It's been 10 days of no contact. Should I wait? Or should I just give up on it?

This is long.. sorry XD

There's a guy that I met through the internet about 2 months ago. At first, we talked 24/7. We would text non-stop all day long, then for about a week, we'd talk on the phone at night for a few hours. We went on around 7 dates; two of which were at each other's houses watching movies and cuddling on the couch. We haven't kissed yet, but I was pretty positive that he liked me at least a little. As time went on, our texting/talking slowed (which I expected. That happens to everyone at some point. You can't go non-stop texting all day, every day.). The last time we went out together, we went to a karaoke thing with a few of my other friends. After that, we've barely talked at all :(

I don't know whether its because I did something wrong, or what. Almost a week went by that he didn't text me; he finally texted me and told me "sorry for lack of communication. Work and school makes my life pretty hectic, not including all the family stuff going on with me right now." And I completely understand. I'm busy with work and school too; it can get hard at times. We texted the rest of the night, and he seemed the same as when we would text at the beginning. NOW, over a week has passed with no contact, yet again. It makes me sad because I was really starting to like the guy.. and this whole "not talking" thing is making me second-guess if he was ever really interested at all.

FYI: When we first started texting, it wasn't just him texting me, or vise-versa. Some days I would start the "texting conversation," and other days he would. It was a healthy balance I guess you could say. Towards the end, after the Karaoke night, I felt I was the only one starting the conversations and keeping them going. I'm not the kind of girl to chase a guy, and I'm not the clingy girl who tries to make them stay. I stopped texting him because my mind set was: if he wanted to talk to me, he would make it happen and text me. Aaaaaand, it would at least give me some reassurance that he actually wanted to talk and was thinking about me.

So now, it's been 10 days of no contact and I'm wondering if I should just suck it up and text him, or just kind of give it up on whatever "could have been" because it's apparently not happening. If that's the case, then so be it; whatever happens, happens. I'd just like someone else's opinion on the matter.

Just no mean/sarcastic comments please XD
It's been 10 days of no contact. Should I wait? Or should I just give up on it?
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