Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Badboys, Vol.2

Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Badboys, Vol.2

I normally don’t do sequel Takes, especially so long after the first one, but this has been in the making for a long time because I still have more I wanted to talk about with guys concerning this classic issue. This time I go into a little more, deeper detail about these chicks and their mindsets, and how guys who aren’t badboys can know what to look out for in chicks who like them.

I would've begun this by detailing my own recent experience with a bad girl that gave me some amount of anxiety, but unfortunately, just like the first Take, this one is a bit of a volume already lol. But just sit tight and follow me through.

“Nice guys” and girls who like badasses are really the same…

You see a lot of females on GaG complaining against nice guys and how they aren’t really nice, and we see so-called nice guys trying to defend themselves. In truth neither one is really in the right. Is it true that a lot of “nice guys” aren’t really what they proclaim to be? Yeah. But a lot of the females who are against “nice guys” are generally crud themselves, and often are the types who like badboys.

Even if the guy really was a nice, decent man who didn’t even proclaim himself as such, these females still would not want him because ultimately they crave the badness in other guys. They simply don’t want upright, behaviorally-intelligent men. And they themselves are usually putting up a pretense of being a decent girl so no one will really know how she is and what she likes. She can fool you just as easily as a man putting on a good guy persona.

Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Badboys, Vol.2

So at the end of the day “nice guys” and girls who like badboys really might as well be with each other anyway because both are dishonest with unseen motives or intentions.

Bad girls also do like you because you're "clean"...

Believe it or not, some of these girls - although they are rare - are also attracted to "clean," decent men. But make no mistake, their intentions aren't as good as you think.

They do find your decency to be very sexy, and some want to get with you so they can feel like they got a good guy now and are actually worthy of having you, and others want to get with you just to use you for your goodness because they perceive you as pure and naive and think you'll be a gentleman for them whenever they want, without being the wiser.

Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Badboys, Vol.2

Then some others want to get with you because they actually want to turn you bad, and usually with sex, as if you're like the virgin female being deflowered by the sly guy. Believe it or not some of these girls really do have a mindset of wanting to take your goodness away or being thrilled that they got to sleep with a high quality guy. You usually will figure out what they're trying to do by the way they're showing much interest in you, sending hints, or giving you outright flirty looks or stares.

But there are also some situations where a bad girl really does like your goodness and decency but knows she wouldn't stand a chance with you. She's aware of her own inner self, behavior, and lifestyle but can tell that you are a guy who really is just too good for her. Even in this I would not be quick to show her any interest. Bad habits are hard to break, and it isn't your job to make her a king's queen.

They want to humiliate you or make you jealous…

Sometimes girls who like badasses think they can humiliate you or make you feel bad about yourself if they think you’re too pure, innocent, soft, or “boring.” They will especially do this if you’re into her and she’s not into you, and you may not even know she likes badboys. She will make it a point to act quiet or blahzay and distant if you’re around, but then when the badboy walks into the room she gets lively and talkative with him. She wants to make a sweetly malicious show of who she’s into, a sideways message to you that says, “This is the kind of man I like, and you aren’t it.” They want to see how you’ll react to her being cool with him and if you’ll get jealous.

Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Badboys, Vol.2

Don’t take the bait. What I’ve done in situations like these is act normal with yourself and be oblivious to what she’s doing, and what really stings her is if someone else walks into the room - especially if it’s another female - and you start chatting with them like normal, like you didn’t even notice the other girl or her malicious intent. They really hate it when you show yourself unfazed by it.

They’re sizing you up…

Just like I explained in my other Take a while back, A Guy Can Tell If A Woman Has Slept With Several Men, women are sizing men up in their own way, and for females who like badasses they are especially sizing you up sexually and rating for themselves how manly, tough, or sexually capable they think you are. They’re judging you by the way you speak, your body language, how you respond to situations even the simplest ones, how you interact with them and even other guys and comparing you to them, and even judging your body sexually to figure out what your dick might be like, your energy, or if you could fuck like a real man or a hard man.

Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Badboys, Vol.2

Hell, one time two of my old female co-workers and I were talking about sex and they said how they can’t handle big dicks because they were both petite, yet one judged mine by my shoe size and was surprised when I said I use Magnums over Trojans which really are shit condoms. To me anyway.

Females who like badboys really are just looking for a fuck a lot of the time, and their minds are often focused on trying to figure out which ones they think are man enough for them. And you figure out what they’re doing and how they’re thinking by watching them back in turn. Like I’ve told guys more than once on GaG: one of the best ways to learn a lot about a woman is to observe the way she is with you vs. the way she is with other guys.

“It’s about confidence,” they say…

It humors me when I hear so many girls defending their love for bad/grungy/tough/wild guys - “They have confidence and that’s what we like,” “They’re not boring but fun and adventurous,” etc. They want a confident man but are still picking and choosing which types they want to go for, and it’s almost always the ones with an edge to them or being badass. It is almost never a truly ‘decent’ confident man.

Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Badboys, Vol.2
What it is is that they like the confidence of badness, not confidence in men of a good nature. And I think this is because somewhere deep inside women are attracted to wild, risky, forbidden or downright bad/dark things, and often they end up paying the price for dabbling in those spirits. And it could be a psychological or subconscious thing that goes back to Eve in the garden.

There are many men full of confidence and boldness, who know how to approach people and situations, how to handle things, how to flatter and flirt with women in clever, entertaining ways, how to take charge and be self-sufficient and provide, without exuding any kind of image of actually being a badass. And that’s why these females don’t want them. Men like that are “boring” and too “clean” for them. Instead they like the dark, sly, mysterious, or even dirty, defiant, rough look/behavior in other men. As I said, it’s true badness they like. A man of defiance more than a man of intelligence. Not actual decent confidence. Because a lot of it comes down to sex for these females.

Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Badboys, Vol.2

The kinds of things these women are looking for in men are short-term laughs, thrills, and sex. I’ve learned in my life that quite a few females - mostly young ones - do not actually favor life intelligence in men. And more than once I’ve seen them turn down decent guys for the thrilling flyboy.

These females have no real values…

I am amazed at the way these girls will talk about having standards or declaring everything they want and expect in men, but then contradict it. They won’t date a guy because he works a part-time job even if it’s some place like Subway or Pizza Hut, or because he doesn’t have a car, but he’s actually got a job and may even be trying to get into school or get somewhere in life, but they’ll go after the guys with DUI records, who steal cars or have a new one, and beat women up.

They won’t date a guy who still lives with his parents but is in college or has a part-time job, but they’ll stick by pathetic guys sitting in prison for doing something stupid, or who still live at home and have their mothers paying their phone bills, and these girls will actually drive these guys around in their own car or even let him live up in her house doing nothing.

Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Badboys, Vol.2

They won’t stick with a guy who will actually stand up for her in any situation and be her ally when others are wrongly against her, but they’ll stand by guys who beat them up and go after thrilling guys who will leave her hanging when the going gets tough and would never defend her for anything.

They also don’t think about their futures or their potential children. You’re attracted to wild, badasses but would you want your son to be that way? Do you think it would be sexy and admirable for your own son to be a badass too? Is that what you would promote in your boys? And would you want your daughters to also desire those kinds of men?

Looking for a savior later in life…

At some point - and usually after they’ve been used up enough by badboys - these chicks start slowing down in life. The emptiness, scars, or loneliness of going with badasses catches up with them. They start regretting all their decisions, lifestyles, and past. The kid they got, missing college, or never truly being loved by a guy, and now they’re ready to start wanting the “good men” they once scorned as being too soft, pure, innocent, boring, and not tough and manly enough. Now they’re angry because they can’t find these men or because these men are not interested in them.

Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Badboys, Vol.2

I’ve met a couple of these, and I will be honest and say I refuse to give them any chance no matter how much they may have changed. They now want good men in their lives who will be like a personal Jesus that will forgive them for their sins, a man who will want to love and respect them and overlook their pasts, a man who will be and give what they scorned once before, so they can feel redeemed and not live out the rest of their lives single or broken. I’m sorry if it sounds mean but I am not interested in being that savior.

