What to do when a girl takes a week to reply to your text?

Been seeing a woman I met online for about 3 months or so. Meeting once a week or sometimes 2 weeks. She seems to be extremely busy with 2 jobs and a lot of friends. Going out all the time. Been on about 6 dates, had sex twice, and I know it was good. lol

When we hang out she seems to be really into me, and makes hints at being together, but then she doesn't seem to put much effort into making time for us. We had plans to hang out last thurs, I had to move around time with my family for my sisters bday to make time for her. She bailed last minute, saying her job took them all to the baseball game, and that meant she had to work late. I was annoyed by this but said ok, told her to let me know when she had a day free. No reply.

2 days later I text her on Sat, asking how her weekend is going. Nothing again. Today (thurs, a week later) she texts me saying that she had a falling out with her best friend and that she had been keeping to herself. And to please forgive her, that she has been a terrible friend to everyone that week. (I saw her post pics of her going out during this time). I replied " That sucks, I'm sorry that happened. Hope you feel better". But that's it. Waiting to see what she says to that, but I made it a point to leave it up to her to suggest hanging out again, if she doesn't reply, I'm not going to talk to her anymore.

Does she have a legitimate excuse for this behavior? I feel like she has been seeing someone else, and that fell through, and now I'm the back up. If you don't reply to me for a week I take it your not interested. What should I do here ladies? I think she is used to men putting up with this behaviour because she is really attractive, but I'm not the type to let a woman walk all over me just because she is hot. If this is real I can look past it, but my gut says she is playing me.
What to do when a girl takes a week to reply to your text?
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