Do you think its good that most male simps and betas dna will die out?

Male simps. Generally men with no backbone who change their opinion to match women and willing to betray his own sex in hopes of getting sex and love. Thankfully this never works as being subservant/follower is not masculine and women don't find it attractive. Most of these men will die off alone. For the ones that do end up getting married they will have a hellish marriage in which their wife constantly disrespects them, kid look down upon them and they are treated like absolute trash until they die.
"Imane Pokimane Anys recently opened up about relationships and the laws of attraction on live stream, where she ended up insulting more than half of her fan base, which is primarily accused of consisting of 'simps.'

Despite Pokimane's popularity, her fan base is often a source of ridicule for the online community, who commonly refer to them as 'simps.' This is because many of the Twitch stars followers seem to exhibit borderline toxic behavior and come across as overly submissive, in return for an iota of affection.

There have been numerous instances of Pokimane's 'simp' fans going to disturbing lengths to achieve some recognition, most of which revolve around making exorbitant donations to her.

Keeping this in mind, she recently announced a $5 cap on"
Alphas pass on their DNA
Alphas pass on their DNA
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Do you think its good that most male simps and betas dna will die out?
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