Friend only wants to hang out when it’s convenient for her?

I try to balance spending time with my boyfriend and her but, before when I was single, I would bust my ass to hang out with this chick. She would literally text me when I’m at work to hang out with her. If I don’t reply fast enough she will blow up my phone or claim im choosing my boyfriend over her. I used to get off of work tired as hell but I would still make time for her in the past. Now I have a boyfriend, it’s different and I feel she doesn’t care about that or respect that.

Also this woman Is 37 with no job and she has 3 kids. 2 of them are around my age. I just feel that it’s not fair because when she’s out with guys, she will take literally days at a time to answer my texts and I never say anything. I’ve tried hanging out with her when I’m available but I work a lot even though I’m part time I work full time hours because I always pick up shifts.

She’s never available but if I’m not available on HER time, she will get really annoyed and spam my phone. It’s not fair I have to drop everything I’m doing to entertain her but when I genuinely wanna see her, she is never available and choose these random men over me. She will also take days at a time to answer my messages when she’s out with these guys but if I even take one our, she’s texting me with hostility.
Friend only wants to hang out when it’s convenient for her?
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