Am I in love with my female boss or is it just a girl crush?

I've not been in my job too long, but over the past few weeks I've become infatuated with my female boss. I've never had a lesbian relationship before, or anything remotely close - never even kissed a girl! I've always admired other women and had what I thought were just 'girl crushes' but these were mainly/nearly only on celebrities/girls I've never met. Which makes perfect sense to me, as that's just like 'idolising' or 'hero worshipping' someone as you don't know them and see their flaws etc.

But this seems different. I think about her all the time, and knowing she's at work makes me so happy to go in every day. When i'm at work i'm determined to do my best and impress her and show off my talents as much as possible. Which again, isn't too unlike me as I'm a bit of a teachers pet! But I've never felt like this before. Everyone else in my office hates her as she's 'the boss' but she's always been lovely to me, so I can't help but like her. When someone slags her off I kind of feel bad for her, as she's incredibly nice and supportive to me.

I'm just feeling really confused right now, i don't know whether i'm falling for her or if it's just a plain and simple girl crush. I never really think any sexual thoughts about her, but at the same time i'm just so obsessed and infatuated with her, i think she's amazing!

Help! Has anyone else ever been in a similar position?
Am I in love with my female boss or is it just a girl crush?
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