Why does the girl who loves me sleep around when i'm gone?

I have a very tricky and emotionally taxing situation. I am deployed overseas and the person I am in love with broke up with me and has slept with other guys 2 times now since I left 2 months ago. Every single night though she cries on the phone and tells me I have her heart and I'm her only love in life and she never wants to loose me. And she tells guys she is sleeping with this too. But they obviously don't care cos they are getting what they want.

Some people tell me to leave, others tell me its just a coping mechanism to deal with the pain of me being gone. I know she is really depressed right now. You have to understand also I was her first and she was 17 when we started dating and were together 4 long years. It seems she has thrown away her body and is trying to act her age now that I'm gone but she keeps her heart with me. You can call me a sucker I guess, I already forgave her and told her I'll always be there for her and I think she is using it against me now. It really hurts

She constantly tells me just wait till you get home and we'll work on us. I truly believe she still loves me but why does she feel the need to sleep around?

Do all girls go through this phase? She is very attractive and I know every bar she goes to there is guys trying to take her home and giving her attention. Are all girls faced with the situation to give into taking all they can get from meaningless sex and attention from guys?

I don't know at this point whether to hold on, try and be her friend, or what. I tried to convince her she is making a mistake and she is hurting herself in the long run by making herself feel good one night at a time. But she won't listen.

Please help gals, why do some girls give into this temptation when they love another guy but he can't be there physically, is the only way for them to learn is to mess themselves up and become jaded. How do young women especially these days give themselves away without their heart in it.

I am so lost and confused right now, my heart is heavy and I can't be home to do anything about it =( I can't pretend I don't love her and want her in my life, but I can't take the pain of hearing what she's doing to herself
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One of the replies asked if I was in a war zone. Yes I am. She knows I'm going out every week through some pretty shitty stuff. She tells me no one can ever replace me and that I am her only love before we end each call. Usually with her in tears
Why does the girl who loves me sleep around when i'm gone?
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