My best friend's girlfriend wants to be my girlfriend too?

I'm a senior in college and the other night we played a drinking game. The game ended with multiple people throwing up. One of which was my best friend. His girlfriend, who is also my good friend and a dime, cleaned him up and sat with him. Eventually, she asked for help and I volunteered. So it's the three of us in my friend's room but it's mainly me and the girlfriend talking while my friend has his head in the trash. My friend ended up falling asleep and his girlfriend asked if we could watch the stars. We go to watch the stars and she ends up holding my hand. As the night progresses, we're talking we went back to chill in the living room... alone. Nothing really happened besides some hand-holding but it was obvious she at least wanted to kiss me. Kept biting her lip, kept getting really close to me, etc. I resisted the kiss that night but im not sure about the future. Since then she has been sending me signals that it wasn't just a one night thing and hinting towards actually having feeling for me. The icing on the cake was when the gang was all hanging out and talking about tiktok. She made the comment that she doesn't like when the videos recommended to her are all the same type of thing because "Too much of one thing is never good." She then shot me a look I guess implying her polyamorous lifestyle. What the fuck do I do about this?
My best friend's girlfriend wants to be my girlfriend too?
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