Why do specifically Asian girls single me ( A black female) out or try to get any male attention I get?


I grew up in a diverse place and had Asian friends but moving to the city I am just surprised, I think its a cultural thing that I am not understanding and have not experienced with other women, once a south Asian woman

I am a black woman, apparently I'm attractive, dark skin... I find it crazy that I've gotten so many Asian women, when I am out with white men mostly, but even black guys too, Asian guys, try to rub up and flirt with my guy... in a FULL bar, with loads of other women and their dates. For example a karaoke bar, one of the korean bar tenders a young wmoan, when I sang a song and the crowd cheered... while on duty, the bartender looked mad at me grabbed the second microphone and tried to sing over me?

And no one else this happened too that night.. so I am there confused... and my friends were confused too? And their manager gave me and my friends free drinks...

I notice when I'm out with my friend who is a white man, the women will stare at me... and then try and make eye contact with the guy and flirt with my date... Or even with another Asian guy who was chatting me up at the bar. And sometimes when I go into this Japanese place, the women would give me the dirtiest looks. Once, my order was ready and one chinese girl actually flicked her head over to my food as if i was a dog to go and get it, and the white guy in front of me looked back insulted for me and as confused as I was.

In this city see Asians as a priveleged minority with way more privelege than me and even as white people, here in the city sometimes, and I find it crazy and I do not understand the phenomena, its not white women, other black women, but Asian women? I also have brown skin, so I would think if anything they would pity me lol but many times these women dont seem to be from america... I Im not the only black woman in the room and its really creepy that this happens A LOT in the city. I am surprised because most of the white people here LOVE Asians so I am like ok... lol

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Answer : Racism, how dare I, be a pretty black girl.
Why do specifically Asian girls single me ( A black female) out or try to get any male attention I get?
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