What it's like to have REAL OCD


I'm talking about real OCD, not that "I hate clutter! lol must be my OCD again!" yeah no. I don't like when people who like things "straight" immediately think they have OCD. Here's what it's really like.

What its like to have REAL OCD

* 1. The REPETITIVE ticks

These are things I do over and over until it "feels right", I can go on doing these things for hours or minutes.

(1.) Clacking my teeth

Like if you were eating something, but no food. Just biting down over and over again, so hard that my teeth are sore and I get headaches all the time. Pretty soon I'm gonna chip a tooth, I have to see a dentist for a mouth guard.

(2.) Sniffing my hands

I try and wash my hands on a regular so I'm sniffing clean things lmao. But I just casually rub my nose like have an itch but I'm really sniffing my hand. I don't want to smell them, I just have to do it.

(3.) Blinking

Over and over and over and over.

What its like to have REAL OCD

Triggers for my repetitive ticks : Music


This is why some people think they have OCD, but they usually just "like" for things to be straight. They don't feel it deep in their bones an unsettling fear of it not being "perfect".

I've spent over 30 minutes erasing several words and rewriting them until they are "just right" on my school papers, causing me to be late or work longer than needed. I go way out of my way to make things right and wasted a lot of time for numerous different things that go in this category. When I see something that isn't just right it sends shivers down my spine and twitches to my neck.

What its like to have REAL OCD
What its like to have REAL OCD

* 3. The OBSESSIVE thoughts

I can be talking about real, serious things, listening about important matters whatever they may be, and I can't stop thinking about lewd, vulgar things. It's always sex, and not just sex but violent sex.

I remember being at my papa's funeral and of course I was overcome with sadness and grief, but I couldn't stop imaging sexual things (not about my papa, don't worry). I don't want that.

What its like to have REAL OCD
What its like to have REAL OCD
What its like to have REAL OCD
What it's like to have REAL OCD
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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    I have Bipolar and I have OCD with it and I have habits of smelling my fingers after sticking them in the back of my ears yes I know eww but I been like this since real young
    I must feel the pockets on my pants especially when there's money in themI use to look at the skin color on my testicles and worry about the color differenceI check the refrigerator doors on the bottom and top
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  • ADFSDF1996
    Unless a person actually has OCD, they’ll never understand how much stress and anxiety it can cause for a person who actually has OCD.

    And since people with mental health issues are often marginalized and feared by mainstream society. Many people with OCD tend to keep it secret because they are afraid of being judged.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Apple1996
    I feel you. Most people think it's just a thing where people clean a lot but it's really so much more then that. There is different types but for me I fall more into that control freak type like basically I gotta do everything or it's wrong. I can't even let someone else drive me cause I get such bad anxiety and break into a panic attack. When stressed I go into the organization craze but that is only specifically triggered by something stressful happening. I try not telling people but a lot have noticed just by the way I act so that really sucks but I'm okay with owning up to it. Best thing you can do is just accept it and find ways to cope.
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  • menina
    I didn't know that you have an OCD. It's sad but unfortunately many people don't understand it and think you're crazy.
    This should be more discussed so people could learn more about it and perhaps be more tolerant with those who have an OCD.
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  • Jjpayne
    Being obsessive about things, having to double check things, thinking obsessively about things...
    You have to think abour it this way, it's obsessive behaviour that causes a significant difficulty during your everyday life. It causes you to struggle with normal functioning
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  • Pete671
    This is a brilliant post, I am friends with a lady who claims OCD, and I also know another lady who has genuine OCD, it actually really annoys me when the quirky OCD lady says stuff like "I'm really OCD today", no, if you really were OCD you would be OCD ALL THE TIME!!!
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  • DizzyDesii
    Nah im nowhere near that bad lmao. Im like 6/10. Monk was like 12/10
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  • Paulychicago10
    Well I got the cure for that! Just smoke a J and let all the thoughts out and relax
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  • Gwenhwyfar
    I have this a little but not as bad as you. It’s often caused by sexual trauma. Please talk to a therapist who’s trained in this.
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    • It’s not caused by low self-esteem but like many mental illnesses it can be a response to trauma

    Q - Q what an interesting take... thanks for the journey through your head...
    i feel informed now
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  • diva_divy
    hey I have ocd since I was in 2 nd grade I would repeat certain actions over and over otherwise voices in my head would harm my family or anyting I do get extremely weird and vulgar thoughts
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    It sounds exhausting. Can the doctors help at all?
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    • Not really, it's something I have to overcome on my own

  • cjgsu
    Sounds rough.
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  • Aiko_E_Lara
    But in the end, that's just a really bad habit.
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    • Um, it goes deeper than that. Thinking violent sexual things uncontrollably isn't just a "bad habit".

    • Well you can perhaps prove it. And no i am not convinced with claims what doctors say because they also go by the book. Books and what doctors say are only used for guidance. Of course there are going to be prescriptions but that is only used to give yourself a starting boost but that doesn't mean you rely on it also because you have to do your part too. And because it's easy to not blame themselves but blame it on their illness like not taking responsibility for it and truth hurts that's why they avoid it. People who are mentally ill just tend to get sensitive about it. That is a reason why doctors don't really tell them that also another reason is it's something called marketing because they want you to keep coming back. That's the very same principle of people who are smoke, drinking and drug addicts. That's just a bad habit which they "can not" control.

    • I am still saying that you have control over it. I am not even saying it is easy before you get triggered. So you have control but it's just hard. Or you're just even having a hard time believing it because you just go by the book instead of taking responsibility for it. It's like this. you are the only one who is driving your own body. Doctors don't. And because you are diagnosed with it that doesn't mean you just have to let it be. "you don't know how it feels" sure i do and i got over it but that is just an anecdote after all like how you feel. Nothing personal but take this as a motivational speech.

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