Ever wonder why women almost never compliment men?

Ever wonder why women almost never compliment men?

A few reasons.

1. Women do not find men aesthetically or physically attractive. At least not most of them. You're either fortunate or you kick ass if you are one of the top 20% of desirable men. Have you ever heard how some women resort to cohabiting with another woman? Sometimes also being in a same-sex relationship?

Ever wonder why women almost never compliment men?

2. Nature did not design men to be beautiful or handsome by default. So that means men must work long and hard to be pleasing to look at and attractive.

Ever wonder why women almost never compliment men?

OK, I admit, that realistically this picture is a little overdone. I know women do more than keeping in shape to be beautiful but still.

3. Women seem to have the idea, that if they compliment us men or are friendly or caring towards us, that we misinterpret it as their romantic or sexual interest. That's what happens when men are deprived from female attention so badly. So therefore women do not compliment men in order to not risk that outcome. If you're a man and a woman asks you to dance, consider yourself lucky! (my advise: don't disappoint her with rejection)

Ever wonder why women almost never compliment men?

4. Don't think men aren't to be blamed. While women care a ton about their appearances, what they wear and their health and go to beauty parlors often and have a cry whenever they want to, men usually neglect those themselves and some of them end up spending money on CS:GO keys or cosmetics for Fortnite or keep OnlyFans in business. Or they practice toxic masculinity. Unkempt hair, weird or ripped clothing, knowing you are ugly but aren't going to change it... women see it all.

Ever wonder why women almost never compliment men?

5. Women probably think, that men receive compliments sort of as often as they do (mostly from fakers, pick up artists and f u ck-boys, that obviously want a one night thing). So maybe adding more is as equally wanted as is attention from those, who only want a one night thing. In other words women may think we don't want them, less so any compliments. Some women might even think we'll bite them for it. Can you believe it?

6. You might not be love-worthy. For example you blame feminism for all problems, blame women for being picky, use weird words like alpha or beta males and call others a cuck, call women gold diggers, say women belong to the kitchen or blame the government for not giving you a bigger unemployment benefits check or not granting universal healthcare.

Ever wonder why women almost never compliment men?
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  • TruthBringer
    The majority of men are deprived of female and sexual attention. Hence why that whenever a girl compliments them, they instantly start to think about the dogs, the cat, and the white picked fence. It's like an endless cycle, really.

    Much in this Take is indeed spot on. The guys who happen to receive compliments happen to be those who spark interest in the women. It's rare that a woman would just compliment some guy, especially for his looks if she isn't into him in some shape or form. One could receive a compliment for doing a good job, or for knowing stuff, but the typical compliments women receive (looks) are generally not reciprocated.
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    • Be a true gentleman (not a whiny nice guy roll over) and women will compliment you.

    • @Ms9ehdj Oh how nice, a troll account

    • @mobiusforniner There is a yes and a no to that. Women who truly appreciate a gentleman will do this. While lots of modern women don't. That's why I concentrate on the former and got many compliments as well as relationships out of it

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  • Anonymous
    Actually I think women give men a lot of compliments but I've noticed that unless the girl is attractive or someone they want to fuck, a lot of men don't seem to hear her.
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    • Anonymous

      Interesting. Sometimes we don't even know if something is a compliment.

    • Not really

    • This is 100% incorrect.

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  • Screenwriter
    The truth in this my take is that women ARE leery of complimenting men because they don't want to send "sex" or "romance" vibes to guys they aren't interested in that way.

    Women friends compliment each other all the time! But guys? Do they tell each other that's a great haircut? That shirt is wonderful, where'd you get those slacks, they flatter your ass? NO. That's "gay."

    Well, if it ain't gay among women, or lesbo, or whatever it'd be called among men, it ain't gay for guys.

    If men learned to emotionally support each other in the manner that women do all the time, (Girlfriend, those shoes are slammin'! When did you tighten up that old loose booty of yours. Shit. Now I got to go to the gym and fix mine!) with humor and with straight admiration, and women HEARD these interchanges among men or heard men tell women, "You know Fred, Bob and Terence complimented that new shirt you gave me. ALL the ladies did too!"...

