Why Padded and Push-Up Bras SHOULD NOT EXIST


A padded bra has padding in the base of the cup to lift a breast and gives the appearance of larger breasts.

Why Padded and Push-Up Bras SHOULD NOT EXIST

A push up bra pushes breasts up and together to give the appearance of larger breasts.

Why Padded and Push-Up Bras SHOULD NOT EXIST

These types of bras are a LIE. They're whole intention is to deceive men into thinking that the woman has larger breasts.

A lot of men, myself included, love large breasts.

These types of bras are meant to trick men like me into thinking that this woman has larger breasts and to me and others like me makes her appear more attractive than if she had worn a normal bra that is right for her breast size.

I'm sure some women feel "empowered" by these bras since they give them more attention.

Studies have shown that women with larger breasts who work as waitresses tend to receive higher tips.

Even Mythbusters did a video on the topic to prove its accuracy.

Another reason women use them is because they're insecure and think men only go for big boobs.

That is absolutely not true.

Many GaGers on here will gladly confirm that they like small boobs; I've seen their posts. The average male GaGer actually likes anything between B or C cups.

Personally I like bra sizes 34C, 32D, 34 DD, 36 DD and 32 F.

But that's just me!!!!

If that's not your size, be happy with what you have and find someone that loves you for it.

Your breasts are fine the way they are. Don't try to trick someone into dating you just because you want attention.

It will inevitably backfire on you.

Why Padded and Push-Up Bras SHOULD NOT EXIST

I hope you enjoyed this myTake.

Have a nice day :)

Why Padded and Push-Up Bras SHOULD NOT EXIST
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  • RJGraveyTrain
    It's a lie, eh?

    So I guess then shaving the hair off of my legs is a lie, because they aren't naturally hairless. Along with my armpits, my vagina, and elsewhere.

    Any correctional dental surgery such as getting braces or vaneers is a lie, because that isn't natural.

    If I dye my hair, that's a lie, it's not natural.

    Here is a funny little news flash for everybody who doesn't understand how bras work: breasts, most of them, are teardrop shaped because of gravity. Any kind of bra that you put on that has a cup changes the shape and lift of your breasts. That is their purpose. Yes, push up bras give a certain asethetic, there is so denying that, but I can speak as a 34 C busted woman that my breasts, with or without a push up bra, are magically a disappointment to any man who has seen them.

    This goes back to the whole concept of women are not allowed to present themselves in any way that is not beneficial to a man. I'm not a feminist, but that's what it boils down to: it is deceiving to men who can't identify the difference between natural, naked breasts, and breasts stuffed into a bra.

    I'm sorry, but you're not so important simply because of your personal preferences that women suddenly have to start conforming to this ridiculous ideal that they have to present themselves in the most "honest" (I say loosely) way because if she doesn't, then a man may have his delicate little idealistic standards damaged.

    Give me a break.
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    • I should point out that I use "you're" figuratively, I'm not directing that statement at you specifically.

    • There are plenty of normal bras and 34 C is a great size.

    • Yes, and you know what the funny thing is about normal bras?

      They still change the shape of your breasts. Like I stated, most women, due to gravity, will have their breasts fall to some degree. Typically not dramatically, and they won't appear as... let's say, ROUNDED.

      Any bra, with any kind of cup, is going to alter the shape. Given the logic that changing the shape and size of your breasts is lying, then normal bras are just as much of a lie as a push up bra.

      AND another thing!

      I don't know if it's just a failure to understand very basic female anatomy, but most people know no woman's boobs are NATURALLY pushed together and lifted up to her chin. Most men can identify the difference between push up-bra boobs and then natural, naked boobs. I promise you the difference between my breasts (34 C) in a regular bra, and a push up bra, isn't as drastic as you think, and most men can tell the difference. If that's a "lie", then any physical alteration to your body is a lie.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Chief16
    I think it has more to do with comfort, the added sex appeal is a bonus. To most guys, it might seem the latter, but I think what and how a woman wants to dress is her business, what others think about is theirs.
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  • ginny_weasley
    Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a bra without padding? And that's for all breast sizes not just small ones. Of course if large breasts weren't preferred over small ones, maybe women wouldn't go out of their way to get padded bras.
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    • Exactly! I don't remember the last time I saw a bra without some kind of padding in it. Even the cheap boxed bras at Sears have padding. And when you ask for no padding, this is what you're directed to - some lacey bras with no support whatsoever. www.victoriassecret.com/bras/unlined-padding-level