Keep your distance…

Despite girls who like badasses trying to tell other guys what they’re doing wrong and how to be cool and attractive for them and other women, and even despite what badboys themselves want to try to tell guys, you do not have to succumb to that mindset as a guy. Your personality and mentality is yours, and there are still other kinds of women out there who do like you as you are and aren’t into badasses. Don’t let the pressure change you. If a girl thinks you’re boring and uncool, let her keep picking the badboys. That doesn’t have to be your problem. You just know from now on to eliminate all association with her or just keep things at a hello-goodbye in passing.

Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Badboys, Vol.2

You want a smart woman, and you should keep your search and goals on that. You do not have to let the other girls - and guys - make you doubt your confidence or ability to find a decent girl. They are out there.


Distance Yourself From Girls Who Like Badboys, Vol.2
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  • YourFutureEx
    It's been so many months that I've ever read a myTake throughly and I must say, this is hands down... one of the best myTakes I've ever read so far.

    I got your lesson. I will never marry a girl who cannot think beyond dicks and a couple of years of thrill... wasting away her talents and opportunities to achieve a lot in her life. There is so much in a girl behind her beauty and vagina.

    Would totally make my future son read this before he decides to marry a girl.

    Is this still revelant?
    • ManOnFire

      Very nice to know😄🌟🌟🌟🌟

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  • AL2000
    I had a girlfriend like this once. About 10 years younger then (she 22, me 33) who was stunning to say the least and she showed interest in me, especially after I kind of "rescued" her from a bad situation with her ex boyfriend not to mention knowing my best friend well. Told me tales about her abusive ex boyfriend and the like, but showed feelings for me, and we clicked. She and I were both into the same goth sythtech scene and would attend events together with friends. She liked how I treated her good, I had stability and was more buttoned up then guys she's dated previously and was also very sexually aggressive, also affectionate and pleasing in bed where we both would have amazing sex.

    She was an aspiring model, but nerdy shy girl, who liked the metal/goth scene and I was supportive as we knew the same groups. She would always dress provocatively and I would buy her clothes she liked for doing so. Among the circle of people she met were photographers and gruff band members, who'd shed introduce me to as her boyfriend, and get me to smoke weed, but it was clear that I felt like a third wheel at times and sometimes showed flirtations towards them, especially the photographer. Needless to say after awhile it seemed as if I was more of a support boyfriend she could come home to after all of that. Turned out she got distant more as relationship went on, a couple new piercings and tattoos then few months later confessed to me that she had cheated on me. I was willing to listen to her about what happened and work it out but she just sobbed and apologized profusely that she let me down and had to break up. We didn't chat for a while but I saw later that she was dating this shaggy mullet headed base guitarist of a local metal band, who did a lot of drinking, gained weight and expanded her modeling into groupie mode with promotional modeling and exotic dancer. So I know what you mean, and she's still friendly with me, but I take it as her own insecurities and low self esteem. I was surprised our relationship blossomed and lasted as long as it did (year and a half) but obviously immaturity and the need for badboy rushes were on her mind, not an actual relationship
    • ManOnFire

      Wow, what a story, man. Sorry you had to go through all that. I hate meeting chicks like that.

    • AL2000

      Thank you, I agree with your take and its a fallacy for people to deny that this dynamic exists. It messed with my self esteem for a while but I finally realized it was due to immaturity and insecurity upon herself. Like I was an obstacle to what she wanted to be included in. Realizing I had met the guy she had been cheating on was the worst.

    • People tend to search for like-minded people. Edgy women are attracted to edgy men. But what is puzzling is that so many women /think/ they are edgy and go for the edgy men. They let themselves get corrupted by the idea that edgy is cool.

      However, most women grow out of that phase, at least the ones who pose as edgy.

      Not all women are like this though. I am sorry to hear about your story. Seems that it can be difficult to find a mature woman who has it all; looks, sexual enthusiasm, kindness, loyalty, good values, and independence. BUT, the same thing can be said for men. Sometimes you can't get everything you want, but if you try and make some sacrifices, you will get what you need.

  • partydelights
    Overall, I enjoy the article and find it informative.

