Do you think its possible these 2 girls are more than friends?

so to explain I had this odd encounter at local bar on Friday night , hung out with some girls that I knew for most of night ( I had tried to date the one girl last year but things didn't work out and were more just friends now ) , near end of night me and 2 of them went and got pizza together , then they needed a ride and I wanted to show her my new car so I drove them to the one's parents house and they sat in backseat together but didn't appear to ever touch each other and it appeared no one was home. note I only had 1 beer that night so I was ok to drive. they got out and I drove home and didn't think much more of the whole thing as I know there good friends and one was really drunk and maybe just wanted to sleep but had no real reason to stay there and I could of drove her to her parents house instead as its near where I live.

but now that its a day later I'm like wondering if maybe there is something more going on and they like fooled around after i left and to be honest if there were I wouldn't be upset , I'd be cool with it and supportive if they were more than friends. the one girl does not have a bf and I don't even remember her talking to any guys at the bar that night and honestly she looks like type who could be into girls more than guys. the other one I know likes guys but when she was away at school I was suspious there might of been one of her roommates that she was more than friends with as some of the pictures I saw of parties on fb were pretty wild and most of her friends seemed to be girls. but she never really talked about it and I never asked.

so yeah do you think its possible these girls are more than friends and one girl might be bi-sexual? or I'm I just dreaming up crazy ideas in my head
Do you think its possible these 2 girls are more than friends?
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