    THEN women would know they could say something nice to guys and not feel "unsafe."

    It's not that women don't find men sexy and appealing, it's that it's problematic for women to speak it without it being misunderstood. There are men who are safe to compliment. You've known them awhile, you're friends, they're married, you know their spouses, but casual acquaintances you've met at a bar, or someone you don't know well. Caution is the word.

    Women don't have that trouble with each other: gay, straight or otherwise. We know we're just boosting each others' egos. And everyone deserves a boost.
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    • Men can't just learn that. They are that way because of their upbringing and society. There is absolutely no incentive to help little boys with any of this.

    • @Hallo626262 I put a lot of effort in supporting my son's emotional growth and he appears to be a good friend to many people and seeks to work on his relationships with women.

      I don't know who these people are who have no incentive. I want my son to have a happy, healthy life and future. I think he's on that path and anyone with a son should do their best to help them be well rounded.

    • "Women don't have that trouble with each other: gay, straight or otherwise. We know we're just boosting each others' egos. And everyone deserves a boost."

      Yes, and that's where men differ. We're not interested in giving each other some meaningless ego boost; we reserve our compliments for when another man has gone beyond the call of duty and earned our respect somehow. Men compliment each other less because we don't bother with all the "nothing" compliments women throw around to each other indiscriminately. And we have no reason to compliment each other on our looks in most cases, coz, you know... we barely even notice that shit. Why would we? Women are the naturally more beautiful gender, and they can notice that in one another and comment openly on it. Men CAN compliment other men's looks. It's just not usually what floats to mind. Actually, a lot of the way men show affection to each other is more subtle and understated. I know many guys who show affection by taking the piss (kinda like "we can rip on each other coz we're mates, but not just anyone can say those things to us). But the main way men" compliment" each other is when we challenge each other to be better and go further. Because that challenge also contains an implicit "... Because I know you're capable of doing this". That's the highest compliment a guy can give another guy, and it's not even phrased as a compliment. I'd take that over "omg Tom your hair looks so different today, what did you do?", coz chances are the most I "did" with my hair that day was wash it.

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  • JennyDunne2
    This was actually a lot better and more even handed that I was expecting. 99% of these things fall into a very red pill/ 'women are evil' mindset, but this at least acknowledged that these are a lot of different factors and most problems for women too, just might effect us a little different.

    However, although I agree with most of your points I'm not sure I agree with your premise.
    I don't think that complements are that linked to beauty, and I think the mistake is that there are different types of complements. Like the meme about boy rick getting a complement a year ago I can 100% identify with, because even if I get complement like 'nice ass' more often, I'm only going to filter that out, but someone complementing your laugh or the way you think about something will count for a lot more. Obviously I don't speak for all women, but I personally aren't likely to cat call a guy, but I would complement his laugh, and I would like to expect that to mean something because it would for me.
    I guess this is similar to point 5, but I think its a little different and has more important than your given credit

    That all said, beauty standards for men are 100% are thing, and should really be talked about a lot more than they are. I personally have a lot of wight issues (that I'm not going to go into) so I do feel a bit resentful about the idea women 'just don't need to eat', but also the expectation for men to basically take up professional body building before they can be considered traditionally hot is wild. Whether most men actually do or don't isn't the point, and anyone that has actual read any feminist philosophy could tell you that. The expectation to want to look like that is what matters, and I think its fair to say most men feel expected to want to look a certain way.
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    • Anonymous

      Yay. You got it :)

    • That’s how Conservative people have always thought and many still do.
      The only issue today is rarely anyone on the left wants a Civil discussion. If you try to have one, the minute anyone disagrees we are labeled as Domestic terrorists, called derogatory adjectives, doxxed, fired from our jobs. So there’s that.

    • Good points but I wanna suggest another point. Experience leaders to different desires. Men don’t get love and affection and women swim in unwanted attention. Men will take whatever they can get positive or negative while women are disgusted in everything but they more amazing positive attention. Most average women can get sex with ease so it’s just another easy to fulfill desire but for men is more because it’s not so easy a conquest.

