Can women be simps?


There's the usual male simps
Can women be simps?
Can women be simps?
And then there are the female simps, who keep chasing douchebags, who keep cheating on them for more than 1 time and these girls ask 10 times the same question here how to resolve their dysfunctional relationship problems 😂😂😂
Can women be simps?
Can women be simps?
Being a bad man gets the female simps. Just ask Ted Bundy when you meet him after you die. Hell, just take a look at the mytake article, that mentioned women loving bad men and check out the pinks comments section if you can't wait to speak to another Ted Bundy. Maybe become a bad man if you want to get the girl/female simps?
Can women be simps?
Many women are female simps (or simpette I guess)
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Can women be simps?
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