I refuse to believe, that women dont want our money

I refuse to believe, that women dont want our money

It always ends up the same way. Women saying one thing but doing the other: they say they dont care about our money, then they proceed with getting into relationships with men, who have more money, that they can spend it on her with flowers, gifts, expensive meals, shoes, bags, jewelries and so on like every time they meet.

I am not broke but I am not rich either. So dont think i am one of those broke losers, who complain about women because they can't afford one. Unlike incels i dont hate women but what i do hate is such a common dishonesty.

We call this common practice hypergamy.

I have to go anon this time.

This used to be a question until I saw this

I refuse to believe, that women dont want our money

So therefore this is a short mytake instead.

I refuse to believe, that women dont want our money
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  • PeacefulRainDrop
    I think your right most women and men are after your/my money.. I think it is basically a what can you do for me world... when your no longer benefiting cause of a loss of job or something beyond your control they walk away.. as much as we all hate to admit it I think deep down people just want a significant other that adds to their life.. its become less about the person and more about what that person has.. rarely you find someone that cares more about the person but they are out there.. its trial and error.. quick ways I have weeded them out.. first date always say separate bills.. money grabbing people won't give you a second date.. or you get the I forgot my wallet.. look how they manage their money.. do they budget or is daddy coming to the rescue? Do they have discipline to walk away from something they like? The whole can you buy this I will pay you back rarely happens.. I just say its nice but I can't itll probably be here still payday.. payday happens and most of the time they forget about the tools or clothes they felt like they couldnt live without.. its our society that teaches people they need things now! Hope this helps!
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  • Queenista
    Nowadays women can bear their own expenses , they don't need a man for tat. I have spent more on my partner then they spending on me.. believe me much much more. ... and for all those guys who say girls want only money then y after marriage men r forcing them to give all her salary and also to bring money from her parents.. so there are some men who want everything from women- their body, their money, their freedom everything, like wise there are women who expect men shud bare their expenses.. not all r same
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    • roland77

      Very true! Sad to see that those jerks, they break women's heart a lot. :-(

    • women in general can't bear their own expense, most of the welfare used is by women, if they are so financially stable they why is there alimony and ridiculous child support amounts? Men even pay most of the taxes in this country which a lot of it is to support single moms.

    • Queenista

      Don't generalise. Who told u today's women can't bear their expenses? Get ur data properly first... for ur qn of alimony n child support- I'll give u my example itself - during my married life I was bearing all household expenses including rent, waterbills, electricity bills, groceries everything as my huby told he will do savings for us ( which he never did).. after my son was born I was clear my huby is just a selfish man, I gve him divorce n did not take one penny also as almony or for child support.. From the time my son is born I'm taking care of him in all possible ways- financially, emotionally etc... and for your information i do pay taxes.. at any time I go out with male counterparts I equally spend or spend more than what they spend on me... there are women who depend on men but there r men who depend on women.. single moms hve additional responsibility of playing two roles.. single fathers r not common in society.. only giving money is not everything... being there for child is also equally important..

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Most Helpful Guys

  • newkinkboy1818
    I can only speak for my personal experience and I was in a relationship for 10 years, I own multiple properties, I work hard I financed 2 businesses for my partner, purchased her a car, etc for 10 years she always said she didn't care about money, I recently broke up with her and first thing she did was see a lawyer to see what she could get out of me. Fortunately my assets are in trust and she couldn't get f all from me. i still let her keep Car and some cash but I have to agree a lot are just after money
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    • dbr1987

      I'm happy for you your assets where in trust. One of the first question women ask is: wHaT Do yOu Do FoR liViNg? They know the higher paying jobs

    • My wife tried to do that after seven years of marriage, I lost my three business and my house. Now I live with six guys in a 2-bed apartment (3 beds per room) in Toronto, Canada. Doing one minimum wage job and food delivery on my off time still paying her half of my income, I think that's the trend as soon as you break up; they try to get every penny out of you.

    • dbr1987

      Yes that's how they operate. Unfortunatly you learned the hard way

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  • kaangah
    You would be surprised to know the number of women who take care of men with their money. It's sad gold digging happens but women who want genuine love don't care about a man's money once bit. Of course, a man would like to buy nice things for the woman to make her feel appreciated and loved but that is not the women's aim, to live off the man's money.
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    • Anonymous

      Where on earth are women sponsoring a mans living?

