Would a shy guy reject the girl he likes?

I liked him for a long time. I am shy and introverted myself, but not as much as he is. He is 21, never had a girlfriend and has only a handful of male friends. In the past he would stare at me, then avoid me. He would smile at me, then not look at me for days. He would stand somewhere looking at me or glancing, then run away if I got near.

I liked him so much and I couldn't shake my crush for years to come. So there was one thing left: almost completely getting rid of my own shyness. Lately I can proudly say I did. I realized there is no point in playing hot and cold with him, because he just pushes everyone away.

We are on more friendly terms then ever. He is able to relax around me, joke with me, even look me in the eye, which he didn't use to do at all when we talk. We can talk a lot and I have fun when I'm with him.

In the past I've asked him to go home with me (our houses are somewhat near by), and stop by the video store with me because I had to return a DVD. He said no and went he's own way. I was hurt, but left confused since he continued the "stare then ignore" ritual.

Now that I feel like we are getting a lot closer and that he even keeps touching me when he doesn't have to, I think things might be changed and if I ask him to hang out he won't refuse.

If he likes me, and I got him to feel comfortable around me, would he refuse?

Did he refuse in the past because he just didn't like me at all, or is it really possible he just felt uncomfortable around me?

Do you think he might like me even though he looks at me on occasions and then ignores me completely, while I have to initiate our interaction almost every time?

PS. The reason I don't just go with it and ask is because I want to know first: Would him saying no this time mean that he definitely and irrefutably does not like me more then a friend?

Thank you for any answer you may provide. =)
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To clarify, when I say "go home with me" I meant I asked him to go the same way I go home. I speak a different language so I apologize. ^^'
Would a shy guy reject the girl he likes?
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