I feel like I'm not a priority for my girlfriend and she is not ready for marriage, what do you think?


I have been dating my girlfriend for almost a year now,
I have finished my studies and am now working.
She is only now starting to study nursing.
I am a bit old school and want to create a family where the home is the most important thing. comes before friends, hobbies and such things.

For me, this relationship is my first and highest priority and i make sure to make her feel that way.
I am usually the one who texts GM, and calls.
I am usually the one that checks in, to see if she got home safely, while she usually goes to sleep before checking if i got home.

When my girlfriend is busy she barely calls or even texts.
i. e: when she is preparing for a wedding or on vacation with her family.
I respect her space and understand that she has her own life outside out relationship, although all i ask is to text a couple times a day.
I've asked this a couple times now, she understands and apologizes but then regresses back into the old habits.

I am thinking that I'm not important to her,
She only texts when she is bored and has free time on her hand.
At this point, shouldn't she be checking in even when she isn't the most free?

When bringing up the subject of marriage and kids, she says she wants to wait for at least another year. She says this is because her studies.
I tried reassuring her that her studies are a priority, and when we get married i will be there for her. Financially, emotionally, and staying up late nights studying with her.

It seems like I'm always willing to change while she is not.
For example:
There are some things she doesn't like which i wear. After she brings it up a few times.. i stop wearing them. Im glad to do it because it makes her happy, and proud to be next to me.
When i bring up stuff i don't like as much, she assertively says she will not change them.

My question is if you think she actually loves me and is ready for marriage.
She says she does and wants to marry. But i feel like if she did, she would make me more of a priority.

I feel like I'm not a priority for my girlfriend and she is not ready for marriage, what do you think?
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