Why is my ex girlfriend going offline when I'm going online?

Hi guys ,
I wish to know what you think about my situation.
Short story, my ex girlfriend broke up nearly 2 months ago ,3 days before going on an overseas trip. Said we were not right for each other after an argument we had concerning the organisation for our trip. She said it was better to do separate ways but we started trip together for almost 2 weeks.
She admitted having the beat time with me and felt confused about her decision because everything was like nothing ever happened. A few days later we physically went separate and a 2 weeks later we started chatting, we were in the same town. We met one day for lunch and she said she needed time and space and a week and a half later we said goodbye to each other and had lunch because I was about to leave that town. She said she moved on already and didn't thought about me and had no feelings anymore.2 days later though we bumped in each other in a restaurant and I went to the one in the front. After she came to me and could barely speak and had tears in her eyes and said she was sorry, so sorry and asked how I was. she said she had to go and left.

Since then every time I connect on facebook messenger I see her online and after a few seconds she appears offline. Maybe 2 minutes later she is back on and if I'm still connected she goes offline and this is going on for 2 weeks. I looked with some other friends to see if that was happening too, you never know a messenger glitch but it only happens with her, so I suppose everything is okay with the app and she's acting that way.

Do you guys have an idea about what's going on?
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Thanks for your replies. I've noticed today that she is still doing the same. And for sure she turned off the online chat for me, she's doesn't appear online but when I click on her bubble she appears online
Why is my ex girlfriend going offline when I'm going online?
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