    The only impression I got throughout that I could not agree with is: "Good guys are boring".

    Below are my reasons:
    I believe I'm such a guy and I fully agree with an old movie "Hackers" (when Angelina Jolie was young and sexy), where "good guys" are not what you wrote.

    To some girls, we are indeed "boring" because our hobbies and preferences are different. But it goes round too. We find those girls "boring" too, who only knows how to gossip and spend their allowances on vanities.

    It is common for us to be labeled "nerdy" and "geeky" and thereafter tagged with "no girlfriend, no sex, no hope". This is not true.

    "Good guys" (in my category) advance with society, earn good income, has nice car, nice home, talk sense and are generally wise (we read the Bible too).

    And we are not "boring". We flirt, we play games (outdoors and indoors), we travel and we have sex (for me, lots of sex).

    Best of all, we can afford classy lunches and dinners, book 4/5-Star Hotels, buy expensive sex toys and lift sex to the next level with technologies and creativity. (We're wise enough to know that porn are like Hollywood movies - enhanced effects for the Box Office only; but we glean the ideas and WOW our women in bed.)

    So no offense, you wrote a nice article. It is definitely true to a group of "nice guys". But to us (I never cheated on my one-and-only girl-turned-wife, so I'm a "nice guy" too), we're not boring.

    Nevertheless I agree that "nice guys" like us should not go for "bad girls". My reason is simpler: Because we can have better girls.
    • ManOnFire

      No. I never said nice guys were boring. I said that's how bad girls perceive them.

    • Thanks for clearing my misreading.

    • @yoxinaxi WOW Thanks. As a Software Architect, I'm earning $2,000 a day. That's why you see me come to this Site everyday for many hours a day.

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  • lilaqua
    Maybe these women have more in common with these guys than they do with the "straighter" ones? Also what constitutes a bad boy anyway? I've dated a three guys, two would suit the material of being a "bad boy" at least on a superficial level but the one that really hurt me was the very conventional one. It's very hard to mark out these sub groups of men when you don't know what the characteristics are.
    • steevo

      So did you only cheat on the 'conventional guy' but not on the two bad boys?

    • ManOnFire

      "Maybe these women have more in common with these guys than they do with the "straighter" ones?"
      - That's why I said females tend to gravitate towards darker men because deep down I believe a lot of these females have an inner darkness of their own. So you pretty much just admitted the point of my Take.

    • lilaqua

      So what's your problem? Can you actually tell me what being bad actually entails?

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  • CubsterShura
    Regarding the regret part, I feel like if a person was bad before but outgrew that thing and ACTUALLY matured to change for good, they should not be judged for their past anymore. However if it is like 'I will be bad for years and then find myself a good guy' then no. It's all about intention.
    • ManOnFire

      Right, the latter is mostly what I meant but even with the former I'm not sure if they even really deserve a 'second chance' so to speak.

    • Everyone deserves a second chance. :)

    • But then again why they just learn that BEFORE committing mistakes by looking at other women?

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  • Red_Dragon
    Being ever the model enthusiast I must give my points on some of the photos. SimonMRiley is a guy from the UK. Very nice little portfolio he has. Seems his strong suit is close near mouth to mouth contact with two people or entities rather. Isn't the girl in the 2nd photo with that weird Tripple Red guy? I've never heard a song from him but from the what I can tell from her photos she's pretty.


    -“Nice guys” and girls who like badasses are really the same…

    Not totally true. You mentioned this at the end of this part by saying that women can pretend to want a decent guy and/or pretend to be a good girl. Really this is the problem with labels... they are concrete. They aren't supposed to change that much. They are 2D trying to survive in a 3D format.

    What I mean is women say they want one thing and want another because what they really want is both. They what y'all call the nice guy (I don't call it that), but that also want the bad boy (I don't call it that). And at the end of the day most men want a hot girl who's good in bed and helps us out when we need it at times. That's it. That's all. There really isn't a such thing as a good girl. Bad girl. That's another reason why I don't like using those terms. There's only just different stages of a female's life that they all go through more than likely. In other words to play Devil's advocate they play both roles just at different times. There's a large scale of this and a smaller scale. I do believe you are halfway there though. Now let's move on.

