Do platonic female friends touch their guy friend a lot?

I have friend at work that I barely see maybe once a week cause I'm in college. I don't see her often as I used to. Been knowing her for 8 months now. But recently I starting to notice more contact than ever before. She touches me more now. She used to bump up against me and touch my arm and we used to hug. I stopped hugging her at work. Our manager think there is tension between the 2 of us. What ever that means. He said it in a joking manner. We actually work good together. We get paired up a lot. I noticed a lot more touching and she purposely bump into me, she likes to start a playful argument (reason why our manager think there is tension between us. He also said everytime he look up we are talking or near each other. It just happens like that sometimes) over something stupid just to get my attention until I realize how stupid it is Lol, she love to playfully hit me more like she don't even know it. Now when she laughs she hit me, touch me, she says how much she can't stand me or she hate me. We are standing closer when we talk now. She call me "friend." She also only want me to ask her on things I miss at work and she even told the other coworkers that she will tell me what's going on and that they didn't have to worry about it. Then she told me I should have asked her first. she told me I'm her bestfriend and that she should be my only bestfriend at work too. There is ALWAYS bantering going on. I'm usually minding my own business. I think she like it she always laughing and smiling when I playfully joke about her. Plus she starts it. I'm to witty for her. She also near me or in my conversation when I'm talking to others and not her. if she see a lady I'm talking to laughing. She ask what did he say about me? She became nicer too. Offered to buy me lunch a few times recently. She asked for my # for "work purposes" in May but we rarely talk about work or it start off about work but not finish that way.. I never had a platonic female friend is this the norm?
Do platonic female friends touch their guy friend a lot?
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