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  • MelaninQueen21
    Interesting post. I compliment both genders. I went up to a guy, who I've had my eye on for a month on campus, and I was just direct with him. I told him that I thought that he was handsome. He smiled a chuckled while thanking me. We talked a little bit after that.

    Just 2 days ago, he said hi to me. A little bit afterwards, I told him that I wanted to get to know him better. He said that next week would be better. So hopefully it works out 🙏🏽
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    • Anonymous

      Very well done lady! I hope it will be a success for you :)

    • I'm hoping too. It's now his turn to make the move. If he doesn't, I know where we stand.

    • Anonymous

      Haha, I like you already! You go, girl :)

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  • Robingrayson79
    I agree woman get more compliments than men. But I don't think men like PHYSICAL compliments and would prefer compliments for their Intelligent thoughts , work on cars and humour. Tho its nice for a man to be called handsome once in while , I think men prefer compliments about their work ethic. If you count the woman who tell their man , "wow you're so smart", then men DO get compliments. its the opposite for woman, I would rather be called , "cute" or , "pretty" rather than , "smart" or , "strong". its just nature.
    As for the first picture. The one that says men need to work harder for their looks than women. I think its hard for men to achieve abs and muscles. But lets not forget , woman need to have a 0.7 hip to waist ratio to be considered attractive. many are not born with it and would have to either starve themselves or go to the gym to grow their glutes to make the ratio smaller. this is not me saying woman have it harder , it's just me saying that woman are not born attractive.
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    • ".7 hip to waist ratio". What is this nonsense?

    • Anonymous

      Fair enough. I'm not trying to make it into a competition. But when only 20% of men are attractive to women whilst we men find pretty much 50% of women attractive, it is quite telling, that men are lacking behind for one reason or another. My first suspicion is at the men not taking care of themselves properly. The second suspicion is them not caring about their own appearance or finding digging into fashion or styles to be "gay" 🤔
      If having muscles and abs and 6-packs aren't so important (like the waist ratio you mentioned. Most of us instead have a flexible acceptable range and don't really care much about it, as long as it's not medically obese), that's already one reason against not starting now. In other words: Why not start now if being attractive doesn't have to be so hard to achieve?

    • It's funny because it's the opposite for me. I feel uncomfortable with compliments about my appearance and I also don't find them as genuine as they are more superficial in my opinion (also because I often don't believe them due to my lack of confidence). I much prefer compliments about my merits and other good qualities.

  • 224466881010
    I don't really agree with the premise that men compliment women and women don't compliment men. I've seen both in my life quite a bit, but overall I think it's kind of rare to see someone give a compliment in every day life none the less. It's more common online, and in those circumstances it's mostly creeps trying to hit up girls for attention.

    (This point is a bit tangential)
    When I was young I decided to just never compliment girls because I was afraid of looking like a simp and I knew that giving women validation in the wrong contexts was playing with fire. That kinda served me well because at the time I knew there was too much about social dynamics that I just didn't understand. Now that I have a better (but not perfect) understanding, I know how and when to give compliments, and I think it's a good thing. I should give people more compliments and spread the love. But there definitely is a wrong way, place and time to give compliments if you want to be attractive to women.

    Same thing for women giving men compliments because obviously men can get the wrong idea pretty easily. But overall I've seen women give compliments and women have complimented me. And I think that it's in part due to the fact that they can sense I won't get the wrong idea. It's safe for them to compliment me. So maybe take that into consideration too.
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  • NicoletteXO
    Maybe because they post stupid memes which demean the amount of effort it takes for a woman to actually look good, and aggrandize their own comparative effort?

    Lol. No.

    Ok so, actually I quite like your Take, and I agree with all of it pretty much - except that meme. I think number 3 is quite true indeed!
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    • I mean the women is just thin that's not even ideal for most men. The guy is pretty unachievable for most.