    • kaangah

      everywhere on 🌍

    • Taylor_C

      My mother supported my father when he was doing postgraduate studies.

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  • Randomawkwardness
    Am I supposed to want a partner who has no job or ambition? I'm not going to put myself and my life on the line for someone who can't even get a minimum wage job. While I'm not interested in spending your money or even keeping track of it, especially as that is super abusive, I am going to look for someone who is actually put together and knows what they're doing with their life. No one wants a dead beat for a partner - doesn't matter if it's a man or woman.
    • roland77

      Money doesn't buy love. Rich in money, poor in love. :-) Rich people worry to much about staying rich, poor don't have to worry about it. They know how to make a good and decent life with low cash. Sad that vegan food is expensive while meat is cheap. :-( I stick with vegetarian, at least meat-free.

    • Chase7777

      I couldn't care less about anyones "ambitions", they most likely dissolve to dust in the future anyways.

  • newblinds
    You're right to not believe that women don't want a man's money.

    I've heard they tend to date across and up but they don't tend to date the people who are poorer than they are.

    It would seem they judge males on their status or earning potential, but also would accept short term mating opportunities with a person with good physical attributes who may earn less than the significant other, who is the resource provider partner.

    So the resource provider may end up raising children who aren't all biologically related to him.

    The females may lock down the resource provider so they're taken care of while raising children, could be in the woman's biology.

    It seems men judge based on physical attractiveness but not on a woman's job situation, so they wouldn't care if she is poor but not sure if it's better than the way females judge males.

    Not sure whether a man would seek out an unattractive successful women so his offspring would have access to better resources, don't think I've heard much of that.

    Lots of anecdotal points of view trying to say that females don't select mates in this way but only who they "like", probably trying to avoid the "gold digger" label, but it seems clear that males and females select mates based on different criteria and that the female criteria happens to include money more than the male criteria.
  • tiajoka
    False. My boyfriend rarely buys me gifts, all pretty inexpensive. I tell him I'd prefer something made or written anyway
    Plus I lend him and give him money when he does need it for emergencies like his housing falling through or not having enough to get something to eat.
    It's fine though because I want to help him, and I know that roles reversed he'd do the same for me. Just I wouldn't let him, because it's hard for me to accept even a parent or best friend buying me something randomly (though it's super appreciated)
    I just believe In hard work and self sufficientcy. Though I know my health is declining so I'm honest with my partner that I'll help him through school but eventually im going to have to limit to part time at home while he supports me.
    Real relationships are about supporting each other and helping get through; not staying with them for Gucci merch. Though some people feel loved through gifts, and that's not bad either. Read up on the 5 love languages and you'll get it.
  • Vulture051
    That's because they DO. They're not evil it's just how female attraction works. Same way we're attracted to hot young thangs.

    Need proof? Just look at rich women. Do they marry the hot pool boy? The starving artist with a heart of gold? How about their equally rich neighbor?
    Hell no, they go after a man that is even richer than they are.
    • Anonymous

      Seeing is believing.

  • GentleGirl
    I refuse to believe that every man quite simply isn't a born rapist looking for an opportunity.

    Don't like my generalization? Too bad. It's an ignorant generalization spouted by anti-men/feminists just as how the OP's is an ignorant generalization spouted by incels (I've heard it enough by their sort on other forums).
    • Anonymous

      not so gentle anymore aren't ya?

  • divspppp
    There have also been so many instances where broke men scam women in relationships where women send money to men too. How would u explain that?
    • roland77

      I would like to believe you, please bring up a link to them (being exposed as such). Maybe then it is easier to believe. Still there are males out there, pretending to be a lonely female and scam a lot on males. Remember those love-romance scams? https://www.rescam.org

    • Anonymous

      They're losers.

  • tropicalfruit
    Okay, so this is just my opinion on the subject, but I DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY. I hate accepting gifts, I hate it when people get me expensive things, if they get me something nice, I have to get them something better. I cannot accept anything without felling guilty, without feeling that I cheated the other person.
  • The1Guy
    Of course they do. Although that depends on their upbringing wether they let you know or not. They might not even know theirselves but it's just a fact of life, that women look for someone who will provide for them.