    • @musicbrain5 I know right? I recently went bra shopping with my mom and sisters. The padded and push bras were much cheaper than the ones with minimal padding. And when I asked for no padding the bra lady gave me bras that my nipples would show through.

    • NatashaJ

      But what he know he a man unless he has big man titties and he wears bras too just like us I don't see how he would know. Watch I die if he like "actually do wear bras and I get bras without padding" lmao.

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  • NanaXXXX
    "They're whole intention is to deceive men into thinking that the woman has larger breasts."

    Actually *their purpose is to advance natural features and provide a look that is accepted as aesthetically pleasing by society (and help people get more confidence in themselves).

    But seriously: Padded bras are just more comfortable to wear.
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    • That's a nice way of putting it, but I addressed that in the myTake. Just because guys like myself like bigger boobs doesn't mean you should make yours appear as such. You are selling a lie.

      Never wore a bra so I'll have to take your word for it that they're more comfortable.

  • musicbrain5
    Well obviously. But I hope they continue to exist as I find padded bras more comfortable to wear. I don't care for push up bras because if you're like me and you have zero cleavage, they don't do shit except make you look lumpy.

    You brought up some bra sizes which is interesting. Cup size is affected by the size of the band, because the volume of the cup changes with band size. Not all C cups are the same size, for example. Here's a handy chart for you:


    A lot of people focus on the letters only when talking about what size boobs they like or what their general bra size is. It's a terrible way to determine what size you like just because there's so many other cup sizes that are the same, with band size being the only difference. I fit into either a 34 or 36 B (I'm in between), and comfortably fit into 34C and 32D. But a guy who says he likes C or D likely won't give me a second look as I don't appear to match the image of those sizes he has in his head.
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    • That's actually how I always measured it lol.
      I measure it by estimating the diameter of the breast.
      1" -A cup
      2" - B cup
      3" - C cup
      4" - D cup
      5" - DD cup
      6" - E cup
      7" - F cup
      Heck it's the only reason I bothered learning the imperial system.
      When it comes to band sizes I don't have a system for that. I just compare what I know to be a 32, 34, 36 to new breasts.

    • What I'm trying to say is that the volume of the cup increases when band size increases. So 30DD is much, much smaller than a 38DD for example. Maybe this is a better graphic to show what I mean.


    • 34DD and 36DD are my personal favourites.

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  • CheerGirl38139
    OMFG you're so fucking annoying. Do actually believe your own bullshit that you write? Geezus.

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  • ikissedtheskyonce
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    • By the way the some women are actually confident abour their small boobs. You are full of shit if you think all women wear items just to impress men

    • Then buy bras that don't make your boobs look bigger if you're confident.

    • Idiot perv you do not know what bras i buy. Im a DDD so wtf do i look like buying a push up bra? Go fuck yourself

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  • Luci92
    Kinda agree with you tbh, although it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find a nice bra without some form of padding... even for me as an E cup, I wanted a plain t shirt bra, but I couldn't find one without padding!! Insane.