    -Bad girls also do like you because you're "clean"...

    Okay this section is loaded with content I need to talk about. I'll keep it brief. It goes back to what I said in the other passage. Yes of course what you call a bad girl wants what you call a good guy too... again too. We think it's rare because it normally doesn't happen until after the validation stage is over (large scale). So by then perhaps she has become what you call the good girl. To keep it plain and within social norms that you can understand think of validation stage as her "party years". Now sometimes this works in reverse. I believe this is where a lot of cuckhold relationships come from.
    • Red_Dragon

      Continuing here.. so what you call the good guy is not necessarily of higher value. In fact it really depends on where the female is within her life along with each individual's SMV. Sure a guy could have high social status, money, etc. etc. and still be a transfer guy. A lot of sugar daddies are, but that doesn't necessarily mean they have higher sexual value than say... the model looking pool boy making 10 dollars an hour. A lot more goes into it. Again it also depends on the stage she's in.. not even just large scale. I'll give you my own personal example: So my girlfriend realizes that I'm clearly of higher SMV than her. She's a beautiful girl and really sweet but sexually I'm more valuable. It's just the way it is. Well despite that from what I've heard of her guy friend he's a rather nice guy and sure he makes way more money than I do. She's considered dating him at one time, but I don't know him personally

    • Red_Dragon

      so I couldn't say if he's of higher value or not. I'd imagine he does has somewhat of high value given he's also a very fit guy and again he makes good money. However, I've noticed even as just her friend he's very needy of her. He damn near begs her to hang out with him. This isn't attractive in the slightest. Meanwhile with most things in our relationship I treat them with calmness and somewhat apathy. Not that I don't care, but just that I'm the calm one of the relationship. In any case she has deduced that I'm the more attractive of the two. I can play both roles better than he can. There are times (we're talking small scale here) where I tick her off just to tick her off and she knows it. Then there are times where I also support her. She wanted to go hang out with her friends (this is when she slips back into validation stage). All girls. At a bar. Obviously they're going to see where they stand SMV wise. I pick at her about it but she knows I don't mind it.

    • Red_Dragon

      I'm rambling, but hopefully that sheds some light on what I mean when I say women are both good and bad (your terms not mine). They need that supporter guy and that dickhead (figuratively and literally). If you don't realize this now then you'll be stuck thinking how you're thinking. That there are two sides. There aren't. There's two sides of the same woman, but there aren't like two totally different groups of women who will always stay that way. That's why I say stages as opposed to the labels you use.

      Damn I said that was going to be brief. I'm sorry. Moving on.

      -They want to humiliate you or make you jealous…

      Ah yes.. the shit test. She wants to know if you got balls or not. If you are the transfer guy or the validation guy. This is where a lot of these "nice guys" (your term not mine) fuck up. And I don't blame them. Being the exchange guy is all they've been taught. "I did this for you now you'll bless me with this."

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  • FinalVow
    Interesting take. I do like the idea of people trying to change me. Because they do get oh so pissed off when it doesn't work. Also I love that kind of woman who tries to make me jealous because first off I didn't even know you liked me secondly I don't get jealous that is something for the immature masses. I have always been fairly good at figuring someones intentions out even when they tried to hide them so it is really hard to pull shit over on me.
  • bubble_tea
    Why is it wrong to advise someone to be more interesting? I used to be very boring, and I didn't know how boring I was until I picked up real hobbies.
    • Kiran04

      Depends entirely on what you mean by "real hobbies". If you're talking about sports, dancing, or some sort of craft then that's awesome. If you're talking about selling drugs, getting into fights, or anything involving breaking the law, then you're a moron. What most people refer to as "bad boys" don't have real hobbies. They have exciting and unsafe behavior. That might be sexy for a week or two, but incredibly stupid in the long run.

    • ManOnFire

      @bubble_tea Thing is, a decent guy just isn't interesting to you. That was a lot of the point. Just because bad girls think he's boring doesn't rrally make him boring. It's often the case that these chicks are the ones with little value in their thought-processes and tastes and can't really accept or appreciate 'decent' guys.

