • Aiko_E_Lara
    1. Lawful Natural seems to be the most even one for sharing but for solo, Lawful Good because it’s the easiest one to eat.

    2. Dip fries. I don’t want a messy hand.

    3. Folding the pizza makes the oil drip so I eat it unfold

    4. Dunk it. Oreo is too sweet, milk is an equalizer

    5. Cereal first. Milk spreads much evenly when poured on top the cereal.

    6. I’d wash it if it’s left open in the freezer.

    7. Pineapple ruins the cheese. Tomato is already the equalizer

    8. Waffles win slightly because it gets easily soaked with the syrup and im fond of that.

    9. We say “Soft Drinks” so that’s for all of you to debate.

    10. In and out is the only one I had.
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    • Anonymous

      Sadly I've only tried 2 out of the lists burgers though Shake Shack did just land in our city about a year ago. I feel like I can't judge until I've had them all, but In and Out was a total disappointment to me. Like every bit of it was awful.

      Also, that's why I too give waffles the win. Nothing beats that bread soaked with the syrup, ugh, it's wonderful.

Most Helpful Girls

  • midnightmoon05
    Aide from chicken… I don’t eat much of any of the above.
    to answer…
    1. lawful
    2. some salt and herb. If must use ketchup - dip
    3. knife and fork
    4. Cookie dip in milk
    5. cereal then milk
    6 always wash chicken
    7. no pineapple please
    8. both fine … however has to be good batter… if I don’t like the taser from the mix, it will go in the trash
    9. I don’t care what’s it call… don’t drink it.
    10. Don’t eat burger… from fast food so don’t know..
    I only eat burger from one restaurant I tired so far that I would eat…by my area … they ground real high quality beef to make their burger and they don’t add anything else
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  • Anonymous

    I don't know bout the right way but idc this is mine anyway lol1 lawful good, but chaotic good is something i wanna try.2 dipping fries, always. Ketchup on fries makes them gross and soggy.3 i never fold pizza when i eat them.4 i mostly bite oreos and rarely dunk it.5 milk first before cereal. I only put a small amount of cereal at a time so it won't get too soggy. It won't make a mess unless you pour it like a toddler would. 6 wash it.7 never liked pineapple on pizza.8 pancakes are better than waffles for me.9 soda. Never said “pop” my entire life.10 five guys and then shake shack. This was fun!
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    • Anonymous

      Please explain milk before cereal....why?

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  • Aethereal
    1. True Neutral: Don't slice it unless you're sharing it. If you are sharing, I generally go either lawful good, neutral or evil (depending on the bread shape).

    2. Dip the fries, always. I might have the ketchup to the side of my plate to dip with if I'm using a fork to eat.

    3. Never fold the pizza. Might as well use a fork and knife to eat it if you're going to do that. But the true sacrilege is committed by those few people who scrape the toppings off the crust.

    4. No. 2. I just bite it. You mix the creme and biscuit part nicely that way. I don't much like milk so I would never dunk it.

    5. Milk is always before cereal. Always. I hate cold milk so I need to get the temperature just right before adding the cereal, and I need to add cereal bit by bit (like 5 spoonfuls at a go) because I hate soggy cereal. It looks like puke to me. Adding the milk after the cereal means the cereal gets soggy when you're halfway through eating. Plus milk first is sensible if you're using powdered milk and need to sweeten it with sugar. Do the cereal-first folk sprinkle sugar on their dry cereal first? Weird.

    6. I wash all my meat before cooking. It's unhygienic not to.

    7. Pineapple has no place on pizza. Unless perhaps they make a fruit pizza of some kind.

    8. I prefer pancakes to waffles. But they're both great when made right.

    9. Neither. I was taught to call them soft drinks. The name always stuck. Pop sounds hilarious, and soda makes me think of baking soda and soda water.

    10. I don't know any of these burger places. But I'll keep them in mind if I ever visit the U. S. A. I don't eat burgers much though.
  • Jaximus-Lion
    A chef here. I do a lot of tasting tests and do a lot of food experiments, explanation behind combos and why does it work and vice versa
    1. What is the correct way to slice a sandwich?
    Natural GOOD is the way, i save the edges to toast and use them for soups
    2. Ketchup on fries, or dip the fries into ketchup? I never use ketchup, it's too sweet and very low on vinegar taste. Bearnaise (warm) dip sauce is the way too go and you dip the fries in it.
    3. Fold the pizza or no? It does not matter, it will taste the same and folding it can keep the cheese there (for safety). 4. What is the correct way to eat an Oreo? I never had one so i don't know 🤷‍♂️.
    5. Milk before or after the cereal? Don't know either! I had it like 5 or 7 times when i was a kid, very overrated and too sugary.
    6. Should you wash your chicken before cooking it? It depends where you live and how good you store them in the freezer or fridge. In Sweden it is very crucial to have clean chickens at the stores that are produced in Sweden, clean as disease free. 7. Does pineapple belong on pizza? Yes it does. pineapple helps lift the overall flavor profile of a pizza because of the sweetness that breaks salt and creates a divine taste that makes you want more IF IT'S MADE RIGHT. 8. Which is truly better: pancakes or waffles? Basically they are the same, but pancakes gives that MMMMMMM feeling better than the waffles does. 9. Is it called Soda or Pop? Never had this kind of issue where i live. No one says soda nor pop here, everyone is specific when they order a soft drink here in Sweden. 10. Which fast food place makes the best burger: None of these has a restaurant in Sweden so i don't know. Sweden's best burgers is Located in Stockholm and it's called Flippin' Burgers.
    • t-8900