    • Lol! Women are already obsessed with their own looks, and that has nothing to do with men. It’s pure narcissism. This whole notion that women are going the extra mile to look good for men is laughable when that’s already what women do (focus exclusively on their looks). Don’t believe me? How many women proudly say “I don’t do it for men, I do it for myself”. Narcissism. So don’t try to out this on men. Women do it for themselves, not men.

    • @Hallo626262 What's your point? In order to have that body - which is not just 'thin' but also toned - she will have had to watch her diet and work out as much as that man. Additionally, her makeup and hair would have taken a good couple of hours for this shoot.

      A 'well kept' man needs to shave, but a 'well kept' woman needs to keep her entire body hairless (often through waxing or laser), and to keep long hair washed and styled is a lot more time consuming and expensive than short hair.

      The makeup alone takes a well presented woman quite an investment of time and a LOT of money. Not to mention, it's not just the makeup she is wearing on the day that she pays for, but all the hours and dollars working out the right products, which change over time and for seasons and occasions (it's quite standard for a woman to be wearing foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, highlighter, contour products, eyeshadows, brow products, blush, eyeliner, lip liner, lip balm, lipstick, mascara or lashes - sounds like a lot when I say it, but I'm not talking about women who look like clowns... this is what the woman in the pic above is wearing. Even a woman who is wearing "the bare minimum makeup" will be likely wearing a BB cream or tinted moisturizer, mascara and eyeshadow or liner and lipstick or lip balm - the reason she will still look good with bare minimum makeup is likely because she gets facials, maybe has lash extensions (not the ugly fake clip on lashes, but subtle ones), brow tinting... the list goes on. A well presented woman will likely get regular manicures and pedicures... I mean I could keep going.. but the idea that this guy spent more effort than the girl to look the way he does is ridiculous.

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  • BigAFRO
    Woman compliment men all the time. Say ooh you smell good. Or now I smell like you. Me: I'm sorry.
    Her No like like it.
    Your funny
    You have nice skin.

    All different women tell this white latino Asian etc.

    Men don't compliment men enough I do it. No homo. But there a lot low self esteem dudes. So I try to help out my fellow men.
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  • Johnagain
    "Women do not find men aesthetically or physically attractive." - asker
    "The majority of men are deprived of female and sexual attention." - Truthbringer
    Well put guys. It's a sad era for the single man with a sex-drive.
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    • Anonymous

      Thanks mate! I appreciate it

  • susie22
    I get a lot of compliments from men, and I'm not shy about giving compliments to men for pretty much any reason. If I think he's hot, I'll tell him so, if I like what he's wearing, same thing. I don't see any reason not to compliment anyone, male or female if they look good, dress well, or for any other reason.
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  • Assi2k
    I just complimented a handsome guy today 😍 I think he was drunk tho
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    • Anonymous

      Good, good :)

  • Finchie40
    That’s why we go for the ones that do compliment us lol , It boosts are ego, when a beautiful girl compliments us we thrive off of it Girls that don’t compliment us are mainly girls that are nervous or they don’t want to come on too strong , Most girls are attracted to a guys status over his looks where most men are attracted to a girl for her beauty and personality, We don’t really care what kind of car she drives or what she does for work as much as a Girl does to a man, And not all girls are that way but a magority of them A girl looks at a man because of his status for the most part , If he has a good job , has good hygiene, good head on his shoulders , she is more drawn to the way he carries and presents himself compared to how he looks , Most Girls need that to feel attracted toward a man, But to really understand what a girl is into is something us men will never figure out lol. They are wired different then us , Their brains are different then ours , cuz it doesn’t take much to please a man but takes a whole list of shit to please a woman. Girls are better at hiding how they are attracted towards a man compared to how a guy is attracted to a woman , unless you are both making eye contact and want to rip each other’s clothes off but other than that it’s hard to know if a girl actually likes us on whether she is just being friendly or she is flirting , usually when I am out with a girl friend she can pick up if another girl is attracted to me even though I don’t see it myself another girl can pick out what girl is checking me out , I guess it’s somewhat the same for guys knowing if another guy is checking her out , Just goes to show how different we are compared to each other , one thing that works for me most the time is not being shy and talking to her normal instead of just coming out as a pervert and telling her I want her naked in my arms but sadly that works sometimes as well lol So who knows all we can do is keep trying lol
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  • kqueen
    "Let me, as a man, tell you what women are thinking and the motivations behind their actions"
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  • Pumpkinspice009
    I agree with everything you said however men think women get crazy compliments everyday or regularly whereas no it’s not how you all imagine, many women don’t get any compliments in a year or so. Just like men.
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    • Vikkrram

