Why is my girlfriend always jealous?

My girlfriend (Julie) and I have been together for about 5 months. For the most part we get along very well and have fun together. We are both 23.

The only problem is that she is super jealous.

We both have platonic friends of the opposite gender, but if I hang out with a female friend of mine my girlfriend Julie gets super mad/upset at me. I don't really mind if she hangs out with a guy friend of hers. I trust her and I know her guy friends are good people.

For example: her closest friend is Chris. Chris has a girlfriend and has been friends with Julie for a few years. Julie was home last week to see her family so her and Chris hung out. That same night I got together with my best friend, Rebecca. Julie got super pissed at me, saying I "replaced" her and what not. It was crazy. Rebecca has a boyfriend and has been one of my closest friends since college. Basically, what Julie told me is that she can be friends with Chris, but I can't be friends with Rebecca.

Furthermore, last week I got together with my friend Andrew, who brought his friend Samantha along. I have never met Samantha and didn't know I was meeting her until the night of. When I talked to my girlfriend that night she yelled at me and hung up the phone because I was about to hang out with another girl.

I think it's unfair.

I like my girlfriend a lot and I don't want to date anyone else and my female friends are just friends and that's all. I tell her all this and she basically tells me she can be jealous and I have to "deal with it." Relationships should be a two way street, in my opinion.

I don't care if she hangs out with male friends. I have never got mad or jealous, even if her male friends are with us and we all hung out.

Another female friend of mine is coming to town with her boyfriend next week. I asked Julie if she wanted to get together with them. She basically said "I'll see what I am doing." I know she doesn't want to go because a female friend of mine (who has a boyfriend!) will be there.

What should I do?

I have never been unfaithful or do anything to her that would make her think I wasn't trustworthy.

Thank you!
Why is my girlfriend always jealous?
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