Girl reaches out to me after rejecting me?

Hi, this lovely girl co worker who I developed strong feelings for months ago reached out to me again.

I had previously asked her out and she rejected me because she had a boyfriend and I accepted this of course even though she seemed to really like me, and everyone said it to me aswell. It stung quite a bit but I decided to move on and end contact. She wanted to be friends but I didn't. Yes an ignorant thing todo, but I needed to heal.

She would try to initiate contact at work occasionally and ask why u wouldn't talk to her anymore. I just kept to myself and forced my self to get over it.

Finally her role at the job ended and 2 weeks after I decided to give a goodbye message. I told her it was nice to work and talk to her and I wished her all the best. She snapchatted back immediately and said more or less the same. I felt healed and left it at that.

2 weeks go by and she sends me a snap on Sunday. I felt the feelings trickling back and decided to open it on Monday. Seen as felt It wa just a general hungover selfie sent to everyone I responded back on Tuesday with a funny picture of something of work that day. She immediately responded.

I felt as if these feelings I had were now continuing to comeback way too strong again. I left the message on unopened. She sent me another text on Wednesday. She also liked an old instagram photo I had. Again I did the same and didn't respond.

Friday night, after thinking about it for three days I opened the snap and text. She had sent me a selfie saying she missed talking to me. The text message was wondering why I know longer spoke to her and a crying emoji. I also figured out that the girl had also broken up with her boyfriend. I responded back by saying hi and and a funny snap pic we could both relate to. She opened it instantly but left me on read. This was last night.

Do I just wait. I do like her but and don't want to feel like I missed a chance with her, but at the same time don't want to make a fool out of myself.
Girl reaches out to me after rejecting me?
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