Will my ex boyfriend ever regret all the pain he has caused me?


I dated my ex boyfriend for almost two years and we really did love each other. Part of me still does. He broke up with me a few months ago and it was really hard for me to let go so I stuck around and still talked to him and hung out even though, looking back, he was treating me like crap. I was letting it happen by sticking around and not standing up for myself but I was in a very weak place and didn't know how to handle what was going on. Some really bad things happened recently where it became painfully obvious that he was only interested in stringing me along "for the future" and was walking all over me after a particular situation happened. Now that everything is a lot clearer, and I now see what is going on I have decided to remove myself completely from his life. Its really hard to do-is it the best thing? Do you think he will ever look back and decide he regretted what happened? We had discussed marriage and he even talked about "in a few years" while we were together. He wanted me to still be his girlfriend but let him sleep with other girls, but I said no. Guess he is just more interested in lots of sex. He has caused me so much pain and I am just wondering if in time he will realize it? Doesn't have to be now or soon, but in the future? do people feel guilty about this stuff later in life? like, when he actually does want to look for something serious?

Will my ex boyfriend ever regret all the pain he has caused me?
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