      Is it i Thaught they might be getting in months wid anyone...

    • Lol no

    • apokolips

      Well, we're speaking in generalities. There are always exceptions to the rule. But it doesn't change the fact that the overwhelming majority of women get more compliments than most men.

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  • spookywashere
    I compliment men. I'm passionate about tattoos, so I enjoy complimenting people's tats. I've complimented guys clothing as well, if I see a guy wearing band merch that I like etc...
    I'm quite a shy person, have a lot of social anxiety but I'm trying my best to get over it and complimenting people helps a lot.
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  • MisteryMe
    One of the major problems with women complimenting men in general is that a lot of guys think if a woman gives them a compliment, she wants to get with him. I knew a guy that thought if a woman he found attractive even talked to him, she wanted to hook up.
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  • GoldenCage
    I can only speak for myself.. I compliment men if I'm in a relationship with. I don't complement strangers. Men throw random compliments to total strangers. I never understood that.
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    • It’s called being a human being.

    • okay if you say so. people are different and that's okay.

  • CaliSixx
    The couple of times I did complement a male they said it makes them feel awkward.
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    • Anonymous

      They may not be used to it

    • Yeah that's of no surprise considering guys usually don't get many compliments, so they don't know what to do with them

  • Kaci_xx
    tbh I give compliments all the time and yes its mostly for girls but I give compliments to guy (less I know) but I get really shy when I compliment guys bc I get treated like a girl that likes them
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  • nice-girl
    In my opinion it's the reason is more related to number 3. I don't compliment someone who I am not romantically involved.
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    • Yeah, sadly this is often the case (number 3 that is). because men generally don't get much compliments from women, they see anyone who does as someone who might have a romantic interest in them. It's counterproductive, but understandable.

  • Babygirl_S
    This was really funny to read. We do compliment men and not all girls want a man with perfect abs. It is a plus but not necessary.
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    • TwinTonyz

      Why would you want someone with a less than perfect anything? If you can choose whatever you want from the catalog, why take an L on any front?

    • Because I am not attracted to perfection and I also don't think perfection is beauty.

    • This is a lie. 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

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  • CallmeTheKnight
    I can't say I agree with this. Nature has nothing to do with compliments. I get compliments from women on my hair, skin, body, smile, and even my face. It is true that a majority will not compliment a percentage of men, but keep in mind that even actions of interest are a compliment as well
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  • Phoenix98
    I can't really relate since I get a somewhat decent amount of comments here and there.

    Though I feel like women probably only give complements to someone they are at least attracted to in some capacity either physically or personality related and it's not something that happens on the regular to everyone.

    Then I feel like guys who are insecure about their looks probably would think it's a prank or a joke or wouldn't take it seriously if a woman did complement their looks.
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  • Tiptoetamm
    I don't know maybe I'm different but I love looking at his body especially when he's fucking me. Hell yeah I check out men all the time. I'm just not obvious about it
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    • Ummmm... ur not different, this post is about women not giving men compliments, not about whether or not women check out men. We all know that women check out men

    • @Rippersavage but how is she going to make this about her if she doesn’t ignore the question at hand? 😂

    • Andres77

      Love this!!!

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  • KatherineJ
    One of the problems is that a lot of times if a woman compliments a man, he thinks she wants him.
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    • malwins

      Yeah they get overconfident so why bother

    • Quigly

      Same with a guy, many girls think just because you are talking to them that you are flirting with them and want to be with them. I guess they think all men want to be with them.

