My Battle With OCD, and How I've Learned To Live With It

Since I was 14 years old, I've had OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder); it causes worry and irrational fears in me. Thankfully my OCD is not as bad as it used to be. In this Mytake, I'll share my experience with OCD.

I'm not sure what caused my OCD but many people agree anxiety is a component of OCD. Since I was little, I've had anxiety. I tend to fear and worry irrationally.

When I started having OCD symptoms, I didn't think there was anything wrong. I assumed it was just part of puberty. I would notice my first symptoms when I would constantly use my steel spring finger exercises until I felt satisfied. I kept doing 300 repetitions of the 2 same exercises until I was convinced that I didn't skip a number. My hands were sore after my exercises because I over exercised my hands. I also bought so many spare hand exercises.

It wasn't till a few months after I noticed my symptoms that I realized I should visit a psychologist. I would visit a psychologist once a week to tell him all of my issues. I didn't know I had OCD, so I did my best to describe my symptoms. He was a nice psychologist but he couldn't figure out what my problem was.

I decided to use the Internet, to see what caused my symptoms. That's when I found out that I have OCD. So I told my psychologist about this, and he said that OCD was probably what I had.

So I asked my mom if I could visit a psychiatrist as well. She agreed and took me to a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are the ones that provide medication. I would visit this psychiatrist once a month. He would provide me subscriptions for Zoloft Sertraline for my OCD and seroquel to help me sleep at night.

Eventually I decided to stop visiting the psychologist, my parents let the psychologist know that we were going to stop visiting him. I would continue visiting the psychiatrist once a month until I graduated from high school. The good thing is that my OCD symptoms(Checking drawers, washing hands, over exercising) decreased during high school.

However there were still moments where extreme anxiety would bother me in public, such as "Did I lock the door to my house?" "Did I close all the drawers on the furniture in my room?" Every once in awhile I would constantly check the drawers in my room, to make sure everything was were I left it but thankfully little by little my urge to check my drawers would decrease.

The amount of medication I was taking was 200 mg Zoloft and 50 MG Seroquel, I assume that's what helped decrease my OCD behavior. Rven though I no longer visit the psychiatrist, psychologist or take any more prescribed medication, my OCD isn't bad anymore. Although a few months ago, my OCD symptoms got slightly bad. I managed to decrease my OCD symptoms by taking "Natural medicinal supplements". Those supplements are Chamomile and various teas for anxiety along with St. John's Wort pills that also have other supplements. I still take these natural supplements that have helped me battle OCD. It's recommended to ask your doctor if it's safe for you to take these supplements if you ever plan on trying these supplements.

Us people that have OCD, are aware that our OCD thoughts and behavior are irrational, OCD doesn't mean insanity. OCD isn't a disease, it's a mental disorder. There currently isn't a cure for OCD but hopefully there will be a cure one day. Sadly there are people that like to make fun of people with OCD, just because they don't know what OCD feels like. Not that I'm offended by these people.

So that's all I have to say about OCD, hopefully this Mytake will provide some confidence for those who also suffer from OCD in their battle against OCD.

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  • I have ocd, it used to rule my life. Now, I do have some things I still need to do like eating in even numbers and even amount of bites and matching food colors, and like doing things equally on my body or if I hit my arm on something by accident I need to do it 3 times on both arms.. stuff like that but it doesn't rule me how it did before. I used to plan my life around my ocd and I used to have it with germs which really disrupted my life, but I don't do all that anymore. I didn't take anything for it though.

    • I see you have your beloved hand exerciser on your profile though lol

    • Those hand exercisers have been my hobby since I was 12 years old. They are fun to use as well🙂.

What Guys Said 1

  • I have OCD, but it hasn't been this bad. I've been busy dealing with my bipolar and instead of taking Zolaft I take Lamiktal.