Why Are Women More Hypergamous Than Ever?

We all know that women prefer men to be the breadwinner. Still, even after more than half a century of feminism. After all the equality crap. Women still prefer men to make more money and pay for things and get on his goddam knees to propose to a woman (who will have the upper hand in divorce court). So much for equality...

But female hypergamy goes beyond demanding that men make more money. I've noticed more and more couples where the guy is thin and in decent shape while the girl is chubby and out of shape. You can see her gut from across the street...

What we have is a generation of overweight, lazy women who still DEMAND that us men be muscular, in shape, and attractive. Something is not right here. What's going on? Why are even average, chubby women STUCK UP now days? You go to the dance floor and ask them nicely to dance, and they turn their noses up and continue to text on their b-berries?

You try to start something with a fat girl only to find she has 6-7 guys lined up ahead of you? What the F is going on? When did fat average girls become on the same status as hot girls? I guess every girl now days is a superficial, hypergamous ball buster

Women all of course demand that the guy be more interesting, be able to make them laugh, be able to have a super interesting life and personality, while most times the girl isn't half that and she knows it. Yet, she demands it.

No matter how you slice it, women's standards are going up and up and up. They are more hypergamous than ever

Sorry, I tried to be objective, give things a chance, and analyze the situation. I've been around the block. This is what I see. Many guys will agree with me I think
Why Are Women More Hypergamous Than Ever?
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