How long do you cook 2 minute noodles for?

How long do you cook 2 minute noodles for?
  • not 2 minutes
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  • I make my own ramen and the noodles I buy state "3 minutes" on the package. My foot! I've gotta' boil those suckers for like 12+ minutes to get them to the texture I like! lol 😳

    • thats just sludge

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    • Wow! I found it right away! lol The company is called Koyo. 🙂 They make higher quality ramen with organic noodles. It was one of the only ones that looked any good that I could find without any palm oil in it. Have a look at the website below. You can find Koyo on Amazon, but they are more expensive than regular ramen (mostly because they have organic noodles). But again, they are better quality too. Anyway, here you go. 🙂...

    • Just click on the "products" tab at the top of their website's homepage to see their ramen selection.

  • depends if it's a woman's 2 minutes or a man's. Going by a man's 2 minutes, that's 120 seconds on the dot. If it's a woman's 2 minutes then you've got time to take a shower, read a short book and maybe catch a movie while it cooks for the "2 minutes".


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  • Not 2 minutes... turn off the heat around 1.5 minutes and let it sit.


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