Should I go to the party she invited me to?

So this girl I have been dating for about 6 weeks has just invited me to her housewarming party, which was originally planned for just her female friends ("no boys")

About us: We have known each other for nearly a year, met at work although it took me until this summer to pluck up the courage to ask her out for a drink. We get on really well - probabally better than any of our respective poor dating partner history! It's starting to get a little more serious now.

However; I don't know any of her female friends. Some of them have moaned for so long that they want to bring their BFs / +1s to the party that the girls hosting have given in, and I feel like I have been invited as an afterthought. We already have plans to go out and do something fun together during the afternoon before the party anyway.

Although I really really like her, I don't want to go along to a party where I don't know anybody, making awkward conversation with other guys / her friend's boyfriends all night. Plus, some of the girls will obviously resent having guys there in the first place.
However, she invited me and I want to make an effort to get on well with her friends! I also want to encourage her to have fun without worrying about me being jealous or being left out...

What should I do? Go to the party or not?
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Should I go to the party she invited me to?
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