    But you don't need much, just enough. The rest you can give her in attention in your relationship to her and her children.

    If you have an endless amount of money, this will not satisfy a woman. You can't buy yourself out of giving her loving attention.
  • Pamina
    You can believe whatever bullshit you want to believe.
    • whipitout

      The perfect response

    • kibbenkat

      He has evidence and experience to support this, and so do I. I spent $150 on a girl for her to turn right around and cheat on me with some guy with a tractor.

    • Pamina

      @kibbenkat Sucks for you. Still bullshit.

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  • Curlybrunette111
    I went on a date with a dude who bragged about making a lot of money in his work, having own Mercedes, and own apartment at the age of 20. And I really didn’t care cause I didn’t find him attractive.
    • cavmanier

      Why did you go out with him if you didn't find him attractive then?

    • Cause he was very nice at first and I liked his character. But the bragging took it off

    • cavmanier

      Yeah a person buying a Mercedes at 20 sounds like they're likely a vain person. Of course it depends on the person but that sounds likely. Most people are nice at first.

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  • sejla
    Unless you want your children to be living in a cardboard box most likely as a man one would have some sort of job. I would assume that men have some pride in taking care of his children if a relationship lead him that way. Women don't have to have protectors but some hope they are not one the rough oceans all by themselves.
  • Browneye57
    Of course they do. No woman worth her salt wants a dead-broke guy. They want to make sure you can support not only yourself, but her and the 84 children she wants to have with you.
    • Taylor_C

      Do such women really exist? Most want a career of their own and don't want to be supported, children or not.

    • @Taylor_C - Uh, no, not true at all. And anyway, it was an exaggeration - what it really means is that any worthwhile woman wants a man that is equally or more successful as she is - otherwise the respect just never gets there. It really has nothing to do with 'supported'.

      But anyway, it's all good 'till you get to 'We don't need no stinkin' men', and then all bets are off.

    • Anonymous

      Getting rich is our version of being beautiful to women I see.

      Well, i am working on it. No need to deny the truth.

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  • leahzrc
    I dont look for money, i don't like for anyone, I make my own money, i dont need to use a person for material things, and I don't like being labeled because I don't have a dick
  • A man should financially support his wife, at least when she's going through the struggles of pregnancy and breastfeeding which make it more difficult to work.
    • lucas262

      Or just in general and she should support him, if that means cooking or cleaning is in the deal yes that too

    • Wolkmi

      You always say that but in a normal society there are maternity leave (nine months) and women do not lose their job, then both spouses try to see how they care for their child. But I understand you, it is a difficult process and you should help your spouse as you can and take care of her, but in a maternity leave you continue to receive salary.

    • mistixs

      @Wolkmi maternity leave is after the baby is born. Women usually do not get maternity leave for the months during pregnancy in which they are in pain or vomiting or nauseous all the time.

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  • Jackblue
    To some extent they probably do, women in olden times were drawn to the men who hunted and killed the fattest deer and wild hogs. A lot of what women want from a man I think, is a sense of safety and security and economic security is part of that, though it is far from the only thing that they want.
    • roland77

      Yeah, blame the gold-digging people for financial disasters. :-(

  • Account
    You have the right and the freedom to believe whatever crap you believe.
    • whipitout

      Another perfect response 👏

    • roland77

      Same to you, too. I was with a woman, who managed to grab 250 EUR from me just being with her for only a couple of times and she even wanted me to pay all bar/pub visits. On our first "date", she wanted me to go to erotic cinema... Not something I would generally reject if I know her for a longer time but at first date was a little to early. I know these are expensive when a male is going in but cheap as nothing when a female goes in.

  • Gedaria
    I love women I enjoy there company. But which ever way you look at it you give them money , directly or indirectly. I am quite happy to do this , if I take a woman out I will pay for it, if she wants chip in that is up to her. I enjoy buying presents for , so does she for me. Its a friendship or relationship its a give and take thing. We don't sit down at the end of the evening divveing up how much we have spent and share the cost.
    • kibbenkat

      Same here! I’d be totally gucci to pay for my girl’s dinner. It’s a way to show affection through good service.

