Girls, 10 Things All Women Should Try


1. Stop Apologizing for Everything

We are so conditioned to apologize and say sorry, but we aren't apologizing for wrongs we have done. I literally accidentally ran into the shopping cart of another woman the other day and SHE apologized to me. What sense does that make? You absolutely should apologize when you have wronged someone, but not for every single thing all the time when you've done nothing.

2. Apply For Positions of Power

Girls, 10 Things All Women Should Try

Whether that be becoming your own business owner, the CEO, the boss, a politician, join in community activism---give it a go. We complain about a lot of things that hurt us as women especially on a political level, but we don't often run to be part of the thing that makes the changes to the community, the company, our own lives. It is hard to have your voice heard when you aren't even part of the conversation!

3. Be Clear about Not/Or Wanting a Family/Marriage

If you want to get married, have kids, and live that life, be clear to the people around you, especially the relationships you are in, that that is what you want. You shouldn't allow a partner to dictate that these things aren't important if they are to you. On the same token if you don't want those things, don't let someone pressure you into that if you don't feel that's what you want in your life.

4. Dress for Yourself

Girls, 10 Things All Women Should Try

Everyone is always going to have an opinion on what you wear. It's just the way of the world. Dressing how you want is rarely a judgement free zone, but you need to love what you wear and feel good in it. If you like the buttons all the way up to the neck, or you could totally do without, do that because people are just going to talk either way, but you can always be happy with you and how you dress.

5. Pursue Something For Yourself

Work, School, Kids...everything and everybody else tends to become priority, but what do you have for yourself? What thing have you done or gone after or achieved that is about you and you alone? It doesn't even have to be a working goal, but a personal one like traveling to a place you've always dreamed of because you want to, not because there is a Disneyland there for the kids or it's a business trip.

6. Speak Up in the Bedroom

Girls, 10 Things All Women Should Try

Tell your partner what you like. Don't always assume he (or she) knows what you do and don't like or that these things can't change for you in what you like. If you aren't having fun in there, you don't have to be cruel, but a suggestion here and there can help because it's not only him (or her) that needs to be happy in the bedroom, but yourself as it's a two way street.

7. Take Care of Yourself Physically and Mentally

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. You need to take care of both. If you aren't doing well, start today, even if it's something small, in doing something to benefit both. Reach out to a friend to have a deep conversation about your life with no distractions in the way, or go for a walk, or see a counselor if you can afford one, and start a plan to better your physical health if you haven't already. You don't need to do everything all at once, but baby steps. A walk 3x a week, having lunch with a friend so you're not just in your own head all the time, but do start.

8. Stop Putting Yourself Down

Girls, 10 Things All Women Should Try

Work on changing your own narrative. Imagine if someone else said all the negative things to you on a daily basis that you say to yourself. How would that make you feel on top of how you already feel? Give yourself grace. You don't need to be perfect or measure up to any one elses expectations every single minute. Also stop engaging in conversations that enable others. When your friends start talking down about themselves, don't just go along and agree. Instead tell them "I do not want to engage in language that makes you feel bad about yourself," and instead genuinely give them a compliment that has something to do with their great character or your friendship--something that is more than just a surface compliment.

9. Learn to Be a Little (or a lot) Less Dependent on Men/Others

A lot of what men can do on their own, women can absolutely do too. You don't "need" a man to help you build the Ikea table. For some women, they are afraid to look less feminine by doing these things or they don't think they can for some reason, but men had to learn those skills somehow and you can too. You never know in life when you may be single and living alone or you may be in a situation where you need to help yourself because no one else will and having that can do attitude and doing things more for yourself while learning to be more self sufficient will help you out in immeasurable ways. It will scale back this idea that women are weak or incapable of accomplishing certain things without a man. And no, this isn't saying get rid of men in your life, but let's be real, you too can open a jar girl!

10. Set Boundaries

Girls, 10 Things All Women Should Try

Women are often taught socially to be sweet and polite, the person who forgives, and many often don't speak up when something is bothering them, so setting boundaries with someone who doesn't treat you the way you should be treated or with something that's getting on your nerves, can be a difficult task. For example, if you have a toxic mother who belittles you every time you see her or a boyfriend who always has his friends over almost every night of the week when you are exhausted from work and need some peace and quiet---instead of quietly accepting these things, saaaaay something. Make it clear that you aren't going to be someone's punching bag and you will limit your interactions with this toxic person or that your boyfriend and his friends need to respect your need to be able to unwind peacefully in your own home after a long days work from time to time. Saying it once in half a whisper isn't going to do it, you have to follow through as well. Lunch with mom is cancelled because you warned her you wouldn't put up with her trashing you and she did in her phone call to you. No, boyfriends friends can't stay over even if they just got there because you agreed to 2 nights a week only, etc.

