Girlfriend going to birthday party?

It's a bit complex to explain in English, so girlfriend have (women) friend and they go out etc. I could say they are quite "good" friends but she doesn't have birthday, his boyfriend have and she invited my girlfriend over.

I really hate it because we haven't met with my girlfriend for quite some time and she was arguing a bit how we won't see (before she was invited ) and now we'll see each other for like a day or so, because yesterday she was invited to that birthday party.

and the next reason is that I wasn't invited like I don't fucking exist. I don't care, it's true I don't know him or her much. But it's a bit weird isn't it?

I'm not envy at all or anything, but I just feel like that's wrong. Maybe it's just me, let's say I would have birthday party and i would invite some girls over just because my good friend knows some girls.
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Oh and I'm not 30 years old. 25 from England!
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anyone here :O
Girlfriend going to birthday party?
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