Is Japanese/Korean cuisine really that good or is it just a bandwagon effect (or the marketing)?

This question's description is so long so I'm just gonna turn this into a "MyTake Question" A little trigger warning I respect every...
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The Ten Greatest Food Debates You'll Ever Have

Food is a very personal thing as obviously ultimately only you can eat something for yourself and either decide if you enjoy it or not,...
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My Phobia of White Sauces: How it began, progressed, where it is today and my prognosis for the future

I say no to mayo, sour cream, ranch, cream cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, Alfredo sauce, bleu cheese dressing, thousand island...
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Funny Rant: Chocolate sucks

Okay, so I want to address and offend the girls in this establishment. So allow me to go off my tangent, chocolate sucks so much and...
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Dirt-Cheap Stovetop Pizza in under 14 Mins!

I've been spending the past couple of weeks trying to make homemade pizzas and also got some very helpful suggestions from people on...
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Please, Be patient with restaurant workers.

Right now in the US, we are experiencing a major shortage of workers in the restaurant industry. Many states are fully reopening with...
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Adapting your cooking so diets are not too punishing

I try to follow a low carb diet for two purposes. I always need to control my weight and losing a few pounds would be beneficial. I also...
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Do you like pork medium rare?

I love a good medium/ medium rare pork with some delicious roast veges 🤤 Especially when it's done in the sous vide!

Do you eat fast food?


Best way to make eggs for breakfast?

What is the best way to cook eggs?

Which Mac n Cheese tastes best to you?

I've noticed almost everyone has a different recipe or tasting macaroni and cheese, but the one I liked the most was the macaroni and...

Cheesecakes. Baked or unbaked?

Cheesecakes can be made baked using eggs to set them or unbaked using something like gelatine to set the cream. Personally, I prefer to...
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What tastes better?

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Is anyone actually mad at beverages that support the LGBTQ?

and, if you are, are you gonna actually boycott all products that support LGBTQ people?
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Will Seagram's Escapes get me drunk if I've never drank before?

This is the first time I've ever drank an alcoholic beverage. I had the burger and fries earlier. Im also chasing it with Dr Pepper.
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Why don't/can't women cook anymore?

It seems as if most women, I'll say under 30, can no longer cook. What happened ladies? My own girlfriend is guilty of this. My best...
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How to get un high?

Can you drink tequila and whiskey in the same night?

can I do this withiut puking, Also share opinions on other liquors that shouldn't mix together

Do you think eating two sandwiches is Too much for one meal?

Like would you consider eating two sandwiches made with turkey or black forest ham, veggies, and whole grain bread too much/a lot of...
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