    • roland77

      I enjoy their company, too. I welcome them splitting bills because it is respectful to me being poor. If I take my close-on out, it is a different thing but dating a woman the first time? I appreciate splitting the bill without asking for it but I pay both bills. I was in such situation where she just looked at me like "Don't you want to pay mine?", I find that not nice at that moment and still don't like it. We both eat and I even traveled by train (I payed for it) to her. She offered me to travel half distance but that would only cut time a bit, not the price (blame #VRR ). Here, clearly sharing is carrying. She could have paid it as she was same as me, poor but not broken. If she is broken and cannot effort the expenses, I pay them, that is okay. Still my (now other) girlfriend would feel embarrassed seeing me pay it. She doesn't want my money, direct or indirect, just my love.

  • DWornock
    Regardless of what is politically correct to say, that is the nature of all women and it is silly to expect them to be different.

    However, money is not the only factor. A pretty young girl may prefer a hot athletic and sexy young man to a fat middle-age man that has a lot of money.
    • kim45456

      Like it

    • roland77

      Dislike it. I'm not athletic, not fat but not rich. Still my girlfriend is with me because she values other in me than my non-existing money.

    • DWornock

      @roland77 I can believe that because, at her age she doesn't any choice. At 20, they sell it; at 30, they give it away; and at 40, they buy it. However, in my case, I'm interested in 20s; not some dried up old hide that has to buy it.

  • Ámayas_20
    All I can say is you attract terrible women then, maybe if you showed you had more to offer than dinner and gifts you'd attract the women who want more than that.

    This is exactly the same as 'All men want is sex' no all you offer is sex.
  • Babygirl_S
    I am a woman and I am never going to date a man only because of his money. I have rejected several bad guys or guys I wasn't attracted to who offered luxuries.
    If I don't like the guy, I am not going to date him.
    You sound like you have dated only gold diggers.
    For the other girls your money is only a bonus and not the most important characteristic.
    • roland77

      Then you are not desperate, good! My girlfriend has turned down an offer, to have sex against money with her. She blocked him (and hopefully reported him, too) at #Okcupid where she met him. Maybe I can find a screenshot of her block list somewhere and copy out the guy I think it is.

  • Women want to be taken care of. Women expect you to pay for access to their pussy. It might be a straight cash transaction, or it might be a lot of dinners and presents, or it might be oa houser a car. But if you are tapping that ass, she is expecting compensation. All women are whores in that regard.
    • kibbenkat

      Ngl, true. Well a woman has to earn a man too, right? She gotta be cute uwu

    • Taylor_C

      Not true. This is prejudice. Are you living in a trailer park or a very religious community?

    • @Taylor_C No, sweetie. I live in the real world.

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  • Mandari
    Hmm. Actually I want him to share his money as I would share with mines. Like, rent, food, bills, and so forth. I don't care about materialistic things as much. If I want it, I'll get it myself. 🤷
  • Dchrls78104
    Luxury cars usually cost a lot to buy and maintain and depreciate precipitously. Normal saloon cars can be used as taxis; they last longer, are cheaper to buy and maintain, and actually bring in money for their owners. I live in the hope that what the Asker says is not true and hope to avoid luxury cars---and luxury women---as should he.
  • Apple1996
    I dont want money, I just want a guy to provide for me. Two totally different things 😆
    • roland77

      That is an indirect wanting our money. Is it enough he pays a decent apartment, just enough to make a living? He pays the shopping bills for buying food and drinks (not alcohol, you cannot survive from it) and electricity/water bills? If that is enough and okay for you, then that is regular and nothing like using males as a walking ATM. I was the later one to a German girl called "S. H." and she grabbed 250 EUR from me, just for being with me. Every time she came here, she asked for more money and even asked me to give me a blowjob when I asked when she is finally after my feelings (read: emotions). She thought of physical feelings, not emotional. I think that is where he puts a finger towards.

    • Apple1996

      @roland77 I'm already married and he like providing for me. His job is pretty great tho having a wife gives him more money so technically he's making money off me. I could see how a normal job would not work out when trying to provide everything for someone

    • Taylor_C

      Exactly the same thing. That's mooching off of someone.