      cereal is shit! Good man!

  • Lliam
    1. True neutral. But if I'm only making half a sandwich, I always slice the bread lawful neutral and place them together facing the same direction so that the sandwich is symmetrical.

    2. Dip. I don't like my fries soggy and don't want to cover my fingers with ketchup when trying to pick them up.

    3. I don't fold. Pizza is not a sandwich.

    4. I separate the halves of two Oreos, eat the halves without frosting first, then place the other two halves together, nibble off the cookie edges on both halves, and eat the double-filled cookie that I have created.

    5. I pour milk ON my cereal.

    6. Yes. Absolutely. Who knows what's on that chicken, how it was processed, or who touched it.

    7. A slice or two of pizza with Canadian bacon or proscuitto and pineapple can be delicious. I never order it, but if I'm someplace where there are a variety of pizza slices to choose from, I'll eat a bit of that, more or less as a sweet dessert.

    8. Pancakes. Waffles are too dry and crispy, and it's hard to coat them evenly with butter and syrup. I like them, but I usually prefer pancakes.

    9. Soda. I rarely drink it anymore. I almost never drink Coke or Pepsi products, aside from the occasional Mug root beer on tap. Those companies are evil. On a hot day, a cold, carbonated drink can really hit the spot, though. I only drink out of bottles (preferably glass), not cans. I'll have A&W root beer on occasion. I like Jarritos brand, usually orange, Mandarin or tropical flavors like pineapple, mango or guava. It has simple ingredients - carbonated water, cane sugar. No HFCS or GMOs.
    When eating at a burger or pizza place, I sometimes enjoy a soda fountain root beer. There's a great burger place near us that makes it's own brand of root beer and serves it in frosty mugs.

    10. I never eat fast food burgers, except for the occasional In n'Out.
  • hannahjo022
    1. I cut my sandwich diagonally
    2. I prefer to dip my fries in ketchup
    3. I only fold my pizza if the slice is really big and keeping the toppings to fall off. Depends on the pizza if its too thin. Most the time I don't fold it
    4. depends on my mood. Like to bite it, dunk it, scrape the cream, or eat the halves separately. stacking the cream is too time consuming
    5. cereal first
    6. don't wash my chicken. its going to be cooked?
    7. HELL NO!!! I like putting siracha sauce on my pizza is that gross?
    8. pancakes. Pancakes are my fave and make really good pancakes :)
    9. both? My family is from upper state New York and they call it pop so I am used to calling it pop. Since I moved and grew up in the mid-west, people in mid-west calls it soda I'm used to that too
    10. I'm from the mid-west so its five guys and culvers. never tried the others. Shake shack has recently added locations in my state and I have not yet tried it. Heard its not that great, lacks taste, and its too much money for a basic burger I can make myself at home. Would love to try in n out and whataburger since the bun is on garlic bread
  • TrueConfection
    1. Lawful Good (diagonal).
    2. Dip fries.
    3. Fold pizza.
    4. There is no wrong way to eat an Oreo.
    5. Cereal first (sometimes I don't even add milk).
    6. I wash the turkey, but not the chicken.
    7. Pineapple goes on pizza.
    8. Pancakes are yummy.
    9. Soda.
    10. Five Guys makes the best burger.
  • Rachelspiks
    You don't slice sandwiches, you fold them in half. Who slices them? No one that I've ever met on this planet.
    • Anonymous

      Are you not from around these parts? Just about everyone slices their sandwiches unless they are eating them whole.

    • You take one slice of break, put whatever you intend to put on it, and then fold. It saves on bread if you don't want to eat a whole sandwich.