Girls, 10 Things All Women Should Try
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  • Lis-the-librarian
    I feel like that would make me more like a man. I like being taken care of, feeling the protection and guidance of my man. I think thats how its supposed to be.
    I want to stay home and take care of my kids and home.
    Have fun hobbies on the side and not slave away in some business. Running it stressful too and i wouldn't have time for my kids
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    • MzAsh

      These things aren’t “like a man.” They’re like a grown up. If you want to be taken care of by a man, that’s fine but the issue is, too few men are qualified for that role.

  • orangecherry
    Instead of speak up in the bedroom it should be make sure your pleasure is a priority. Because some people don't have sex and only masturbation and self pleasure is what they use to destress and relax. Some people don't have partners and some people are virgins.
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What Girls Said (14)

  • Seinna
    I like this. I don't understand why some women believe it's feministic or promotes masculine behaviour in men... women are not supposed to be weak. And these points are mostly just about standing up for yourself and taking from like what you want and not what others are willing to give you. While I don't like how masculinity is promoted in women, I genuinely don't think that this list does it.
    • MzAsh

      Completely agree. I don’t think this promotes masculine women. I think it supports a grown woman being self sufficient with boundaries. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for getting it. I've used this example here, but if a man cooks, something considered "feminine," great right. He can take care of himself and his potential family by making a meal, but if a woman say fixes a leaky sink, oh no, she's a man now. WHAT? Being self sufficient, knowing how to adult and do life skills like fix things around the house means as a single lady, or when your boyfriend leaves on business or your dad isn't around and you're alone, you can do those things without having to pay for someone else or call someone over. Statistically women often get ripped off when they seek out such services because they don't have the knowledge to know this is something two turns of a screw driver could easily solve. The rest as well is all a part of our mental and physical well being and having a place for ourselves in this world that isn't behind someone else all the time.

  • CubsterShura
    Good list! I'd personally add casual dating to it as well. Or at least just have a phase of your life where you simply just talk to more people, including men. Just get to know them, men from all different walks of life, even guys you can't see yourself dating in the long run. See what's out there. Not only will you discover a lot about yourself in terms of what you like in men and what not, you will also grow a lot of confidence for when you want to date more seriously.
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  • anon1903
    I feel every woman should get to read this. I also liked how you've kept it simple, unlike many blue takes that just come up with things to win fellow men's approval. Feminist or not, this is a good take. Well done!^^
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  • Sirenboobzilla
    These are some best practices. I see some saying that it makes us more "of a man" but that couldn't be farther from the truth. These things make us functioning adults. I'm working my way up my career ladder (studies included). I only apologize if I did something wrong. My boyfriend went in to the relationship knowing I won't be ready for kids till I'm at least done with my master's degree. I dree to feel like myself, even if some people will complain about the amount of skin shown or lack of bras or even stupider shit like wearing sneakers to an "elegant" party (that argument was a fun one). I take my breaks and pace myself. My dad raised me to not need a man, nor a woman for that matter, to survive and thus if I were to kick everyone out of my apartment I can afford the rent on my own. And my boundaries are MY boundaries and I will not bend them for just anyone.
    • Anonymous

      Fantastic! I know plenty of women who have been happily married for years, love their husbands, but when they go out of town and say the circuit breaker goes out, they know how to handle it. If you don't have to waste time calling someone or paying someone to try and fix a simple thing like that for you, you are empowered. And there is NOTHING masculine about knowing how to do things for yourself. Hell if a guy knows how to cook, we're all, he's some type of super genius, but if a girl can change her own tires, my god, "she must be a man." Like really?!? Women drive...every single day...should we not know how to take care of our cars in the same way a man should learn how to cook too since he eats everyday. Glad your dad raised you to be a self sufficient woman. You can still be that and still want and be in a relationship or not, but you probably knew that already.

  • Snsl153
    With the exception of number 2 (because I couldn't care less about power) I already do all of these.
  • Squaresquirrel
    2. is not my interest. I don't care about power but the rest, already doing it.
  • amyisme
    That's amazing advice I am "Sorry " I didn't read it earlier 😀
  • Chiaram2003
    I’m sorry…. hehe
  • moonpie89
    Love this 😀 ❤️
  • Preeti161101
    Agree 💯
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