What are your thoughs on a mellow gym girl with nipple piercings?


she's never like told me she has them or has anyone there mentioned it either , i meet her at my gym earlier this year. she's younger than me , very pleasant , nice person , never wore tight revealing clothing but attractive in the sense. she's works out a lot so has a nice body and such.

i knew she had her belly pierced and a small tattoo but was surprised when i came across a picture on her social media that showed her outdoors this summer in a bikini with nipple piercings poking through her top , the picture was kind of hidden among a bunch of instagram photos so she may or may of wanted people to see it. but either way she for sure has them and i have no idea when she got them done. if she had them the whole time i knew her and i just never noticed till now or if there a recent addition

not sure what to make of it , obviously she doesn't spend her entire life at the gym , know that she's into sports and does wakeboarding or something similar. and she had went to a wild music festival last summer when people still allowed to go to concerts so maybe she has somewhat of a wild side to her , still a little hard to believe the toned down nice girl from the gym has her nipples pierced , i realise this piercing has surged in popularity so maybe its becoming more mainstream to have and some of the girls with it now days aren't necessary as wild and dirty as girls who had it a couple years ago when it was less common , still seems odd that she's the type of girl to now have em done
What are your thoughs on a mellow gym girl with nipple piercings?
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