If a woman calls you a naughty man what does it mean?

A night out has been arranged by my colleagues as one of them is leaving soon. A lot of my colleagues are going including one woman who constantly flirts with me, slaps my hip each time she walks past, has a nickname for me and is forever calling me beautiful or gorgeous. We appear to get on very well together and she'll often say thanks for a lovely shift and give me a hug at the end. She has however said that she is ‘already dating’ someone. A couple of my co-workers who I see outside work have said that they haven’t heard anything about this ‘boyfriend’ so don’t know if it’s a serious relationship or a casual one as she is known to have had friends with benefits relationships in the recent past. They get on well with her and believe that if she did have a boyfriend they would know by now.

Anyway we were discussing the night out and when I asked her if she was going her reply was ‘Are you asking me out on a date you naughty man?’ This surprised me as it’s not the usual reply you would expect from a work colleague when discussing the staff night out. But then I wondered if she was hinting at something. So my questions are what do you make of her calling me a ‘naughty man’? What does she mean when she says that? Was she dropping a hint that she wants me to ask her out on a date?
If a woman calls you a naughty man what does it mean?
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