  • IveGotNoName
    1. Lawful good
    2. Dip
    3. Fold the pizza to a degree where it's easier to hold, don't eat it folded
    4. Bite into it
    5. Cereal before milk
    6. Yes
    7. Yes
    8. Neither, too different to me
    9. Soda
    10. I don't know, never had any of them.
  • t-8900
    all of these are wrong because I am living a Keto Lifestyle lmao. But the washing the chicken part is TRUE. You should see all the shit that comes off that chicken when you soak it a few times then rinse it. Not only is that shit gross but it also affects the flavor of the meat!
  • Bluemax
    1. I'm lawful good
    2. Dip
    3. I fold if the pizza is too wide
    4. The correct way to eat an oreo is to throw it in the trash
    5. Cereal first
    6. No opinion
    7. Yes
    8. Waffles
    9. Soda
    10. Carls Jr.
  • sp33d
    1. Lawful good for cutting sammiches. This is the only reasonable way.
    2. Mayonnaise, sorry. Dip fries in it.
    3. Never even considered folding a slice of pizza.
    4. Bite the oreo. Usually can do in one bite.
    5. Cereal not my thang.
    6. Yes, wash chicken, always.
    7. Pineapple on pizza? There's a time and a place for everything, I guess. My house is not a place for such blasphemy, however.
    8. Pancakes, for sure.
    9. Lemonade
    10. Never been to any of those.
  • CordetteMonet
    1. Neutral Good
    2. Dip Fries Into Ketchup
    3. Don't fold the pizza
    4. Scrape the Cream
    5. Milk First
    6. Yes
    7. Yes
    8. Pancakes
    9. Neither, I call it coke.
    10. Whataburger
    • Anonymous

      Are you a southerner by chance? We for sure call all soda's Coke. At a party someone will say, what do you want to drink, and you'll say 'coke,' and they say, what kind.

    • No, I am not a southerner. I am from a western state.

  • zagor
    1. LOL I never attributed D&D categories to sandwich slicing. When I was a kid, I guess my Mom at some point went from chaotic neutral to lawful good.
    2. Definitely dip.
    3. Doesn't matter, either way.
    4. There is no wrong way to eat an Oreo.
    5. After.
    6. Yes.
    7. No.
    8. Neither; eat something healthy for breakfast. And light.
    9. Soda. Pop is what cartoon characters call their Dad.
    10. Five Guys, but they're too fucking expensive, so In'N'Out.
  • joeldalton
    1) Triangles are best
    2) dip
    3) Fold - particularly if its a NY/NJ pie
    4) all are correct
    5) Cereal first. What if there's not enough cereal in the box for the amount of milk?
    6) You should not wash chicken.
    7) Pineapple does not go on pizza
    8) waffles
    9) soda
    10) Culvers
  • najekim
    1. Lawful Neutral
    2. Dip the fries
    3. Depends on the size of the slice. I cut mine into about 2" squares
    4. Bite it
    5. Cereal, then milk
    6. We don't prepare chicken at home
    7. Pineapple & SPAM, please
    8. Waffles. American waffles!
    9. Soda
    10. House divided. I say White Castle or Five Guys, wife say Whataburger (she's from Texas)
  • doopayo
    Five guys makes the best burgers, dunk oreos, waffles > pancakes, pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza
    • doopayo

      Also, no. I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to clean raw chicken because it can increase risk of food poisoning from bacteria and such

    • Anonymous

      So many agree/disagree on the raw chicken thing. I sometimes wash, sometimes don't, but with not washing, I've never gotten sick and I've been cooking chicken since I was 13. Cooking it well is what really matters.

  • WhiplashMonkey
    Lawful neutral sandwich
    I only fold my pizza if the toppings like to slip off it.
    I dunk my Oreos
    Pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza
    I dip my fries in ketchup
    I’m not sure about the chicken
    Cereal first then milk
  • Xoirwinkan
    - Ketchup goes to the side of the fries so they don't get soggy.
    - Sometimes you need to fold the pizza because it's crust is floppy or the toppings are too heavy. Dorks eats pizza with forks.
    - You shouldn't wash your raw meat because that can easily spread bacteria all around.
    - Pineapple DOES belong on pizza, since weirder things (like seafood in my opinion) are also put on it. It provides a sweet counterbalance to a potentially acidic sauce.
    --- I can add another point of discussion: To rinse your rice beforehand or no? I don't, since I'm lazy and don't care that much about a potential change in texture.
    --- All that said, people who are SUPER serious about their food really annoy me, like Italians and Brazilians, to name a couple. People should be able to enjoy their own food how they like. If you get angry about how someone else eats their food you have something wrong with you.
    • Anonymous

      IN that case, let me preface what I'm about to say with, it's all in fun, I'm really not taking this as serious...

      When it comes to pineapple, there is a difference between can go on a pizza, and should. Dirt CAN go on a pizza, but we don't eat that. Second, would you like a slice of pineapple slathered in gooey cheese?!? Does that actually sound appetizing, b/c that is what that is. I like in the southwest and it's not unusual at all to have a shrimp taco with some cheese on it, so that translates to a pizza as same difference, bread, meat, cheese, fixings.