    • bubble_tea

      @Kiran04 I was talking about sports and the like.. selling drugs or getting into fights didn't even cross my mind as a hobby.

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  • Pineapple_Boy
    I see some women getting butthurt over this Take. I don't get it tho. The @author was speaking about a specific type of woman. If you don't all into that category, why are you upset? Ohhhhh right I now get it... lol

    Great Take 👏
  • ronaldo75
    They mock you and say nice guys are losers until they done getting used as cum rags by the bad boys and hunks. then they want to come to you to "start over" and use you as the clean up guy... you will see this A LOT after you hit 30... no fcking way...
  • OldS0ul
    I've noticed at the college I go to most studious girls have "bad boy" boyfriends. It is just more popular to be that way, all the biggest male celebrities adopt that persona just like almost every Instagram model is channeling their inner Kardashian. This is not common, but I know a girl who has a very nice and caring boyfriend. She often humiliates him, demeans him, and hits him. She often gloats about how much control she has over him. She constantly complains about how miserable she is with him because of his meekness. I think subconsciously she wants someone who will be able to take charge so doesn't have to constantly do it herself.
    • ManOnFire

      Then she should've never bothered to be with him in the first place if that's how she feels. And demeaning him and shitting on him like that isn't gonna him into a bad boy any faster. If I were him I would walk away from that right away. I don't let women treat me like that, and when they find this out they take me more seriously.

    • OldS0ul

      They were young when they got together so I don't think they are both scared to pursue other people because they are so used to each other. He came from a emotionally abusive family that didn't establish a strong sense of self within their kids so he gravitates toward her because she gives him direction and a foundation that he didn't have with them. I do believe one day he will realize what he is worth, I can tell he likes being appreciated and acknowledged outside of her.

    • ManOnFire

      So if she knows about his past she shouldn't be such a pig towards him. She is the one with the problem. But like I said he needs to let go of any psychological dependency on her.

      Either way, his situation does not justify women being into badasses.

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  • ericclayton
    I truly believe women desire a strong, dominant man. Young women seem to confuse this with jerks, until they grow out of that.
    • Depends on the woman. Women are not a monolith. Some women like a sensitive man who is in touch with his feelings. Most people are turned off by pushovers, both men, and women, unless they are abusers or manipulators who look for someone weak to take control of.

      For example, my woman is a bit more on the dominant side who actually wants to take control sometimes. I believe that is because she always been independent (which a lot of women are these days). However, we are both hard heads who rarely back down from a confrontation. That is part of what builds passion. So no, I am no pushover. However, I am very empathetic and sensitive. I like geeky things like horror movies, fantasy, anime, video games, etc.

      I think that is a big misconception when guys think they have to be a certain way for women as a whole to accept them. That isn't true at all. So many different types of people out there. Just need to find one that is compatible with you and has great sexual chemistry.

    • ManOnFire

      @ericclayton Exactly. That is exactly what I mean.

  • Logorithim
    These types of girls wouldn't be interested in me anyway (nor have they ever been).
  • Hungry_Shark
    I don't agree.
    You're saying - Don't play basket ball because the ball is dirty.
    I'm saying - play with the dirty ball but don't marry the dirty ball.

    In same way, modern era / feminist era / 2018, women are literally free prostitutes roaming everywhere ready to be fucked by anyone. Then why to shy away?

    Practice safe sex and bang them.
    However, when it comes to marriage, then chose the nice woman preferably a virgin.

    That's called making an intelligent decision in life.

    I mean, that's what women do as well.
    They fuck all the bad boys, the guys who have thickest and longest dicks in town but they don't marry those guys.
    They marry the nice rich successful type of dudes o they can manipulate such type of men for the rest of their lives.

    Play the game, don't quit.
    • ManOnFire

      Nah, man. You're saying fuck the bad girl but don't marry her. That's messed up.

    • Not all guys are just looking to get their dick's wet. Lots of people, both men and women, form emotional bonds with the partners they have sex with. Men may have a testosterone-driven sex drive, but not all men think with their dicks 24/7. That doesn't make them any less of a man for having principles, scruples, empathy, and a desire for love and companionship.