    • blondfrog

      And women don't get overconfident?

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  • cosmicallyinclined
    because a lot (obviously not all) of men think if a women compliments them she wants to sleep with them and maybe she does but if she happens not to they sometimes accuse her of leading him on. but also i feel like women give compliments differently than based on physicality…
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  • genericname85
    "3. Women seem to have the idea, that if they compliment us men or are friendly or caring towards us, that we misinterpret it as their romantic or sexual interest." well that is certainly the case very often.
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  • Briiii123321
    #3 Is the biggest reason I don't ~ I'd love to give more compliments to men but more often than not it leads to them making sexual advances on me
    Complimenting them in passing isn't as bad because it's only a brief moment, but I've learned to not really compliment male friends anymore which is sad, because I'd love to.
    Just wish they could take it platonicly
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    • Battooot

      Actually if a girl compliments me without being interested in me... i dont wanna hear it unless it's a genuine 'general' innocent compliment. But also i learned to seriously hate '*myname* your such a niice person".

      I dont consider that a compliment. Im a nice person whether you mention it or not >.<.

      Also... i dont recall being seriously complimented ever. never been complimented by even an ex.

  • Hairylegs222
    Women I've dated, had relationships with, or friends, etc have all complimented me either daily or sometimes. I like to talk sweet with my woman when in a relationship so it's usually complimenting each other most of the time.
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  • cth96190
    Because Feminism has indoctrinated females to loathe us.
    The typical Western female’s view of males can be put somewhere between loathing and hatred.
    We are tolerated only so long as we are useful beasts of burden.
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    • You forgot to mention that Feminism has indoctrinated women that men are the ones who should somewhat "redeem" themelves and that they are the ones who have to work for female attention. Even though there is blame in that, I actually blame men for allowing it to get this far. If more guys had an ounce of self-respect and a conscious, then OnlyFans and IG-thots or any other form of E-girl wouldn't be a thing. Not to forget to mention women's ego of today wouldn't be over the roof, but would have a bit more humility like a couple of generations back. But nope, too many desperate simps who are sexually frustrated and deprived of affection...

  • Soremain
    Because men don't want verbal compliments. Pussy is the compliment. When I lost weight and started working out I got tons of compliments from women but I couldn't give a shit.. I wanted to get laid and I was frustrated because I wasn't getting, even though they complimented me.. Then I learned I need to be the one complementing and learn to talk to them and not just be some pretty boy and expect girls to drag me home.
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    • Soremain

      That's what I think is the case of all men who complain how unfair it is to be a man.

    • Soremain

      @Ks8wbrsjs Yeah it's a real epidemic.

    • @Soremain well he even pointed out how unfair it is so what exactly are you talking about?

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  • Seinna
    I only speak from my own experience.

    I (almost) never compliment men who are simply acquantances or co-workers. Occasionally a friend. But I compliment my partner when I feel proud of him, he does something great or when he looks particularly good. It's true that men give more compliments... but at least in my case it is done with an intention of getting with me. Not because that person is genuinely trying to uplift me.

    And because I am not trying to gain anything from a man and don't know him enough to care about making him happy (neither do 99% of the men complimenting me), I won't compliment him unless he really wows me with something. I will start complimenting him though if we're dating and I start to like him. Similarly, I'd compliment my girlfriends but not strange women.
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    • So basically when men only give compliments because they want to get with you, but you only give compliments if he’s doing something for you.

    • Seinna

      @ThrowAwayx404 Not necessarily when he's doing something for me, but when he's doing something that deserves a complement. If I complemented him for no reason at all then compliments would lose their meaning.