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  • normalice
    Men give each other more money than they give women. As long as you are cool with the wage gap, you can't really complain that women must go to men for money - that is, after all, the whole point of the wage gap.
    • normalice

      Oooh. Yes, that was such a dazzling display of dignity and esteem.

    • Boppy

      Are you suggesting that the wage gap was something men chose? I didn't vote for the wage gap.
      Or are you implying that working for more paid hours and negotiating for raises more often is a conscious act of sexism from men?

    • normalice

      Not consciously chose, no. It just kinda "made sense," given the culture at the time when women were first allowed to enter the workforce, and stuck with us all that while.

      But really it's beside the point, as none of it alters the fact that the wage gap exists. No matter what reasons one can come up with for how you have 80% of the spending power of the guy next to you, it is still the case that whatever advantage spending power gives someone, you will have less of it. And in all the "Only one can win" capitalistic situations that are decided by spending power, you will lose them all. Is this even a bad thing? Who knows. And it is worth figuring out why it's happening. If even 1% of the wage gap can be attributed to sexism, that matters a lot to those whom it effects - you can obscure some pretty large gaps by talking of averages.

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  • KrakenAttackin
    What women want is your "resources", which is your money and ability to make more money. Women will deny this but good luck if you are broke and unemployed as a man. Women say they want "security", which is this world means money.
  • questionsaremything
    In my opinion if a guy loves me money doesn't matter or change anything. I don't need fancy I just need to know he isn't cheating on me. "Women only want our money" is like " does size matter" neither of them matter to me. Some girls prefer getting treated fancy and for size they have a preference. But not all girls just want money
  • slatyb
    Then stay single and don't complain about it. Sounds like sour grapes to me -- you can't attract a partner, so you just pretend that every woman is just after money and convince yourself that you aren't missing anything.
  • Liam_Hayden
    Simple solution: Just don't give them access to it. Don't marry, move in together, etc. This way you spend when you want to without unpleasant surprises.
  • RedThread
    Okay if you're set in your ways then what do you hope to accomplish with this?
    • Anonymous

      not being deluded.

  • Meatunnel69
    Gotta test her before revealing any property, cars, accounts etc. drive an average to below average car and dont flaunt wealth or job if she is still interested give it a shot
    • roland77

      A general good advice to follow. I won't reveal to a total stranger how much I earn. Bad, I broke that rule one day and revealed my salary to an ex-arrested person. Gladly, nothing happened.

  • LittleTurtleDuck
    I don't think it's as much about money as it is about being treated nicely/feeling important.
    There are a lot of people who feel validated by the gifts they receive and money that is spend on them.
    There are also people who enjoy the time people spend with them or enjoy getting compliments.

    There are 5 lovelanguages: gifts, physical, compliments, time and acts of service.
    Gifts is one that usually involves money. So in a way those people "want your money". That in itself is not bad, but being dishonest about it is not okay, I agree on that.

    I do however feel the need to tell you that not all women are deceiving and lying: some will openly tell you that gifts is what they want from you, and others (like me) do not even like it when you spend money on them, makes them feel like you try to buy them.

    So I hope you will find women who are or honest about it or have a different lovelanguage.
  • jason0559
    This saying is wrong
    Girl want money
    Girl get money
    She can leave anybody for money
    She can compromise her
    Love for money
    True love don't exist 70% time
    A girl see her future partner
    Who can provide financial stability
  • AynonOMouse
    That does seem true pretty often for the ones around my age group, but the ones 9 + years younger than me often seem much more fair and care about more than money and will even buy dinner for the guy too. I'd suggest just avoiding the ones close to my age.
    • kim45456

      Actually old women would do this. A young woman can get anyone, but an old woman does not have any option

  • VeronicaMay
    You’re making generalisations based on your own opinions
    • Would you date a man who was broke, had no job, and no job prospects?

    • Anonymous

      @KrakenAttackin thank you for the much needed comeback. look at her silence and now she's inactive. such cowardice when faced with the truth.

    • @KrakenAttackin exactly, but men don't give a shit. They figure she could be a stay at home mom. A smart women wants a man with a good job, even when she's a career woman. Haven't they seen all the articles about "Where are all the eligible Men" ?