      You are also grouping up so many women in the "fuck all the hot guys" group and then also grouping them in the monkey-branching gold digger group. I know for a fact that most women are not like that. I don't know any woman like that actually. I am sure they are out there in certain circles, but I wouldn't relate nor become friends with them anyway.

  • Wwwyzzerdd
    Holy shit Assntittiz did this to me lmao makes sense now. I kinda realized she was trying the whole male shaming thing but until I read this I just thought it was pettiness.
  • QueenAutumn
    You can find a decent edge confident good guy that is twice as good as the buy guy it's just whatever you want or prefer
  • Astoriana
    Too stupid, didn’t finish.
    • TSDF. That should be a new acronym.

    • Astoriana

      @LegateLanius I agree

    • ManOnFire

      @Astoriana Lmfao! Well, we can certainly already tell how smart you are with your trolling.

  • Chthou95
    I can agree. Stay away from girls who are like that. They're not worth it
  • GracefulCharm
    All I can say to guys is to chase a check, stop chasing girls with your peck.
  • RedPillGirl
    Just be a good guy with a strong pimp hand.
    • ManOnFire

      When it comes to private sexual behavior with a female, I agree as far as that goes. But actually living a life of trying to be badass for chicks isn't what I would call ideal.

    • Kiran04

      A woman after my own heart.

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  • lsaiah
    All girls like bad boys. I'm a bad boy so I'd never distance myself from them
  • Emma_240302
    Yes agreed
  • Nxtawm
    Nice take
  • Krumpir
    Those bad girls are 90% gonna cheat on you
  • Greatcat
  • Tinnaaif
  • Dfferentdna
  • CT_CD
    I agree
  • larswisner
    Good to know for the future.
  • Viranda
    I like it. I agree.
  • TheUglyMan
    In coming triggered women. Great take.
  • Nice222
    Good take.
  • doflamingo457
    fuck them
  • LeaLee
    We are all just faking it. Nice take!
  • BronzedAdonis
    are you 17 or something?
  • Maazin
    l love all hot girls l need one help lol
    • Afrochick

      At your age you should have enough money to get one lulz.


      @Afrochick l have the money but l dont flash it as l want a girl to know me for me not my money do you know any girl for me l pass for 45 lol l am the very young daddy from scotland

  • Anonymous
    Many bad bitches genuinely feel shitty when a good boy falls for them, too. When she tells you it’s a bad fit - believe her!

    Sometimes people with similar damage just work together better. You don’t have to only throw shade.
    • Anonymous

      If you’re still beating your dick to these chicks getting hit or treated badly for your self fashioned “revenge” you’re still emotionally invested. Just walk away and don’t get caught up in your silly fantasies of hurting some chick you wanted to screw & didn’t dig you.

    • ManOnFire

      I love the way all the chicks here are trying to justify being with badasses lol!

    • Anonymous

      Uh, no. Telling the GAG crowd to just stop devoting emotional energy to these people. Why waste your emotions on rage at them when you can just move on & not use up any more time.

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  • Anonymous
    All women hate nice guys. Distancing yourself from women who like bad boys is basically distancing yourself from women.
  • Anonymous
    So that’s all girls?
    • ManOnFire

      I didn't say it was. I talked about THESE kinds of girls.

