How to deal with a shy and secretive girl?

So, basically, I like this girl. I've met few girls that had a spark and she is one of them. It's because her parents are divorced, and get this... They divorced because his dad was a big A-hole. As far as I can gather from what she told me, I say that he didn't want a kid with her mother, however, only her mother can truly tell me the reason for their divorce - but I can live without this information, too. So, she grew up without a father, or with a father that rarely came to see her and constantly wasn't nice with her, and she also has gastritis and such information was equal to nothing for that dude... So, you can figure out what kind of 'father' she was. And what is she? A -strong- and -independent- woman. I love these types. I mean, I feel really comfortable around them because I don't have to act like I'm taking care of a child. What adds to her personality is that she's fun and a good company to have around. Altough, since perfection doesn't exists... There is, obviously, a catch. She is secretive and shy, damn shy. I tried to be with her but she said that she already met a person and this happened before we met, around a year or so. But that dude isn't even acting like there'd be something... She's in Romania and he's in Spain. He was supposed to come home to spend some time with her but he didn't, or so I think since she spend most of the time texting me and hanging out with me. After she said that she has someone, twice, because at first I didn't believe her since she had only one guy so far (I'd be the second), I gave up hope I'd have her hand, but I accepted to keep in touch with her. However, I think she gave up hope that for that guy from Spain and would want me to take her hand as she thinks I'm on the good train for maturity, I look younger than my age and she puts a lot of trust in me. I'm leaving for Uni in a month and she doesn't wants to lose contact with me. I don't care if we'll be out of reach, but if I have a chance, what should I do now?
How to deal with a shy and secretive girl?
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