    • Xoirwinkan

      You forgot about the ham, which is very important. The saltiness of the ham contrasting with the sweetness of the pineapple. The cheese is secondary on a Hawaiian pizza.

  • Guffrus

    You managed to find 8 incorrect ways of cutting a sandwich?
  • Static_In_The_Attic
    Pineapple on pizza? Absofuckinglutely! Bacon, pepperoni & pineapple is my favorite.
  • SenseiSeptred
    I like the Dungeons and Dragons alignment table on the slicing bread thing. However here is another one for you to add to the list. "Does bacon go on a sandwich, or a pizza?"
  • dray995
    1 - don’t care2 - I don’t use ketchup3 - Yes4 - #65 - Cereal first6 - Yes7 - Sure. Why not?8 - Pancakes. Waffles taste gross. 9 - Don’t care. 10 - Whataburger. God bless Texas!
  • Kontrvnote
    1. True neutral or lawful good.
    2. Dip.
    3. Never fold.
    4. Bite it.
    5. Milk before.
    6. Yes.
    7. No.
    8. Waffles.
    9. Soda.
    10. I'd go with any.
  • N192K001
    1. True Neutral
    2. n/a
    I generally do not eat ketchup.
    3. no, unless the slice is too freaking huge
    4. either '2' (or '5' if almond-milk is available), but '1' is an abomination
    5. cereal = 1st
    6. washing no longer
    7. yes, for other people
    8. BOTH
    9. soda
    10. Five Guys (in U. S. East-coast), but In and Out in (Pacific-coast)
    Culvers (never heard of them)
    Shake Shack (heard of them, but not entered)
    White Castle (heard of them, but not saw personally)
    Whataburger (heard of them, but not saw personally)
  • jshm2
    1. Depends on filling, how you will (or can) slice it.
    2. Only the uncultured use ketchup with fries. It's only curry or chilli sauce.
    3. Knife and fork with pizza, what are you? American?
    4. Oreo is for the flavour blind, who want diabetes as quick as possible.
    5. Cereal with coffee, FTW!
    6. You must wash all meats (except for mince) before use, as you don't know what the last person was handling, before touching it.
    7. Only on an Hawaiian.
    8. Both are equally bland and horrible.
    9. Neither, Here in Scotland we call it "ginger".
    10. No "fast food place" ever makes a good burger. You need to go gourmet to get a proper burger.
  • Massageman
    1. TN. 2. Dip. 3. No. 4. 6. 5. Milk AFTER. 6. Yes.
    7. No. 8. Waffles 9. "Coke". 10. Only had the first 4. (Culver's of those)
  • boombastik
    Unless you're pregnant and then you are eating for two lol
  • Joker_
    Those are the ten greatest food debates I'll ever have
  • smithkatherine
    These are some amazing points!
    I was just reading an article on Press Release Power about coffee and caffeine and now this!
  • Grubhub
    It’s no debate. Only weird and messy people put ketchup on the fries
  • Clarke498
    All these are stupid 🤣
    Can answer all of them with "do what you want" 🤣🤣
  • scott04sa22
    Nachos please
  • crazysassypaws21
    get go with tacos ik im evil lol
  • OfDeath
    Pineapple goes on pizza.
  • Neosporin
    I tend to like lawful neutral
  • ElvenMr
    These are the dumbest debates ever.
  • msc545
    In and Out
  • Sketti2021
    Not really a debate, it's personal choice
    • Anonymous

      ...all the way up until someone insists you're doing it wrong or does something in the manner you don't agree on.

  • jimmy2
    You have a awesome question thabk you.
  • Anonymous
    1. Lawful Evil
    2. Dipping into ketchup. It's less likely it will get on other parts of your fingers. Less messy.
    3. No folding. It tastes more bread that way.
    4. Dunk it all the way.
    5. After the cereal. I like it a little crunchy.
    6. Yes wash the chicken. It cleans it from the juices it's been sitting in for days. And it's less slimy.
    7. I am a pineapple pizza lover. The sweetness of pineapple pairs good with the saltiness of ham.
    8. Waffles. It is more crispy and soft inside. Pancakes can become too mushy.
    9. Soda
    10. whataburger, carbs jr. Flame grilled or char broiled is the best.
  • Anonymous
    Don’t take food for granted (:
  • Anonymous
    first picture 1 & 5, second picture ketchup on fries, third picture flat never fold, fourth picture bite it, fifth picture cereal then milk, sixth picture depends on the type of chicken: whole chicken you wash if it's drumsticks thighs wings you don't, eighth picture waffles, ninth picture soda, tenth picture no comment except shake shack sucks i've picked up from them their food sucks
  • Anonymous
    French fries. 🍟
  • Anonymous
    Culvers actually has delicious hamburgers...
    • Anonymous

      What makes them great?

    • I agree

  • Anonymous
    I already knew these before. But good mytake though