  • TheSpaceGnome
    1. I've had women compliment me before
    2. actually estrogen makes weight loss harder, and If i don't eat like a hippo I lose weight easy, testosterone = easier weightloss, higher metabolism, no gym needed unless you wanna be super ripped.
    3. Most of what you said or posted is innaccurate.
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  • HighValue
    I get compliments on my eyes, arms, hair, and my height from women. Today it was another compliment on my eyes when I took off my sunglasses at work.
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  • WinterWind
    They do compliment. But only when they crushing on him. They never actually blike friendships with a guy. If a girl is talking to you without any hesitation, that girl like you. Otherwise they are going to ignore your messages, even normal ones
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  • GaGirls
    Stop giving compliments about people's looks. They don't deserve the compliment anyway, nature does.
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  • DarkWinterNights
    My truck gets more compliments than I ever have and most of them are from other men lol.
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  • Pillarofhell
    Men just aren't attractive physically this is because there's no need for a woman to have sex with anyone and everyone. Like men theoretically actually benefit from being at least mildly attracted to every woman
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  • paradiseonearth93
    I always compliment men I’m into. I like to flirt. it’s fun. I have found many guys don’t know how to accept compliments though.
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  • DiegoO
    Statiscally speaking, the graphic don't show much info. Why women's on OkCup doesn't find men's equally attractive? What's behind that? According to what I've notice and hear, there could be a correlation between selfcare and attractiveness. Women's who invest more in selfcare are more attractive (that's fact). Could that be the same case for guys who also invest on selfcare? (on their appearance and health)*. I believe the same thing would apply on men, on average, if we were more aware of how important selfcare is.
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    • Anonymous

      Right on target. I was pointing exactly that out.

  • NathanDavis
    No, I get compliments often enough... and if I kept count, there would be more coming my way than my own going to them, in general, of course
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  • Starwitch23
    They do. I do compliment guys if they are good looking
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    • I'm guessing you don't get any compliments by yours.

    • @novalor666 dude, thats just low, even for internet standards.

    • anniisa97

      @novalor666 some loser literally made a fake account to post that one comment lol
      Get a life.

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  • Sarahr123
    Not every woman is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes either.

    I have seen an equal amount of pretty girls vs handsome guys. I have personally found that on an average day I see lots of boys I think are very good looking but I don’t go up to them and tell them because they might think I am harassing them.

    I am far more comfortable telling a friendly looking girl that she is really pretty than telling a boy that “hey you’re so handsome” because I don’t know how they might construe that. I don’t really want to go to the lock up for harassment.
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  • mobiusforniner
    Um, this seems bitter. I get quite a few compliments from women. But then again im a confident badass, so...
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    • There’s nothing bitter about a well thought out, well explained realistic take on the issue.

  • lightbulb27
    Women do complement men, I don't agree with the phrasing in the question, I wonder if men don't hear the complements. I'm surprised at those graphs.

    #3 is spot on.

    In earlier life, I found that their complements clashed with my poor self image of myself set upon me by me sibling. So if they complemented me, I rejected it and them. That probably is confusing. Still so... it's hard for me to take a complement... it just doesn't sink in and lift me up as it should. Trust issue?

    Not to mention women are more sensitive and at times more so, thus, rejection I think impacts them more.
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  • Rachel794
    I think it entirely depends on the woman. Every woman is going to have her own unique way of doing things in relationships, just like every man
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    • Rachel794

      Some women may compliment, some may not

  • hi_it_is_me123
    I did and get called easy since then i only compliment men when they become my partner.
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    • I also dont want to make any man uncomfortable by making compliments.

    • By the way your take is good

    • Mytake**

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  • caitlin36DD
    I do compliment men when warranted. Everybody likes compliments.
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  • Joshua0213
    True I always remember the compliments I get tbh forever. I still remember one from like 3 years ago when this cute girl complimented my outfit and I always think of that tbh
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  • jasco
    I have been complimented by women before. Not hundreds but just a few and that’s really all that matters.
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  • invalid1
    I like this take a lot. Except for the last point. I try my best to be least harmful to women, yet I get the least attention and that's fine by me.
    Every woman/girl that shows me care, be interested in me, or compliment me. I reciprocate from my deepest core, and if I do them wrong I beat myself up. but I don't care if they know that or not.
    But again that's just few who receive and that's fine. I happened to be shocked at how some of them are deceptive, and tricksy.

    Until now unfortunately, the Trustworthiness I give most of them,
    is 0 😬
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