Girl rejected me but wants to get to know me?

Got acquainted with a girl in my social circle this past year. We small talk, say hi, wave. We some times stare at each other. I've made her genuinely laugh. We have common interests. However, we sat down and chatted because everything we we were hearing were from our close friends and not from each other.

Basically I was just making her uncomfortable, even though those were not my intentions. All I was doing was trying to find ways to get to know her, since we only see each other in church. I was listening to friends advice, tried to show interest but not be a creep. (smile!)

So when we talked, I told her I liked her, and she said she was not interested in a relationship at this moment. (basically rejecting me). However, she did say she would like to get to know me. As I with her.

The catch is, I can't expect anything to happen. How do I let this happen naturally when I am not a natural person? I am seriously inexperienced as well as her. Do I take this as a win? Not in a sense of not jumping into dating but, she willing to get to know me? How do I not fall for her while we start trying to chat? It is super nerve-wracking and awkward right now, and the not knowing of how things will be played out is killing me. What should be my mindset about this?
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When I asked to talk to her she immediately wanted to find a time to chat. That action suggest she actually cares what I think. Maybe?
Girl rejected me but wants to get to know me?
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