Are most women unloyal due to hypergamy?

I've been involve with women before who i eventually found out were married and they didn't give a shit about their husband their husband. One girl i remember even said "He doesn't care, he knows i can leave him at any time" about her husband who was supporting her while she went back to school. I've seen other instances where a girls boyfriend was in vicinity and she would blatantly flirt, and give the go to signals of wanting to fuck a handsome man.

Are most women unloyal due to hypergamy?

After reading some comments I've realize that other male gagers have similar experience. Here are there quotes

"As a good looking male I see women ignore their boyfriends/husbands to try and get my attention. Its sickening. There are some rare occasions where the women is faithful to her partner by not being such a fan girl. Women are WAY more picky than males. I wondered if I was good looking I would never get the time of day or attention of any female so when they I go outside I ignore them. There are only a few females I know out there that aren't so shallow."

Another gager:

"I've had women lie and tell me they don't have a boyfriend (when I know they do have one) and the ones that do have one always seem to be looking for something better. I've never met a woman yet that showed loyalty. They may think they are loyal but as soon as they become attracted to me, that goes out of the window because they are led by their emotion and tingles."

Another gager
Are most women unloyal due to hypergamy?
"I've been hit on by single moms and a few married women. After I rejected one married woman, she lamented how most men would never care that she was married and how that fact made her like me even more.

The most common thing I've noticed is women in long term relationships looking for something new while keeping their current guy as a backup plan. Their current guy thinks she is loyal, sweet and a good girlfriend but we know better. Yea I bet we have had quite a lot of similar experiences."

Women cheat more than men today by the way.

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Are most women unloyal due to hypergamy?
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