    I love that mythbusters episode, maybe I should get a job at a cafe lol.
    And I laughed at the tig ol bitties video too - ahh I miss your favourite martian.
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  • cinderelli
    They can do whatever makes them happy.. I personally hate the fact that 99% of the nice and cute bras are pushups and have a lot of padding.. I dont have huge boobs... but they're not small either and I don't want that weird butt cleavage.. or the weird feeling of soo padding.. it's not fair that they make nice designs with pushups only.. 😔
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  • SvetlanaSavachenko
    I personally don't like wearing padded pushup bras. They're not very comfortable and I'm not into deceiving anyone about the size of my tits. I got itty bitty titties so if you want melons you'll have to find another chic but if you like itty bitty titties you'll be in for a night of fun.
  • Reallio
    This is what people are concerned about nowadays? False advertising in the ibtc? I LOVE THIS GENERATION. It's really not that big of a deal. I wear push up bras and my boyfriend doesn't give two shits. Fucking depressing to get upset because someone wore a push up bra. There are better things to worry about.
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  • BlueEyedHipsta
    Padded and push up are two different things. Padding is the entire cup, a padded bra has foam cups a non-padded bra is just fabric (nipples easily show through).
    But I agree with the push up bra thing, I used to wear them when I was a smaller size and I just feels like my nipples were always slipping out. Now when trying to buy a bra I have to sift through bras that have push up padding (I'm a DD I don't need it) . They're a stupid concept
    • nalaa

      That's what I thought ad well, was kinda confused with is definition of padded bra

  • Kaylyne
    Good God, a guy who has actually more or less hit on the truth! Amazing!!!
    However there will be, and always will be, women who for whatever reason will wear these types of bras.
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  • May10th1994
    This is bullshit. I wear padded bras because if I didn't my tits would hurt. Not to mention, so what if a women wants her breasts to look extra perky for the day/night? That doesn't mean she doesn't like them they way there are. Just like wearing makeup doesn't mean someone doesn't like their face.

    "False advertising."

    Good thing 99% of us are not advertising /anything/.

    If a guy gets upset about a woman wearing a pushup bra, he clearly has problems of his own. No woman is trying to convince men her tits are bigger, they're just wearing what they want, what's comfortable, and what they like.
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  • Blonde401
    So you have 5 bra sizes that you approve of? Bit creepy. On top of that, women can wear whatever they want to feel good. If you have a problem with that then that's your problem. Guys wear pants and we can't see your dick 😱 That's a lie!!
    • Those sizes are my preference.
      Different guys like different sizes.
      Why wear a bra to purposely deceive?
      I can don't have a cucumber in my pants.

    • Blonde401

      I don't personally decieve anyone. I'm a 34 D and I don't need padding but lots of women like the support they get from bras like that. You see my point though, a woman won't know what your dick is like until you're undressed, so it's the same thing. And it's a bit creepy to list your sizes, it's obvious you like those sizes because you remember that a girl has told you she has that, it's not going to be exact for every girl you meet.

    • There's a reasonable amount of padding and then there are bras that increase the size by 2 cup sizes.
      Guys don't purposely mislead. The average size for a penis is about 5.5 inches it's unlikely that a guy's penis will be smaller.
      The average woman's breast size in my area is a 32B.
      34D is also a nice size probably should've added it to the list.
      How's it creepy? We all have preferences. I'm just not shy about stating mine.
      If you like 8 inch dick then go find a guy with one.

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  • redeyemindtricks
    lol smh
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  • Puppylove94
    It's funny cause generally girls with larger boobs hide them and girls with smaller boobs show them off.

    every guy that has seen my boobs has been shocked at how big they are because I try to hide them. I'll wear sports bras every day to make them appear smaller
  • Maxemeister
    That moment when she takes off the bra and...

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  • Jamesol1
    I agree 100% It is literally the equivalent of a guy stuffing tissue in his pants to show a bigger bulge... god if women knew he did that he would be shamed.
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  • ElissaDido
    Mmm I understand how a man might feel deceived by it. But if I have to speak on my behalf I would say that truly, I don't wear it for male attention.
    I wear it rarely by the way but when I do it's because it looks better with the outfit I chose. Surprisingly, although m boobs are average/small (B-C) I'm absolutely not self conscious about it, I don't rely on my boobs to attract men (if I want to attract them) because i noticed they play a small factor compared to other features such as the general appearance of the body and face/Hair.
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  • Hidden_P
    Actually I find them more supportive and comfortable. But you're right. Let's abolish them so you feel better.
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  • Mustachekitteh
    Bush up bra's are painful, they cause your back to hurt a lot. I tend to wear sports bra's more often since they cause less pain.
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