      Funny how they get all pissy when we call them on their bullshit. It's always "I'm not like that". Well it's time they started calling out their follow genders bullshit...

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  • PondyPand
    You're entitled to your opinion. Same as flat earthers and anti vax people are.
  • kibbenkat
    Maybe that’s what women like? lololol I’ve had women like me for my money, then again I like being a sugar mommy sooo oop
  • New_girl333
    Women want to feel that they are being treated like queens. That doesn’t cost anything a lot of the time. But flowers, romantic meals and trips out sure as hell help
    • roland77

      Queens mostly life a luxury life, not a humble. My girlfriend was with her rich aunt for 4 years and she decided to go back to her mother having a humble life. The rich aunt could not understand it. But she said humble life can be hard (farmer work) but also relaxing at the same time.

  • VenusSweets
    It depends on the women you go after, for example. If you get a thot or someone who wants a "Suggar daddy" Then what did you expect? But it's not all girls that go after money, those who play video games, read books, like to paint, etc. And if you need a real example, then in my last relationship, I didn't care about money because literary I paid for most things that were for him only not for myself. Don't be so fixed minded and assume everyone I the same based on their gender, it's like saying all men are pigs, when in reality that's far from truth.
  • LaureenVO
    Tbh i would never :/ If i was in a relationship i would only want love
  • Cage4
    I get your point but you can't say that about every woman out there
  • sixxx
    Women never honest about their feeling. What they say are usually the opposite of inside their heart and thinking.
  • anton_dee
    Your true about that. But again, not all women want your money. However percentage of those women who don't want are very less.
  • Sarahr123
    I didn’t want my boyfriend for money and I didn’t marry him for money. He was my first love at 14 and he was 19 we were friends until I was 17 and he was 22 which is when we started our courtship. He didn’t buy me anything during our courtship and we didn’t spend a single penny most of our meetings were zero cost and I didn’t expect anything because I loved him and I only wanted him even if we lived on the street. Now recently he has settled down a bit and that was a requirement by my parents, not myself so we got married. He only started buying me presents after marriage but I tell him not to because I don’t like presents. I split the cost of our wedding and we paid 50/50 and I always buy him costly presents because I am giving and generous by nature. I may be an exception but I like to be given the respect for that. I don’t come under that category of women. All I wanted was love, loyalty and respect.
  • Texaskid1
    Women want our money.

    Fair enough.

    and I demand that she make me a sandwich upon demand , never speak unless spoken to , does as she is told, etc.
  • Yeah majority do or at least just want to be nurtured and that usually results in being selfish with money which is like them doing the same thing.
  • NerdInDenial
    The evidence lies in divorces. How many men have to pay alimony?
    • roland77

      It looks unfair at start but later becomes clear, if you have had a child together. The woman mostly has it with her, so you have to pay for the child. Still I found it wrong, when I was on social money and was considered as "earning to much". Even now, I would have to pay it for the same reason but I have a low-wage job. :-( ~270 EUR is really a lot when you "earn" just ~1k EUR.

  • Meropatrick
    Women like money and stability as much as men like beauty and youth.(there are exceptions, there are some women who work and earn what they got)
    Its how evolution works. Women look for a provider the strongest, the more rich, more powerful man. So they can raise a family. That is why a guy like trump had many affairs despite i wouldn't touch him with a prosthetic hand. Guys who are rich, famous... never struggle to find a woman. (The guy ann Nicole smith married was an 80 year old billionaire, Melanie trump. Bill clinton and monica... etc.
  • englisc
    You don't understand hypergamy if that's what you think it means.
  • Shamalien
    IN GENERAL, women do want our money. Frankly, so long as they are willing to bear my many children and keep me happy, I see no issue with it, happy to provide, and I think most men share this opinion. We are all fking twisted, this isn't even the point we should be arguing about.

    Women getting brought resources is pretty damn natural, hard to argue with it, girls should stop fighting their femininity and just embrace it, haven't we been playing this little game long enough? Just let go of the bullshit propaganda that was drilled into you all your life and give in to what you know would actually make you happy, it makes us happy too.