Is she hinting at anything at liking me or even sexually?

When we’re talking she rubs her lips, she’ll fluff or sometimes really slowly strokes her hair, laughs at 90% of the stuff we talk about - always smiling, she’ll rub her thighs a lot as well.

There was one time she kind of violated personal space, she reached over to help me find something on my paper and she got extremely close like her face was like practically smack in front of mine. Like if I moved an inch closer we could've kissed lol. It seemed very unnecessarily close on her part.

A few weeks ago we were sitting across from each other and she had pants without pockets. She seemed really fidgety always doing something or taking our and setting her phone down constantly or playing with her pen. She had pants on that didn’t have pockets so she’d put her phone in her waistband. She did it like 3-4 times and I swear on everything on this earth and future kids that the shirt got higher each time. I felt like she was trying to show me skin or her piercing.

Now she could’ve honestly been putting her phone away but listen to raise your shirt tjsy high is so unnecessary lol so if anything thst shows trust or comfort because even if it was just putting her phone away no girl would raise a part of their shirt up exposing skin or their belly in front of someone who they didn’t like or weren’t comfortable around

So what do you think? Showing hints of anything significant?
Is she hinting at anything at liking me or even sexually?
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