Girls only: Would you dare to wear a skirt without panties?

Do you ever go without underwear? If so, how often? Do you go without wearing long or short skirt?Girls only: Would you dare to wear a skirt without panties??Girls only: Would you dare to wear a skirt without panties??

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  • No. Although when I was courting and we were perhaps in a restaurant I would occasionally excuse myself to the restroom/bathroom/toilet, remove my panties and upon returning to the table would slide them under it to my then boyfriend, now my husband. The look on his face was a picture to treasure, the bill very quickly paid, and the rest I shall leave to your imagination.


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  • The only time I go commando is when I'm in my house clothes and going somewhere that I don't need to change, like grocery shop or brief visits at cousin's house. Basically when I'm out for a short time for a small work and don't feel the need to change. Because I am fully clothed modestly in shapeless clothes, no one really knows it. Changing to fetch some onions from a neighbor's house is absurd.

  • yes, I would do that for my boyfriend. We went to a rave concern this summer to which I wore a pretty short mini dress with no panties.

    • Me too, he encouraged me to wear it without panties or underwear especially on vacations and night club, he is so libral and sexy

    • You both happy? He love you when you wear?

  • I don't wear underwear but wearing an extremely short skirt without underwear is not a good idea, that's just asking for and embarrassing moment to happen. You could trip or need to bend and who ever is in the area just got a front row seat and view of your ass and cookies. Pants and long dresses are okay but short skirts? Don't do it.

  • I do that in my house and if I'm wearing a long skirt. If it's a short skirt then no. It's just good to let 'down there' breathe

  • Yeah, I've worn a dress without panties before. I was meeting up with a guy to have sex and it made things easier lol. I ended up staining a seat though, I was pretty wet after that

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