  • Anonymous
    I agree
  • Anonymous
    That was mother fuckin... PERFECTION! Great take bro! Personally, ya know what REALLY can fuck with these so called "bad boys" and girls who think they are the shit and rub it in your face? GAYNESS! BROMANCE! Be IN THEIR FACE that you stick to one of the #1 guy code rules, BROS before HOES! Find like minded guys and you'll likely be better off. You don't have to actually be gay to do this. And if people think you are, and don't like it? Pssh so what? They can fuck themselves with a cactus! Do it in a light hearted sarcastic way if possible. If somebody shows a girl in a bikini trying to look all sexy, be like "daaaam seeeexy! Love that guy in the background <3 Wish that girl would move though..." Or, just make a comment about the how wonderful and beautiful... the WALLl or something is. See, it's DISGUISED as a joke, YET, it's a subliminal message that is quite obvious and will stab the ego a bit. These asshat girls and guys aren't worth your time. Stab that fact through their high horse and put a bit of SHOCK to their minds. I've learned if you go all out and shock people, you've caught em in what may be the only vulnerable moment. So take advantage and pop their airheads HARD. I post Hopsin OFTEN on these takes for good reason. He GETS IT. Skip to 2:07. Nails it PERFECTLY. Also, check out his other badass song false advertisement. Both explain it FLAWLESSLY.
    "Girls, stop acting like you want a guy with traits like Romeo
    Bitch that's a fucking lie
    You always talk about how every man's fake
    And you can't take it and you want something real
    Shut up tramp, save it
    Twice a week you put on your makeup and damn bracelets
    And head to the club half-naked with your ass shaking
    Pulling a lowlife nigga who claim he cash making
    Till you let him hit and find out he work at the gas station
    One of them niggas got you pregnant and you can't raise it
    But you caused it, your actions made a fat statement"
    "Y'all like "I want to be treated like I'm a queen"
    Bitch better act like one
    Girl I got so much to give you
    If you ain't givin' back it's a wrap, I'm done
    You want a real man, a real boss
    So you can live life in a Kodak frame
    A real man carry a lot of shit on his shoulder
    We need a real woman who can hold that weight"
    Check this artist out. He gets it when too many don't.
    • ManOnFire

      Nice points!

    • Anonymous

      Thanx! Use the method alllll the time It's fuckin HILARIOUS to see the shock on people's faces to see me praise a wall or refrigerator more than their pathetic bikini XD

  • Anonymous
    Don't tell anybody jack shit, either. If a chick throws a red flag, DQ her and excuse yourself. You don't owe her an explanation as to why you're rejecting her, and it could work against you and other good men if you let her know how she gave herself away.

    Never tell anybody what you're looking for. Far too many will pretend to be just that and end up using you. They still WANT the bad boy, but they NEED stability, and after they get what they NEED , they'll go after what they WANT.
  • Anonymous
    There's a girl at my work who is constantly chasing thugs and fucking them and then revenge fucking other guys, she's a ho and her life is a mess.

    The other day she came in and was upset because she got hit by her boyfriend. I didn't even feel bad. Chase the thug, get socked in the mug. I saw this coming from a mile away.
  • Anonymous
    Bad girls are basically guy wannabe's gutter trash.
  • Anonymous
    • ManOnFire

      I take it you're one of these girls?

  • Anonymous
    Funny I often hook up with bad girls because they see me as "pure" although I've slept with a lot of women. I remember a alcholic bitch blatantly texting to me "please save me". But I turn into a scumbag in these situations. After sex I'll ignore them, be flaky, etc. They often get surprised saying "I thought you were good guy?" but I'm not, not to them.

    But I've also been duped and humilated by the seemingly good girl who was putting on pretense just to hang out with bad boys. I remember telling me she was getting up early to visit some guy in prison.

    I've only met one good girl in my entire life. Unfortunately what you wrote about above accounts for 50-80% depending on what country you live in. As a rule of thumb western women are the worst when it comes to this.
    • Red_Dragon

      There's always someone dogging western women.

    • Anonymous

      @Red_Dragon I spent 6 months in southeast Asia and it opened my eyes to some major differences. Not saying those women are angels, but at least they are all brainwashed by 3rd wave feminism.

    • ManOnFire

      Yes they are definitely the worst. Inbox me. Let's talk.

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  • Anonymous
    Ya get what ya pay for. Have fun girls, when your evening ends up at the police station, the ER or the morgue. I never quite got that "I love losers" mentality, but to each his/her own.
  • Anonymous
    Very interesting...
  • Anonymous
    Na I'm good. I'm black and the Latinas and white girls who like bad boys suck my D the best. In not a bad boy, but I'm black so that's enough I guess
    • ManOnFire

      Yeah I'm black and I know what you're talking about. Sometimes I hate the way Latinas only want me if they think I'm hood or thuggy like they want.

    • Anonymous

      They're good at giving black men blow