What's a meal or food that you had that you can describe as being "as good or better than sex"?

On Friday, I got a Philly cheesesteak here in Suwon, South Korea. Cheesesteaks are a VERY rare and hard to find food item here in Korea. Not to mention, Philly cheesesteaks are a tricky food in that everything needs to be done JUST RIGHT with them. The right preparation of the meat, the right cheese (melted American at the bottom of the roll or Cheese Wiz), the right fried onions, the right seasoning (if you use pepper or salt), and definitely the right roll! You can't get Amoroso's rolls in Korea, but there are good substitutes.

If any one of those are done wrong, then the cheesesteak will be bad. Especially if the roll is trash or you use the wrong kind of cheese. Or too much pepper. Or don't use fried onions and just use unchopped, uncooked onions. Or anything else.

I know only four places in the country to get a cheesesteak. 1. A trash steak place in Gangnam Station (in downtown Seoul). 2. A somewhat decent place here in Suwon (they use mushrooms, oversized rolls, and not enough meat, so it's only so-so).
"South Street"
"South Street"
3. A place with boring dry steaks and trash rolls called "Philadelphia" in Pyeongtaek, which is a US military area here in Korea (the place where all the Americans are at).
4. And a fourth place very close to the last one. This is the only GOOD steak place.

I went there again last week and took home a Philly steak and finally ate it Friday at work. It was SO DAMN GOOD! Like, almost made me cry in delight! And this was after being in the fridge for four days and reheated in a work microwave. It was like a taste org asm on my tongue!

They're the only place that gets everything right. Not a perfect 10 out of 10 steak, but still a 9 out of 10 for sure! Better than a lot of places even back in Philly (like that tourist-trash sh*t Genos, and Pats). It made the rest of my day teaching that much easier, as I was mostly in a good mood all day.
"World Philly" 👍
"World Philly" 👍
What's a meal or food you had that was as good or better than s e x for you?
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Here's an extra thing worth mentioning that you could NEVR get in Korea; the Philly Taco! Yes, that is a cheesesteak wrapped in a jumbo pizza slice.
"You've got to be drunk AS F*CK to do a Philly Taco!" - People
What's a meal or food that you had that you can describe as being "as good or better than sex"?
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